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  1. Great deep lying midfield connection of the past Samaris and arab!
  2. If JVS doesnt make the required starting team adjustments along with correct game management, Giorgos Donis should be employed in June 2021.
  3. U Grik. 4 3 3 Vlahodimos (Giannis) Masouras/Rota Manolas/Svarnas Hatzidiakos Tsimikas Zeca/Kourbelis GALANOPOULOS Fortounis (c) Donis/Limnios TZOLIS Fountas Giakoumakis Doni
  4. Problem is Ethniki can't score in a brothel (with or without the fishtanks).
  5. Our strong point with this team, the ultra attacking flair of Koubelis and Zeca.....'Yes'!
  6. Spain def Germany 6-0 in tennis. Wow, can the Germans return serve in the second set?
  7. I never thought I would ever say, 'I love your style' friend, the fact you have turned over a new leaf! Despina came over for some milk and some origano again and she also echoes my sentiments as well!
  8. Stop it you guys!! People asking md at work why i'm emotional and its because of this brotherhood of man, na poume!
  9. True but the team was totally different in the 2nd half due to being a trial. No chemistry but just to see some individuals.
  10. Actually the more I see it yes, Tzav will be one CB and the lovechild Baka and captain will be the AM so, Fortounis might play at LW to get a start, or JVS might play Pelkas at LW. I don't agree with alot of that tbh. One thing I have appreciated for a while is that the Ethniki don't have players older than 32, which is in line with most notable football nations. If lovechild must be there, then a different formation might do it: U Grik (3 4 1 2): Vlaho Mihailithis Hatsi Tsav
  11. Vlaho Mavrias Mihailithis Hatzithiakos Tsimikas Zeca Bouchalakis Fortounis (c) Limnios Giakoumakis Tzolis/Masouras We know he will pick Kourbelis as DM, Bakasetas (c) at AM and Pelkas in at LW.
  12. Can't comment on squad as I can't find the bastard anywhere!
  13. Petros Imvrios and Kostas Makedonas, who else??
  14. Winter must grab JVS by the balls or his ear and demand he plays two AM's. Kostas and Petros.
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