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  1. been lost in the hell of the U.S. election. Why is the f**** league suspended again??
  2. Result is a knife in the gut but at least the coach has shown he can get this team playing better football
  3. From the looks of the squad, we can expect to see more of the same. Putting my Skibbe hat on, here's how I think we'll line up: ---------------------------------------------------------Mitro-------------------------------------------------------- ----Karelis------------------------------------------Fortounis---------------------------------Mantalos----------- ------------------------------Maniatis-------------------------------------------------Samaris----------------------- ----Stafylidis--------------------K. Pap--------------------------Sokratis--------------------------Torosidis----- ------------------------------------------------Karnezis---------------------------------------------------------------- Manolas is a loss for the backline but I'm sure K. Pap will do fine. Stafylidis is starting to win me over and is 100x the player of Tzavellas, even if Holebas is 100x better than him. Maniatis is unfortunate and Samaris needs to step up and prove he can boss this team from midfield. Karelis is useless. Wish we had Holebas or an actual winger in his place. Bakasetas has shown very little so far. If we win, it will be because of Fortounis and Mantalos. Mitro has looked very poor and needs to be better.
  4. K. Pap will give him a good fight but he's two inches shorter than Manolas and that's a problem against Dzeko. I seem to remember K. Pap losing a ball in the air against Germany during Euro 2012 that cost us a goal.
  5. Saw him live in a pre World Cup friendly against Nigeria and he changed the game when we were bereft of attacking ideas
  6. Karelis is also not cut out for the international level. Keep on scoring in belgium, mate. He doesn't have the intelligence to take on international defenses.
  7. Surely an NT recall can't be too far away
  8. How long is lesxott actually out for?
  9. He was the only member of Dortmund's defense to play the full 90. Team won 2-1. Anyone know how he played?
  10. I assumed he was young. So not as promising a hire as I first thought. But hey, the guy has experience at Real, Inter and Chelsea. Maybe he can bring some professionalism to our club, instead of the usual bourdello s%$#! you get from guys who've spent their career in the super clicka
  11. Mantalos is class. He and Fortounis will be the keys to any success this team has over the next 4-6 years.
  12. Ketsbaia was awful. If this guy has learned at the feet of Mourinho and uses modern methods (unlike the Georgian's antiquated ideas), I think it will be a good fit. Don't forget Mourinho started as an assistant to the great Sir Bobby.
  13. This article mentions that PAOK donated kits so some refugees could have a football tournament. Good for you guys. I hope AEK are doing the same thing. After all, we were refugees once, too. http://apne.ws/2dTjSSH
  14. I'd like to see what Diaz is capable of at some point. Didac hasn't filled me with confidence so far this season
  15. How to lose the ball, miss tackles, throw hissy fits and take the occasional stellar set piece.
  16. Omg I forgot about the incident with Samaras. K. Pap needs to be in the team. What a mad man.
  17. Lololol that's brilliant. Where is it from? As it turned out he was right, no? Avraam was tragic before being injured. Another Santos golden boy used far past his expiration date
  18. I would be pissed too if I were benched in favor of Tzavellas and Karelis. Yes, he should be a team player but that is pretty infuriating.
  19. dude, I'm sorry. This is nuts. Can someone back me up here? Tzavellas could NEVER hack it as a center-back in the EPL. To be honest, I thought you were joking.
  20. Bro, what are you smoking and where can I get some?? Both of those guys start for a top club in the premier league!! And you're saying tzavellas is better?? Now I've heard it all. Even for a PAOK fan that's insane.
  21. I'd like to see Tzavellas try to knock Alderweireld or Vertonghen from Belgium's staring defense. He'd get laughed off the field.
  22. Otto kicked off Georgatos and Zikos. I guess Skibbe feels the same way about Holebas and his ego. But boy, the games against Cyprus and Bosnia really called for someone with his pace and willingness to attack defenders. I bagged him in 2012 but he really won me over, even if he's kind of a s%$#! defender.
  23. @kolossos13, four "splendid" center-backs? I count three: Sokratis, Manolas and K. Pap. God knows you can't mean Oikonomou or Tzavellas.
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