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  1. his performance for the NT against Romania was about as good as I've seen a striker play for Greece since Nikolaidis. Hasn't performed anywhere like that since.
  2. Have to say I enjoyed watching the likes of Iceland and Wales take on the big teams. No complaints there.
  3. it's not just the football, brother
  4. What kind of 11 are we looking at? Not sure if this is the right time for Barkas to make his debut but Anestis sure deserves a benching after his howler last time. Vila and Galo will probably start, although neither has impressed me too much this season. With Chygrysnky and Lescott gone, we'll get Lambo and Kolovetsios. The midfield pairing of Johansen and Simoes is a lock. Without Lazaros or Vargas (I think), we'll see Patito, Mantalos and Aravidis supporting Almeida up front. Has anyone else impressed in training? EDIT: F*** Ketsbaia by the way. I called BS on that hiring from the beginning.
  5. Yes he bailed us out with a beauty of a goal. But he had a s%$#! match, he's had a s%$#! campaign and his attitude is awful.
  6. We are a bad, bad side. I should've gone to the beach with my girlfriend. Now she's mad at me
  7. Here's the problem with thisshit version of a 4-2-3-1. if you're gonna play with just four attackers you need: two outstanding wingers, a target man and a number 10. weve got the number 10 in fortounis. But Mitro has the first touch of a garbage truck and can't hold the ball up. Mantalos is another 10 forced out wide. Staf is a left back for F*** sakes. you also need fullbacks who can make forward runs. Toro has lost that part of his game and Tzavellas never had it. Plus defensive mids who know how to retain possession and control a game. Maniatis is a joke. And Samaria has shown no aptitude for game management. But hey, skibbe got the center back pairing right!!
  8. Jesus I turned the match on to see the ball bounce off karnezis' head for a goal. How have we been playing? Like s%$#! I imagine given that maniatis and tzavellas are starting and staf is apparently lined up as a left winger?
  9. Christ, did you see what they got Big Sam on tape saying? You know it's gotta be 1000x as bad in Greece.
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