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  1. Indeed. But I never saw them play live
  2. Saw this topic in the Oly forum and thought it would be a good idea given how slow things are in the winter break. Name your favorite/best players that have worn the yellow and lback. Here's mine. Tough to shoehorn in some players. This is just off the top of my head. -------------------Nikolaidis------------- ----Scocco--------Lymbe--------Rivaldo------- ---------Katsouranis-------Zagorakis------ ----Kasapis-----Dellas-------Sokratis------Borbokis ---------------------Sorrentino--------- Subs: Atmatsidis, Manolas (both uncle and nephew but I'll give them one slot), Georgeas (for his heart) Zikos, Julio Cesar, Blanco, Mavros (never saw him play but a legend) Manager: Santos Tough to leave out some sentimental favorites like Cirillo, Alves, Kapsis, Gamarra, Lakis (he kind of sucked but I liked him), Soares (remember him?). I'm sure I'm forgetting many, many more. I think the only guy in the current squad who is anywhere near this list is Mantalos. I believe he has the potential to be a talisman for this club if we can get the right pieces around him. a very talented player.
  3. You guys have had some quality over the year. This would be roughly my team too. Although I loved Nikopolidis in his prime, even with the gaffes. Hard on Rivaldo to ride the bench. I particularly loved Djole's approach to the game. Very professional. And i enjoyed watching crazy castillo play, although he doesn't belong on this list
  4. Benfica's valuation of Mitro suggests he is an important part of their plans. But his recent playing time does not. unless he's carrying an injury we don't know about. How much did Benfica pay for him?
  5. Kourbelis went to PAO. Too bad. I thought we had our eye on him. What about Siopis? Or is he Oly bound?
  6. This guy is crap on the wing. Clearly needs to play in the middle for Greece, either with Mitroglou or as a super sub.
  7. Was this a cup match? Real SC are a third-division team...
  8. I hate the effing playoffs. what a joke.
  9. lol. Sokratis will keep Mitro in his pocket for the entire 90.
  10. We needed this result today!!
  11. hahaha go sokratis. ronaldo taking a lot of shade over this one.
  12. It hasn't paid off for a team in years. He needs to have a really good, injury-free season with a lower level club before he can start thinking of the better teams
  13. I hate him but I'd take him
  14. Bartra sucks. Headed his clearance straight to a gladbach player, who scored with a nice finish. But Dortmund equalized in seconds. 1-1
  15. Fortounis is better suited to Italy or Spain, IMO. He is a technical player, not a physical one. Compare his skillset to Stelios, a fast and direct player who did very well for Bolton
  16. if he goes to China in the prime of his career, he's an idiot. but he'll be rich as croesus.
  17. seems like we have plenty of attacking mids. What we need are central mids, center backs and a striker.
  18. who will be fit for this one?
  19. As an American (yes, a liberal), I have to say I'm very worried. His conflicts of interest with his business are massive and it's clear he will use the presidency to get rich. We can only hope he backtracks on his more extreme promises and disavow the blatant neo-Nazis and racists who have been emboldened by his victory. The less influence guys like Steve Bannon have the better. But it seems quite clear he has Trump's ear. After all, he led him to a truly stupendous upset win. And I am very afraid by the way he attacks the press, which is not perfect but a crucial pillar of our democracy. Greek Americans, what do you think? Any stats on how the community voted?
  20. we will be totally over run in midfield and out wide. They have serious quality there and we have very little to offer. Toro is past his prime, Tzavellas is a dreadful defender and none of our midfield combinations show any sign of working. Not sure there's much we can except hope for a good defensive performance, some luck and a bit of magic up front. Having said that, their fullbacks seem weak. If we had real wingers, perhaps we could exploit them there. But without Holebas, and two of an out-of-position Karelis, Mantalos, Bakesetas and Staf, I'm not optimistic.
  21. Is he carrying an injury from the bosnia came perhaps? they subbed off the hapless Bartra for another defender. seemed like a formation change tho.
  22. Ride the bench during Dortmunds wild 8-4 victory today. I guess to his credit
  23. This was true in the past but with Fortounis and Mantalos in the side his service has improved. The problem Mitro has been having is his first touch. It's like he's wearing leaden boots all the sudden. Never seen a player regress that much. I guess if he's not having that problem at Benfica you could blame the service but many of the passes into him have been pretty basic and he ends up mis-controlling and losing the ball.
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