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  1. Masouras the striker, Mantalos the skipper, Galanopoulos the engine and Baka's best work should probably be as physio perhaps.
  2. Players need to watch King Otto movie. Santos was certainly the star of the show.
  3. Maybe Baka can go to RB. There you go guys, the cardinal sin of expecting the team to get out in front and score goals as well! I expect they will keep possession regularly, passing it around, mainly backwards and occasionally skying the ball over the crossbar.
  4. This Euro 2004 movie is going to Premier in Australia. Thats very kavlotic I must say. Everyone rightly talks about Melbourne's Greeks going absolutely 'bangers' when Ethniki played the Pork-n-cheese in 2004, with Figo and a young Ronaldo as well. I'm in Sydney and I went with my then-to-be Koumbaro to Bay Street In Brighton at around 2am overnight. My oh my, there were by memory 3-5 Massive t.v screens attached to the sides of the buildings and there were thousands of men with sons, friends, relatives and women there in an extremely festive time. Street was blocked and no parking for miles. When Charisteas scored, the buildings shook from the Roar of the Greeks! I mainly used to watch Rugby League back then but I was overcome by the emotion of the occasion and I bought in ever since, also given my heritage. Didn't sleep till the next morning, wearing my Euro 04 T-shirt they were selling on the street. I still have that t-shirt.
  5. Can anyone see Bakasetas as a DM? That is a grey area in the team and that way JVS can keep his beloved skipper in the team but Not up in the front third.
  6. Good point! If JVS continues to pick teams that are not up to the task, and they ultimately fail again, He, as did the other managers since 2014, will fall on his sword. He must picks decent teams or he is getting bad advise and/or is a bad judge and/or politics will show this current administration up as it showed them all up in the past.
  7. King Otto movie coming out in afew weeks. 2004 Euro win. From the manager's perspective. Wolla.b.Hectic bros!
  8. Wonder when the friendlies will get annaounced so we can put s%$#! on the team and gaffa..
  9. If Ethniki defeated Georgia but lost that first match in a tight match to Spain, say 2-1, having played very well, we would of thought the campaign is still on track, as expected. I don't think we are way off if we look at it that way perhaps re maik.
  10. Ok, now for the Euro cup squads, oh that's right, we didn't get in. Damn!
  11. That interviewer talks over Dimitri all the time.I wanted to throw a baklava at him. Siovas is a very good CB that Ethniki need.
  12. A friendly against Turkey? Is that like a friendly between Israel and palestine or Serbia and Bosnia? Someone has a sense of humour at the EPO.
  13. In an era where the Ethniki have a wealth of quality LB's, not realy that critical. More importantly, can newly appointed Zagorakis entice Kats out of retirement for one last throw of the dice?
  14. After the Georgia match, I personally would change that lineup I had and apparently JVS is getting a technical director and the name escapes me atm. Kyriakos Pap and Tzavellas are too slow and do not press higher up, I would have Siovas back in. Bouchalakis is abit too limited as the no.8 as well. Siopis shows a big motor and could work in that role. Bakasetas seems like a square peg trying to get into a round hole in that team. Pavlidis has been playing mainly on the wing and GG is in great form as Striker for his club. Boyz...4 2 3 1 Vlahodimos Androutsos Manolas Sokratis (c) Giannoulis Siopis Zeca Pavlidis Fortnounis (vc) Masouras Giakoumakis subs: Douvikas Tzolis Mantalos Pelkas Galanopoulos Vasiliadis Siovas Hatzidiakos Tzimikas Kitsiou Kapino Dioudis
  15. Hatzi is quality, just that Tzavella has been very effective. Either gate 7 pod or Hellas pod made mention of Baldock going through the passport stage right now and will become available. Both podcasts are gold with the different accents as well..lol.
  16. Now that Zagorakis (legend) is in charge at the EPO, Sokratis and Manolas will make themselves available, and I understand that JVS requested their services already. I had agreed with the fact a while back, that JVS took the correct course of action and had distanced the team from Sokratis, Manolas and for that matter Siovas for a time. This helped with a reset for the Ethniki, right throughout the Euro tournament whereby the boys ultimately failed and a continuation into the early part of this WCQ campaign. I am a fan of the three CB's coming back into the fold now as well. Siovas is not in my 23 at this stage. I think I'm ready to see the best possible Ethniki, like most people with the continuation of the WCQ campaign in September. The Boys (433 or 4 2 3 1) Vlahodimos Tsimikas Manolas Sokratis(c) Giannoulis Zeca Bouchalakis Fortounis Tzolis Masouras Pavlidis Giakoumakis Douvikas Mantalos Pelkas Galanopoulos Siopis Kyriakos Tzavellas Antroutsos Kiriakopoulos Kapino Dioudis
  17. JVS had included Pavlidis, who scored two in the friendly, moved Bakasetas back from leading the line, brought in Giannoulis, brought in Fortounis, even though on the wing, could still cut back toward the middle of the field and started Tzolis on the right. The only move I thought was not great was to start Bakakis who often gets turned around by the opposing attackers. Like to of seen Androutsos there. The players are still having a hectic time trying to score from open play. Against Spain it was a fortunate penalty, and against Georgey, it was an own goal to our benefit. What does it take to get some more expertise and/or confidence with goalscoring?
  18. Elections in the Greek EPO I believe on 28 March, Grammenos could get ousted. One rumour has it that Manolas and Sokratis will not play unless Grammenos gets replaced. It has been said JVS had invited them to be included in the Ethniki Squad but they chose to be unavailable for now.
  19. I did what I said I would do if we don't lose. I ran around the block in my birthday suit. No-one seemed to worry about it. Imagine Fortounis got on, we may have jagged another. Go the JVS Pirates!!
  20. My Ethniki patriotic friend, you also woke up with a supermodel and I know because I saw yoos through the blinds with a telescope. Ha, so there!
  21. Hellas 2 Spain 1 Kiriakos and Mavro are good enough with Svarnas and Turkey's competition's best CB Tzavellas as back up at CB for the Ethniki.
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