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  1. latszco should be gone hes doing well over there
  2. lua lua practiced with the team and is ready to travel to xanthi news on wether he will play is not official
  3. 2-1 FINAL MITROGLOU SAVES THE DAY WITH A NICE GOAL 64 oly 62 aek 60 vazelos
  4. i saw the game and i was not that dissapointed because i saw domi step up and play well as well as nunez we won the away game, and the home game should be at worst 1-1 or a tie i doubt we will lose at home
  5. hopefully we can pull this win off and at least get the cup!!
  6. i thank GOD i woke up to late for this game congrads
  7. I thank GOD i woke up to late for this game and just as i was about to put it on my dad told me we lost 4-0. thank god i didnt watch it .
  8. great goals very accurate great game 2-1!!!\ ELLAS!!!
  9. Is great to see belluschi score!!! congrads boyz we hopefully will be champs!!!!
  10. i love the way dario plays he is indeed under rated i would piuck him up if i had the budget of paok and ari for sure
  11. hopefully those 3 apollon points wont matter in this title race
  12. Semi-finals 1st leg April 2, 2008 Thrasyvoulos vs Olympiacos Fyli Stadium, Fyli -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 2, 2008 Aris vs Atromitos Kleanthis Vikelidis, Thessaloniki 2nd leg April 16, 2008 Olympiacos vs Thrasyvoulos Georgios Karaiskakis, Piraeus -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- April 16, 2008 Atromitos vs Aris Peristeri Stadium, Peristeri (Athens)
  13. Quarter-finals 1st leg February 27, 2008 Olympiacos 2 – 0 Iraklis Georgios Karaiskakis, Piraeus Referee: G. Kasnaferis (Athens) Mendrinos 5' 9' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 27, 2008 Skoda Xanthi 0 – 0 Aris Skoda Xanthi Arena, Xanthi Referee: M. Koukoulakis (Heraklion) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- February 28, 2008 Atromitos 3 – 1 OFI Peristeri Stadium, Peristeri (Athens) Referee: D. Kalopoulos (Thessaloniki) Perrone 68' Tsigkas 76' Yeladaris 83'
  14. i really like dario 3.6mil for dario fernandez and djebbour to buy 4 quality players :LOL: :LOL:
  15. :nw: GOOD JOB GUYS WAY TO SHOW GREEK DOMIMATION IN EURPOE by being the only greek team to reach the 8
  16. i see a 0-2 with bravo getting his first goal as well as belluschi haha i would love to see bravo score because he needs to have at least 1 goal this year.
  17. raul bravo and galletti will be back for this game but 1 of the 2 might play. i doubt bravo is getting any bravos from oly fans at least bravo is an option in the defense maybe his form will get better by the game in the olympiako stadio
  18. If olympiakos wins the league by 4 points, then the issue with kalamaria will be dropped. It will be like it never happened because that game would not matter. but it has given oly an emotional boost and has put pressure on pao but it wont be such a big factor that we won the game on "paper'" e an o olympiakos nikisi tin aek ta ipolipa paixnidia entos edras elpizw na einai efkoles nikes :gr: :tup: :nw: :nw: :nw:
  19. great game nice win but we need to focus on getting galletti and lua lua back for the next few games
  20. yes! !!!!!!!!!!!!FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i just found out you guys lost and i am very happy
  21. LuaLua has been called up by the national team of Congo to play in two friendly matches which will be held in Paris this month. vs Gabon 25th March vs Algeria 27th March. unfortunately,,,, he is injured and wont play.
  22. I personally think it was the players (70-30) that had a great run in the cl and in the greek cup so far. Lemonis had great money and great players to start with after selling castillo. He only kept things in order. the reason i would not fire him at this stage is because he was calm, quiet, and presented himself as a good coach. With Lua Lua and galletti getting injured, the draws and the losses made him look really bad. With ledesma domi bravo patsa and pretty much everyone getting injured during the season,this made him look bad, which was not takis fault Bad move : yes If you are going
  23. It wasnt Lemonis who led the CL run, it was galletti lua lua kovacevic stoltidis etc Taki in my opinion didnt do much, he just led the attack and made our counter attack stronger at first, but then it fell apart.I would get rid of him at the end of the season, but i guess kokkali wants the championship really bad.
  24. :tup: Our current loaned players Borja and Zolt are most likely gone after this summer Jahmir Jyka FK Tirana Felix Borja FSV Mainz Vance Sikov Apollon Kalamaria Leozinho OFI Zolt Laszko Leicester City Lefteris Matsoukas Aigaleo
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