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  1. 2 0 patzazoglu i cant spell now what a goal thrileeee ole ole
  2. nikopoldis great save but offside anyways
  3. 1 1 but nuno gomez clearly pushed dudu out of the way
  4. benfica is still a good team there no pushover
  5. goal disallowed by benifca for push on nunoo gomez
  7. i herad antenna but its showing on goal
  8. olympiacos will score a late winner 1-0
  9. that was a really dirty hit on diogo by garcia i think a suspension should follow
  10. if leto can play with galletti and diogo its over they still havent learned to play well together
  11. Why exactly your team deserves to win this one???Just because of your last 2 games??A week ago you guys wanted management,coach and players heads on platters but now we should have a walk in the park and beat gavros?? :nono: SL more interesting???? I love you Drakos,you are a supporter of exitment in the Greek league and the SL in general..........yes,Pao should win the derby so the league is more fun...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Geitonaki mou,you made my day. :tup: :tup: :D PS.I love the fact that some of you in here belong to the same club i belong to,of what
  12. Is it just me or does werder hate playing against greek teams at home. first olympiacos then panathanaikos and gekas has been killing them in the bundesliga lol we are there demons.
  13. http://www.justin.tv/widgets/jtv_player.r0...hannel=katernik
  14. good victory guys is this home and away fixtures or no?
  15. Best post on phantis by far !!!!!!!!! i would play a rb but i think rf would be better for me haha
  16. i also would like to see some youngsters play and i hope diogo plays
  17. its alrite guys it is their first year in the cl since 3 years ago the UEFA CUP is strong this year it will be a challenge
  18. Greetings from ellada paidia i am reading the papers every day nothing yet. leto and smolarek are are top choices right now and i think one of the two we might get. aug 19th i fly back to america see you all then lets hope we get a good signing caz panathinaikos got many players ade yia paidia kai kali tixi stis metagraphes
  19. Its almost time guys! 5 days till euro kickoff
  20. :tup: Congrads dark horse and i wish you well On the contrary.... i am back :LOL: :LOL: and i will be here for the euro since i am flying to Greece july 1st congrads darkhorse and i hope too hear from you soon.
  21. :tup: http://www.livesoccertv.com/euro-2008/ I got a question... I am going to stay in the US this June and go to Greece July. Will all the Greek NT matches be on TV in the US? I know ESPN has the rights but will they show all the games elpizw na einai ali8ia
  22. i honestly agree with legend but the european courts decided the game with kalamaria i dont know how this player got signed with apollon in the first place if it was illigal :tup:
  23. BRAVO PAIDIA!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN CHAMPIONS CAS decided on the case not EPO so noone can complain
  24. i wouldnt care is aek won the protathlima but i am happy that pao didnt get close in the last few games CONGRADS GUYS!
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