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  1. Les kai vlepoume ton Santos, bravo re megalle, eisai Tsolias!! Pes ta re Rockafella, afise tis gomenes!
  2. U Grik 3 5 2 Vlaho Svarnas Hatzidiakos Stafylidis (vc) Zeca Kourbelis Limnios Fortounis (c) Giannoulis Pavlidis Fountas
  3. What about that creative flair by the managerial team. A 2-0 result is as good as any in the last six years, finishing on top of the group of death, best manager since Otto. Highlight was bringing on the two F's in the second half, brilliant tactical nouse! Goals by Baka and Manta, what players, hard to start either of the two F's looking at which players scored the goals today. Great to be ethnic today! Managers virtually did it all from the sideline.
  4. Wrong Koutroumbis, I meant John Koutroumbis RB.
  5. Ella re JVS, call up Yiannis Koutroumbis of Newcastle Jets, plays right back or right CB with three @ the back. You know he will say yes after a little think! His thia and Bakakis' thia are both thies.
  6. They might call Giorgios Baldock to be tried as a RB, or not enough time? Could always stick with underwhelming Lampro.
  7. What's better Rocka you slayer of ladies, an enemy teammate (Tavellas/Maniatis) or, an ally opposition player, hmm??
  8. No old players in the squad, thats an upside, not picking players 34-35 yrs old and up, the more youthful team can keep developing. There is a need to pick a player that will always be in he starting eleven, to be the continuous skipper. They need a distinctive leader and a leadership group among this lot. This will benefit them to have this structure.
  9. I think Fetfa may have done his dash being late for a team meeting because of a stop over for a metrio Frappe or something. I hope he gets another go, he should ask the gaffa iif he wants one next time.
  10. Look at it this way, if you had employees named Sokratis Pap, Manolas and Siovas white-anting your business, you would get rid of them, NO Question. Stafy plays better at FB than Tzavellas, but Tzavellas plays better as CB than Stafy, I believe. Staf is injured anyway. Tzav adds experience to the squad under the circumstances even though he is not ideal. At least one of the Ethniki's greatest DM's of all time, often preferred by multiple gaffas, with 75 caps to his name is not recalled this time, that man being Alexandros Tziolis! You may have ridiculed yourself because you are
  11. You Grik?? 3 5 2 Barkas/ Vlaho Svarnas Kourbelis (c) Hatzidiakos Galanopoulos Bouchalakis Limnios Vassiliadis Mantalos Giannoulis Fountas Not sure on the skipper. Picked the best 11, then found the captain. Greek Messi on the right Vre Maik!!
  12. If Stafy is fit, he will be there. Don't write off Kourbelis as a CB option. These are options they will look at.
  13. In Australia, we get conscripted for politician school, so I have learnt not to commit to certain narrative and let you answer your own question. No offence. Go Xanthi fc to get back to Super League next season. Its time Ethniki gets back to about 14th in the fifa world rankings again, JVS is onto it. Where are you re Laz the DJ anyways? Seriously, Rocka you ladies man, I answered your question in the first paragraph reeeee!
  14. Umm, do you mean naturalised Greeks as compared to actual native to the land Greeks? If a player qualifies to play and is playing at a high level, the coach is legally allowed to pick him, like Zeca, Holebas/Cholevas, Bouchalkis, Vlaho, Kone and Vassiliadis etc. All the nations pick if it helps them, and any player would love to represent at the highest level and would cherish those opportunities forever. As for me being clueless as well, I don't agree with that, any conclusions I come to about these complex matters I make in my yfront underwear, with the window open, in the breeze whilst
  15. Giorgios Baldockoglou/Baldockopoulos/Baldockakis either one works!
  16. No doubt, if JVS's managing starts to go pair shaped, he will start getting his as well. Thankfully we have a future plan b gaffa already, he is coaching Xanthi fc. Man, we got it good!
  17. I don't remember it being official when Holebas/Cholevas was never picked again, as it wasn't when Tziolis wasn't picked again. That one in particular with Tziolis, I was in a padded cell for 3 months trying to move forward when that happened! Retsos is a gun, hope he stays injury free for a change. Anyone hear about Kyriakos, he on holidays?
  18. And with the high constant press, how can JVS ever bring back Fortounis and Mitrobanos/Mykonos? Very non commital players.
  19. I believe JVS told them not to let the door hit them on their way out actually.
  20. Him and his koumbaro will get good tickets to watch the ethniki.
  21. Nothing suss about it Deano, its well known knows that Sok and Manol gasbag about everyone except themselves about being s%$#!, that previous culture. Those two in defence continuously produced rubbish against the minnows and that was more than enough to drop them and Siovas and Mitro. We have the Greek Messi now: LIMNIOS baby!!
  22. So be it, back the coach!
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