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  1. Hasn't really been playing much, not sure if Williams (the guy they brought in to replace him) is hurt but he is not on the team sheet. Regardless, Giannoulis is starting today vs Brighton. So far through the first half he has played a few nice passes. He was burned once or twice and forced to foul but overall looks a lot more solid than he did at the start of the season. We'll see how the second half goes.
  2. From what we have gathered in these last few months of both national and club games: For the first time in a while, we are looking great at goal keeper - Vlach is top notch and Paschalakis is a great player to have as your reserve IF and I mean IF Lyratzis can continue to improve the way he has lately and its not just a flash in the pan, then we potentially have the left back and right back position down. AGAIN HUUUGE IF, but if we are being a little optimistic, that is 3 def/keeping positions locked in. Also, enough going back and forth up front. Giakoumakis has had 2 hat tricks and a brace in the last month of games at Celtic, while being hurt and missing multiple games in between. HE IS OUR STRIKER PERIOD. I like Pavlidis, Douvikas, Tziolis and likes of them but all this constant rotation upfront is not good for anyone. He deserves our full support and more than just one game to get familiar with the team only to get thrown on the bench the next game in favor of douvikas. Finally, similarly to Lyratzis, I say you give Alexandropolous the chance to play consistently and grow in that defensive mid role. Our CB pairings are too s%$#! to not have a defensive mid at all times. Lets not kid ourselves, the days of prime Sokratis, Manolas, Kyriakos, even Tzavellas are long gone. This gives us this line up Vlach Lyratzis Tsimikas Alexandropoulos Giakoumakis I know it is now the running joke to s%$#! on Bakasetas, and he 100% deserves it but he does play hard tho and scored some keys goals, mostly penalties but still doesnt take away from the fact that he just destroys our build up. Bouchalakis is arguably even worse. Straight poop, very rarely when I watch pro soccer do I think "this guy plays like he was just given kit from off the streets and taught the rules of the game 10 min before kick off" - jaw droppingly awful Siopis is hot and cold but mostly cold Pelkas made the stupid decision to go to an even worse league than ours and is paying for it, his form is awful and is a shadow of the PAOK wonder boy people were claiming he was I like Tziolis and I am tempted to make him another automatic member on the team but has really had a disappointing year besides one impressive cup appearance for Norwich. Limnios Pelkas and Tziolis should have stayed at Paok longer ( yes I am biased lol) because again just wow the fall off If Fortounis comes back like his former self, sure you can slot him in that 10 spot behind Giakoumakis as a lock, but we gotta see it first. If not, Pavlidis should start next to Giakoumakis as a partnership instead, but also not a lock. We have no midfield, period
  3. We need to be realistic with ourselves. I have been guilty of this too. We were blessed with not only a Euro 2004 victory, but regularity in the major tournaments in the 10 years that followed. That is not the norm for a team of our stature. It pains me to say that. Even our players that we used as subs back then such as Kone and Tachtsidis were playing in SERIE A. Samaris, while he proved to not be the guy we thought he could be, played at BENFICA. Karagounis played all over Europe top leagues. Gekas played in flippin GERMANY as did Tzavellas of all people. Samaras in the prem and the scotish league, Mitroglou in France and Portugal, Sokratis in DORTMUND. THERE WAS A TIME THAT ROMA's BACK LINE CONSISTED OF HOLEBAS, TOROSIDIS, AND MANOLAS AT THE SAME TIME. WHO DO WE HAVE RIGHT NOW????? WHO? Tsimikas, Vlach, and Giakoumakis are the only 3 players on our whole roster that would even make a 23 man roster back then if we are being honest. I pray im wrong but the talent gap between Greece of old and now seems much bigger than we all previously thought.
  4. Thanks for the breakdown boys, that means that for the upcoming year we are still stuck with only one team for the champions league right ?
  5. Gotcha thanks! The final being in Athens would be crazy lol
  6. If he does bring up Manolas and Sokratis for important games and Lyratzis after the big U21 games, then I think the team is actually pretty exciting. Vlachodimos - Paschalakis is proving to be no slouch Lyratzis Manolas Sokratis Tsimikas - Kyrakopoulos potentially WHEN IS THE LAST TIME WE HAD THIS SOLID OF A BACK 4 AND KEEPER????? Exciting stufff Our midfield is poop tho. Giannoulis, Pavlidis, DOuvikas, and Tziolis up front is very exciting too we just need something, anything in our midfield
  7. This is exciting stuff for him and the national team. Lets hope he finishes the season strong !
  8. Can anyone here pleeeeeease explain to me the breakdown for our Uefa league coefficient???? IK on the website Greece is the 15th league right now, but has PAOKs efforts brought us up a spot? Do we have to beat Marseille to ensure that? What spot do we have to be to get out guaranteed champions league group stage spot back/ any Europa league spots backed. HELP
  9. It is just exciting to have PAOK in the quarterfinals of a European Championships. I don't care that it is the third tier of European football, it's just huge. We are single handedly keeping Greek Soccer alive right now. Even when looking back on last year and our victories against Besiktas and Benfica, it is a good time to be a PAOK supporter, and hopefully it is the start of a revolution for Greek Soccer as a whole. (DOUBT IT BUT A MAN CAN DREAM)
  10. If you're gonna sub a striker on in a game like this, don't take our other one off too... Still don't get the move
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