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  1. I just hope now that they’re relegated he gets to play in the championship and show what he’s got
  2. That’s not fair to Tziolis. He played in one cup game before he got hurt and scored a brace and had a few assists. Not saying he is the Greek Messi but it’s pretty obvious he wasn’t given a fair shot at Norwich. They give him 2 min cameos at the end of matches, maybe it’s his attitude in training but there is no excuse you don’t play ur young kid when ur already relegated to at least see what you have in him.
  3. No Lyratzis is upsetting. Other than that and the obvious Manolas/Siovas omission, pretty standard stuff.
  4. Another goal for our boy in the league 17 in 33 matches.
  5. Well said, guys this isn’t Greek Super League Limnios he has gotten a lot better. I love this team to my soul, but there is a reason the Dutch are 7th and we are 15th. He would be our top scorer and maybe even assist man. Watch his games this year u won’t be dissapointed
  6. Giakoumakis Limnios Pavlidis Tsimikas Vlach are all in great form (Giannoulis too just on a bad team). Exciting stuff! Hopefully coach will find a way to fit them all in to some capacity!
  7. We weren’t even in Pot 1 for League C 😞 We need to dominate literally don’t drop any points. Realistically won’t happen but I guy can dream and one more time boys I’m coming into this “tournament” with a positive outlook lol
  8. He would literally be our best player in the lineup if he came back that can’t be further from the truth. He was a regular starter with 8 goals and 2 assists playing on the wing in the Dutch league for a team that finished 4th. A Dutch league that is ranked 7th in Europe… come on guys get serious here
  9. He was subbed at the 65th and was playing a defensive mid role. Score was 0-0 so he did his job. However, they got relegated and I didn’t see any of their other games. Will be interesting to see if he stays or goes to a better club.
  11. Watching ESPN right now and they randomly have RB Leipzig playing against Bielefeld and see a guy playing in the midfield our biggest lacking spot name Sebastian Vasiliadis… does he want to play for the German National team or what is the deal? Cuz if not we are stupid not to have him in our starting 11???
  12. Came on as a sub today as Celtic have been taking turns starting him and this other really good striker. Regardless he scored a brace in a 6-0 thrashing of Motherwell bumping his tally up to 13 goals in 21 games.
  13. I didn’t know where to post this so I’ll do it here. I don’t wanna hear we lack in the attack anymore. Our midfield is horrendous and thus stifles our attack and puts our defenses in poor positions. Look at Man U this year for example yes ton of other issues but they have great attacking options and not great but definitely not horrid defensive options and a goalie performing great ( doesn’t all that sound familiar) . Results? Horrible season that would have been far worse without Ronaldo pulling hatricks out hid behind. We don’t have a Ronaldo and even if we did Man U still stunk this year. Today, May 11, 2022 we may have witnessed the most prolific scoring by Greeks abroad in our history. Giakoumakis scored 1, Pavlidis scored a brace, Douvikas scored 1, and Limnios scored a brace also. Without midfield without the heart of the team we are nothing. Not to mention Tziolis and maybe Pelkas (ehh). We shouldn’t be referring to a weakness in attacking selections when discussing our team cuz it’s just not true at the moment.
  14. Giakoumakis back in the starting line up and a goal to show for it. 11 goals in 20 appearances with multiple of those appearances being subs. They just won the league with their draw today too!
  15. Limnios with a brace today !! 7 goals while playing on the wing this year.
  16. Another goal for our boy !!!!! 9 Goals on the year for the youngster funny enough Pavlidis scored a brace opposite to him in a 2-2 draw Douvikas with the equalizer !
  17. 2 more goals today for our boy!!! Giving him officially a .5 goals per game tally with 16 goals in 32 games let’s GOO
  18. Vlach Lyratzis Mavropanos Manolas Tsimikas Alexandropoulos Limnios Siopis Giannoulis Pavlidis Giakoumakis I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out guys. Giannoulis NEEDS to play. He started most of the year in the Prem and actually played well once he got used to the speed of things. He is too fast and crafty on the ball to not play him and we tried Tsimikas as a third cb and him as the back and that didn’t work I think keep Kosta and him on that side they will terrorize. Limnios would have to play a little further back than usual (and on his opposite side but again we have nothing else in the mid) but he has played well this year and ANYTHING is better than bouchalakis, bakasetas, or even Mantalos. Maybe u can put Masouras there maybe. Also look, we need to be honest. Giakoumakis and Pavlidis would be generational starters in any other Greek side (besides Mitroglous peak) we need our best players playing period same logic with Giannoulis. Slovenia wouldn’t not play two strikers if two strikers were obviously 2 of their best 4 players. We are not France or Italy. You play ur best players same reason Giannoulis on here. Tziolis first pick for sub and obviously this lineups needs Manolas and siopis to come back from their issues with the team.
  19. Jose Mourino has expressed that he wants Tsimikas at Roma. I think this Roma team will challenge for the title next year so that would be nice and he needs more game time and would follow the footsteps of Manolas, Holebas, and Torosidis at Roma. But man, kinda hoped for a bigger club than that? We’ll see what he does
  20. Yet another goal for our boy this time against giants Ajax in a 2-2 draw. Giving our guys 14 goals and 5 assists in 31 games. Good stuff!
  21. Giakoumakis subbed on and scored in their 4-1 win this weekend. Brings his tally up to 10 goals in 19 games and the fans are loving him
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