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  1. And a greek salata to dip the psomi and grab red onion pieces as well, repeatedly.
  2. When we talk about the National team gaffa, it's paramountly important that this person can galvanise the whole team, to carry out the task at hand with enthusiasm and precision. JVS must call an urgent team meeting, talk tactics whilst they all have arni stin souvla, souvlakia, lemoni, skortho, tzatziki, haloumi cheese, and a retsina or ouzo whilst they listen to some rebetica. The Gaffa can show his inner hellene! This will ensure optimum results. Won't hurt if JVS, Valkani and Winter dressed like Tsoliathes either!
  3. Thats what JVS demands from the Hellenic front third, a high press. Fortounis needs that desperation to win back that CAM spot again.
  4. Blue/White 4 2 3 1 Barkas Bakakis Manolas Hatzidiakos Tsimikas Galanopoulos Kourbelis Limnios Mantalos Lamprou Pavlidis Fountas Bakasetas Fortounis Vasiliais Giannoulis Stafylidis Dioudis Paschalakis/Vlahodimos
  5. Back at you bitch! Put your skirt back on and be a man!
  6. You're an Afl guy, I knew it. Your not really Eddie McGuire are you?
  7. I looked through a high powered telescope and saw a AAA rated country named AUSTRALIA which has made four World Cups. Wouldn't know it hey...
  8. JVS and co are more content with Mantalos and his high press, as opposed to Fortounis and his holding off style of play.
  9. How good is the Greek MESSI??///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////LIMNIOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEYE!
  10. Well, based on that comment about Svarnas, to make his point about Manolas, Siovas is an out and out m#$%!, the coach should say thankyou now F*** off!!
  11. Well on that note, Laz Rotu can join Georgie Baldock as genuine RB's for the JVS Ethniki.
  12. Man, thank goodness for coaches in the A League like JVS and Valkanis hey?? Now Popovic to Xanthi fc, newly owned by Bill Papas of Sydney Olympic. Hellas will continue to rise no question.
  13. As a 38 something year old it would be a very backward move to bring back Cholevas, Holevas or even Holebas.
  14. Congratuations to Tsimikas, for signing with Liverpool fc!
  15. Hope that guy on the left goes nowhere near the team.
  16. Anyone else buying a s%$#! load of toilet paper?
  17. As for the CB's I spruked from 2020, Manolas and Sok to be again considered, although, I also mentioned I wouldn't pick them. maybe Manolas. It depends on the results of the next couple of matches in the near future. one or both could get a call up. These guys know they cannot get away with crap or JVS will get the rod out.
  18. That dark blue looks like a squid going about his business in the ocean.
  19. I hope he would not choose Soc to be on the bench. I would think a younger guy can play that role as an up and comer. Better he leaves him out altogether in that situation.
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