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  1. Thats true Birkly my dawg! Nothing wrong with Soc pointing out that Anastasiadis was a Bonehead. What did he and Manola do to be blacklisted for good? Sure they ruffled afew feathers and they were rested for it. They had to be to clear the air.
  2. The fact it's Van' Ship, and the extra hussle he expects from the players, he also can handle the egos and the players know it. That's why I would consider the Mykonos fc CB's. Does't mean they will get in either.
  3. Yes I agree, to beat a heavyweight you need heavyweights in their respective positions. Retsos, Hatzi, Siovas Manolas Soc & Mavropanos in the mix for CB. Should get 2 friendlies in March.
  4. Yes but only if the form warrants a recall., they should be in the mix, not blacklisted though. Its not the go. My CB's by September 2020, looking at it from now would be Retsos and Hatzidiakos/Manolas. Staf is good but by then in September 2020, should go back to LB unless Giannoulis stays there and Staf misses out on starting. If that happens I have Fortounus as captain but Bakasetas goes to the bench. I have my doubts with Staf at CB for September tbh cause we need more height, considering Gala and Kourbelis are not very tall either. It was right not to play Manolas and
  5. I hope Manolas and Soc are seriously considered in 2020. See how it goes with a different coach and captain, either Stafy or Fortounis. We will need the full compliment of talent to be available.
  6. He keeps Staf at CB csuse he reverts to 3 @ the back in attack, and this way he moves Giannoulis into left midfield. Jvs (vhs) loves Giannoulis and promotes him further up. Then Staf plays left CB.
  7. JVS (vhs) is a fan of a RB named George Baldock 26 years, plays for Sheffield Utd, who are playing great football atm. Greek heritage through his grandfather. He might be a shot ahead of Masouras as RB. Like to see Bouzoukis get a call as well Deanos.. Looking at the kind of talent pool around for Greece, how were we all hypnotised into thinking that we can't attack, except on the counter and have 10 players parking the bus?
  8. Despina is a good judge, claiming the team going forward in 2020 in an attacking formation 3 4 2 1: Pavlidis Mantalos Bakasetas Giannoulis Kourbelis Galanopoulos Limnios Stafylidis (c) Hatzidiakos Bakakis Vlahodiimos Koulouris . Fortounis Fetfa Donis . etc.
  9. As long as Stafy is skipper, that's the deal. Replace him then get in an aerial threat. He is there now, the team has won 3 in a row. There is no place atm for Mykonos fc CB's..they may want to sing some R & B songs on a CD or something .
  10. This captain Stafy is getting the required respect atm, if any Mykonos fc players were to actually come into the future squads, that may well rock the culture again. Thats the chance that we need not risk. Think Retsos, Hatzi Stafy and Siova instead.
  11. George Baldock, 26 year old at Sheffield utd, is of Greek heritage through his grandfather. Plays at RB, Vant Schip is keen on getting him over to the Ethniki.
  12. No one can dominate Spain, and maybe we win our next match and its four in a row baby!!!
  13. I have smeared myself wirh tzatziki, garlic and lemon..we smacked them re maiks!!!
  14. Masouras needs to be converted into a RB, I am all for that too Achilles, he is a 'deer in the headlights' in front of goal. That match should read 2 or 3-0 and us talking about how the Ethniki smashed them, and that we haven't smashed a team in years like in this match.
  15. Masouras has got a problem with composure in front of goal. Has missed sitters afew times now. Vrousai should come back in.
  16. Look for the momentum to keep building for this Greek team, Limnios is a weapon.
  17. Van Schip is Phat!! He has got it goin on dawgs.. and we all thought we had to rely on Mykonos fc - players above mentioned. We needed a manager with backbone to show players and EPO who run this store!! I hope Alefantos is shadow boxing about now, ye, you want some more?!!!
  18. Despina's early prediction.. 3-1 Greece, based on new culture. She is definitely now out of control.
  19. Van Schipster should eat a yeeros with tzatziki at a press conference to show his intent as the national team coach, as he expresses his views on a given match, no doubt about it, he would draw in everybody.
  20. That new one in Ramsgate, I will go past to see if its open..last time I went it was close to opening but not yet.
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