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  1. No labropoulos for god's sake. So what's our take on Bakasetas so far? He's been better for AEK than the NT no doubt. I think he's a player with potential. But he hasn't blown me away by any means. And I'm not clear what his natural position is.
  2. Maybe I was a little harsh on Tachtsidis but I had high expectations for him and saw him misplace some seriously basic passes. Having said that, I think he belongs in the team when the other options are Maniatis and Tziolis.
  3. Player ratings Karnezis: 6.5. Good saves and again commanding on high balls. One bad punch back into play. Toro: n/a. Got a goal and an injury faster than you can say bald spot. Sokratis: n/a. Come back re Manolas: 7. Some nervy moments as usual but our best defender in trying circumstances Staf: 6. Better as a left back. Got a goal. Maniatis: 4. Why are you still here? K. Pap: 6. Not a right back. Got forward well once. Mantalos: 6. Not a great match. Had a shot off the bar. He works better with Fortounis. Bakasetas: 5.5. Grew into the game with some nice touches but still don't see why he's in the 11. Karelis: 4. Useless. Exposed us down the left. Mitro: 5. Poor. Gave the ball away so many times. Didn't create chances. Subs: Oikonomou: 5. Got better but really seems like a disaster in waiting. Tachtsidis: 4. I expected him to come in and spray some proper passes but he constantly gave the ball away. Tziolis: n/a. Maniatis for Tziolis must be the saddest substitution ever made.
  4. To be expected, the team is a mess. Oikonomou doesn't look solid, k. Pap offers nothing going forward at RB and maniatis + tachtsidis misplacing passes. however I think we are starting to find a bit of rhythm now.
  5. Klavan is a top defender. Expect him to neutralize Mitro if the rest of his backline plays well
  6. Don't have high hopes for this combo. Maniatis will cover the ground and pester opponents, K. Pap will shield the defense, win balls in the air. But which one of these guys is expected to get the ball forward? Afraid we'll see a lot of sideways passing to the full-backs. Or Mantalos/Baka (whichever one plays 10) having to drop very deep to collect the ball.
  7. English commentator on ESPN says "Greece probably starting this one as slight favorites." Lol okay, whatever, bud.
  8. And look to be fair to your points, my picture was bad and I couldn't always see who was doing the hard work off the ball. But that s%$#! is basic. I'm glad Skibbe has he team doing it but it's the bare minimum you expect at the international level. What you really want to see are guys stepping up and taking this game by the scruff of the neck. That's what mantalos, fortounis and sokratis did and that's why I rated them the best. i sympathize with the water carrier, your makelele, whatever and realize how crucial they are to a team. But staf is not that
  9. Sorry that I expect a winger to do more than pressure our opponents off the bAll. And staf is a fish out of water in midfield. Did you ever see guys called Basinas, Zagorakis and Katsouranis play? That's how you shield a defense and move the ball forward. Staf ran. That's basic. That's why he gets a 5.5. He did the minimum.
  10. Player ratings Karnezis: 6.5. Did he have a single save to make? Very solid on crosses Toro: 6. Standard from him. Decent going forward, a couple good crosses and clearances but occasionally let the winger in behind him Sokratis: 7. Solid at the back. Got forward well. Wish he could organized the back four a bit better but has no players shielding the defense Manolas: 6.5. Good game. Silly decision on the trap shows why he's an occasional liability. Tzavellas: 5. Get lost. Silly fouls, giveaways, poor crossing. Staf: 5.5. Why is he playing in midfield? One good pass Maniatis: 5. So many fouls. No ability to regulate tempo of game Bakasetas: 5. Anonymous Fortounis: 7. I like the chemistry he is developing with Mitro and Mantalos Mantalos: 8. man of the match IMO, even playing out wide. Great finish, albeit from a gift Mitro: 6.5. Great to get a goal but so many giveaways. Would be nice to see him and the other forward players running onto balls from a deep-lying playmaker. Subs K. Pap: 6.5. Beast mode Holebas: 6. Needs to start. Has courage to take guys on. Still not a great defender tho. karelis: N/A
  11. Lol at sokratis thinking he's a forward all the sudden. Showing some nice skill tho
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