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  1. We should have the most confidence as team since 2014. Dominating our Nations League group and starting with a win in qualifying. Yes against almost all minnows, but you gotta get the ball rolling somehow. 2-0 would make me cry.
  2. I think we always rise to the level of our opponents. Hopefully a win against Ireland will give our boys even more confidence. A 1-1 draw would be a dream.
  3. Is there a legal site that I can pay to watch this game?
  4. Is it crazy talk to say that we have a small chance at winning the title ? I don’t wanna get my hopes up but none of the other teams are that scary we just gotta be consistent!
  5. Alright boys I thought we’d get a recap of events and our situation going here. The Gibraltar game was very exciting in my opinion and is a manifestation of the progress the team has made under Poyet. Time and time again we have lost or drawn against these minnows and hurt our qualifying chances. We have always fought the higher level teams much harder compared to the lesser teams in our groups and it’s been these lesser teams that have been what truely have held us back from qualifying the last 10 years. Look at our last campaign we start with a shock draw against Spain only to then draw with Kosovo and Georgia. We even beat Sweden our first match against them but these two draws were too much to overcome. Under Poyet we are treating the minnows like minnows. We attack attack attack and not let a team like Kosovo boss us all over the field. The nations league last year was a great example of how far we have come. I know these teams all suck but that’s not the point. The point is we are finally starting to beat the teams we are supposed to beat, and when it comes to qualifying for an expanded Euro competition ( excluding our difficult group this year since we are pot c) we have no excuse not to qualify if we beat the teams we are supposed to beat. The Lithuania game was a mix bag. It’s a friendly but I still would have like to have us win bcuz it’s LITHUANIA. However, the way we played was positive. We were attacking non stop and yes we did get unlucky at times. Overall I think even that game was a step in the right direction. If we fail to qualify from the group and the NL playoff for a 24 team euro will be a massive embarrassment, but we’ve been nothing short of embarrassing for the last 9 years. We have to beat Ireland both times and it is as simply as that. The Dutch are historically an extremely inconsistent team. We can 100% catch them on an off day on one of our games with them. The optimist in me and our history against big teams leads me to quietly believe that we will shock France and tie one of our games. They just lost a World Cup final. That has to be emotionally draining and while they got up for their game against the Netherlands, I could definitely see them on cruise control during their second game against us. BUT AND I STRESS BUT none of this matters if we don’t beat Ireland. Plain and simple. They will play more open against us than they did against the Dutch in their 0-1 loss. We have to capitalize on that. I will cry tears of joy if I can watch my beloved Ethniki play a World Cup game here in the states in 2026, and qualifying for this euro and boosting our ranking and confidence is the first step in this goal getting realized. I am starving for us to be in major tournaments again. I remember screaming on the couch crying with my dad when Samaras scored that penalty against Ivory Coast. I desperately wish to feel that again and I cautiously believe that we have a chance at that with the direction we are going. PAME HELLAS
  6. Are we rooting for France to hand the Dutch 2 losses or are we rooting for draws in each match? What do we think is better in terms of us qualifying
  7. Still for someone that could be the future of our midfield playing Gibraltar could give him some good experience and confidence.
  8. Also Alexandropoulos deserves a start Ik he’s not a starter at sporting Lisbon but that’s still a champions league level club
  9. Upsetting front 3 no excuse for not starting Pavlidis or Fortounis. Masouras and Mantalos have been nothing short of hot garbage for us but in Poyet I trust let’s score some goals and get some confidence.
  10. Bruh how does he keep scoring these goals !!! It’s gotten to a point where the second that shot left his foot I knew it was going in. Crazy
  11. Credit to the fans for cheering hard this is tough to watch we are a mess
  12. We have not had a single shot on goal in this game… ridiculous
  13. Anyone know if they drop down to Europa League qualifying now?
  14. After drawing 1-1 their first leg against Maccabi Haifa, Olympiacos decided to embarrass themselves and let Greek football down again by losing 4-0 in the return leg…
  15. This is embarrassing. Also paramount plus has the second leg but not the first? Weird but they have the Aris game lol
  16. Can anyone recap what new players we’ve actually signed this window ?
  17. Finished second highest goal scorer in the Eredivise last year. He would score 30 goals for us
  18. Hey boys I was wondering, why are only our Paok stuff and the national team threads the things that people comment on? Did there used to be more olympiacos, panathinaikos, and aek presence on this forum or was it always like this ?
  19. I know we played Kosovo Northern Ireland and Cyprus and I’m not trying to overreact, but looking at these League B groups they are not that intimidating at all! Again I say that very cautiously lol but I don’t see why this crop of players can’t crack League A after the next Nations League!
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