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  1. No exceptions this is our biggest game in the campaign. Yes we play them again but this is a statement game. We will not get lost in a group of minnows again. We win this game and lead the group by 3 points and by goal differential. We put our foot down here. A draw makes this whole campaign complicated and much more open to us messing it up. Statement game HELLAS
  2. Here is what I will say boys. This is the type of game we let the other team score and draw in the last couple campaigns we have had. That makes this big for me. Don’t forget they beat us twice last time they were in a qualifying group with us. Our biggest match of the nations league will be our Kosovo match in a few days and our subsequent match with them. 1-0 will more than suffice. Hopefully the Irish can keep some points off them too
  3. Idk how this guy keeps being garbage for 89 minutes a match but always has a moment of brilliance for us Lmaoooo
  4. We have pace on the sides and are pushing the ball up but as soon a pass is given to a midfielder, our attack totally stalls. So annoying
  5. I really hope we come out and use the momentum our individual players have for a crazy unexpected 3-0 win. That would be a great start to Gussy’s coaching tenure.
  6. I didn’t realize he was already 29 lol. Still a good pick up for us tho and hopefully in 4 or 5 years Lyratzis is a monster rb lol
  7. Halftime 1-0 boys look annoyed and not playing hard. I was worried they treated the semi against Olympiacos like the final and are out of gas rn
  8. I just hope now that they’re relegated he gets to play in the championship and show what he’s got
  9. That’s not fair to Tziolis. He played in one cup game before he got hurt and scored a brace and had a few assists. Not saying he is the Greek Messi but it’s pretty obvious he wasn’t given a fair shot at Norwich. They give him 2 min cameos at the end of matches, maybe it’s his attitude in training but there is no excuse you don’t play ur young kid when ur already relegated to at least see what you have in him.
  10. No Lyratzis is upsetting. Other than that and the obvious Manolas/Siovas omission, pretty standard stuff.
  11. Another goal for our boy in the league 17 in 33 matches.
  12. Well said, guys this isn’t Greek Super League Limnios he has gotten a lot better. I love this team to my soul, but there is a reason the Dutch are 7th and we are 15th. He would be our top scorer and maybe even assist man. Watch his games this year u won’t be dissapointed
  13. Giakoumakis Limnios Pavlidis Tsimikas Vlach are all in great form (Giannoulis too just on a bad team). Exciting stuff! Hopefully coach will find a way to fit them all in to some capacity!
  14. We weren’t even in Pot 1 for League C ? We need to dominate literally don’t drop any points. Realistically won’t happen but I guy can dream and one more time boys I’m coming into this “tournament” with a positive outlook lol
  15. He would literally be our best player in the lineup if he came back that can’t be further from the truth. He was a regular starter with 8 goals and 2 assists playing on the wing in the Dutch league for a team that finished 4th. A Dutch league that is ranked 7th in Europe… come on guys get serious here
  16. He was subbed at the 65th and was playing a defensive mid role. Score was 0-0 so he did his job. However, they got relegated and I didn’t see any of their other games. Will be interesting to see if he stays or goes to a better club.
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