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  2. Just want to give the gaffa a go, he has to make change in some areas or he will go the way of the others. You prefer the Ethniki start to lose so you stay satisfied that JVS, Valkanis and Winter can't get them to win. Get abit patriotic! You need to stop winging like pash.
  3. RB options would be; Retsos, Rotu, Bakakis, Masouras and Kitsiou for now. Don't know if the gaffa realizes this. Zeca with Kourbelis is like having Tziolis and Maniatis.
  4. If Ethniki don't finish top of the group they will pay him out, would of fallen on his sword. Bad luck.
  5. I listened to episode 2, I will listen to episode 1 when I can, hope there is some Ethniki content in it, along with the Greek Super League news which was all of episode 2. GSL doesn't seem to know when to get started.
  6. That will bring him into calculations as a starter and vice- captain of the Ethniki.
  7. Trying to disagree Strongly with you!! nup..I've got nothing.
  8. All the other managers go the safe route with two DM's. JVS must carve out his own style with a different model.
  9. Three things have to happen ; 1 Mantalos as a central player or not in the team; 2 To pick a RB and Not a CB playing there (unless it was (Retsos-injured); 3 To pick a Cm with a Dm, not two Dm's. JVS to be more attacking minded!
  10. That would be falling on his sword. That is one way to oust a frustratingly stubborn gaffa unless he changes afew things!
  11. Manolas can be brought back, young enough and hopefully he plays with a high tempo mentality. When turning wilst defending and being passed by opposition forwards, on occasion he looked like the QE2 turning in the harbour (limani).
  12. I've said I want either of Gala, Mantalo or Vas in at CM, No Wing spot for Mantalos either. Bakasetas works if Ethniki plays with a Second Striker-only. Seeing as they don't, Baka doesn't fit in that squad, unless he becomes a striker and I don't think that will ever be his go. Maybe as a CM cause he has hussle about him, energy. He appears not overly technical for that level. The only current AM options must be out of Fortounis, Pelkas or Mantalos. JVS is abit slow to make change. Every other gaffa since 2014 has had this issue, they had either coached an ordinary team at the time,
  13. Good service to the striker means either of Galanopoulos, Vasiliadis or Mantalos plays as a CM. Thats it.
  14. I only had him in the mix, the fact that he is a seasoned campaigner and the fact he has been rated good enougb to be chosen already anyway means others also agree with the selection. They could well go with either Tzavella o Lampro instead of both to be there for now with the younger, potentially better CB's of the future.
  15. Honestly with Skibbe. he was infatuated with Tziolis, with a Passion. JVS has this Bakasetas thing, and they Both have had Mantalos as a LW thing. The squad should have Lamprou with the likes of Limnios,Tzolis and Donis in it as Wing options. I'm not a fan of Staf as a CB, or stopgap Tzavellas either, although I do get that he needs experience in there. Retsos is back playing and the next crop look so promising, Hatzidiakos, Retsos (cb/rb), Mavropanos, Svarnas and Lampropoulos-Only as a CB option.
  16. Sure but his returns are very good, despite the fact he isn't everyone's top choice. Svarnas being Greek, whether its him, Hatzi, Retsos or Mavropanos, its irrelevant.
  17. As I mentioned b4, Gate7 football pod mentioned Svarnas as being the best defender on average with regards to stats. I thought his hair was well styled and thats why I thought he was a serviceable player personally. On what basis or metrics do you guys find Svarnas not good enough in, over the past few games? I think some guys can't get past Manola, Sok and Siov have all been surpassed.
  18. Even Pelkas is more industrious than Baka. Jvs is stubborn to learn lately. Gate 7 earlier pod makes mention of Retsos being the ouf & out best RB option for Ethniki. I would swap out Bakakis for him in my lineup, I agree with them on that really.
  19. Gone away from two DM's, and keep to playing players in their rightful positions. Like to see creativity of Mantalos/Gala as the no.8; Interesting stat mentioned on Gate7 football podcast, Svarnas in his matches has had the best stat of the defenders for the Ethniki in that opposition players not being able to get past him, doesn't mean he has never been beaten but he has been extremely tidy in defence. Like to see JVS pick this way for Nov match in a 4 3 3, can easily revert to 4 5 1 : U Grik
  20. Look with abit more chemistry we could probably win 5-0 against Mulled-over. The run down may well be: 2 penalties, one goal from a CB, one from one of the fullbacks and an own goal by them I'd say.
  21. Good calls although Donis has played around 10 matches and did't look like scoring, either does Masouras. They need more confidence and how do they get this? Don't know except play some more and hope it turns around and the forwards eventually start scoring. Having Kourbelis alongside Carlos Zeca are much the same. One off these positions need to be more offensive. Maybe Pelkas, Vasilliadis or Galanopoulos can play there. Why has Fetfa pissed off multiple Ethniki's managers. He has not played there since who knows. I wonder why? A lack of fitness or professionalism?
  22. When these guys get to the national team, the forwards forget what they usually do week in week out and have difficulty scoring goals. As for Sok and Manola making the difference, thats what I said against Leinchestein and Faroes as well.
  23. Are the Ethniki playing a match vs Kosovo I hear?
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