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  1. Poor game by PAOK. Lucky to be down by only one goal so far. Need some freshness and more energy in the 2nd half.
  2. Net TV Plus is owned by Novasport and does not have the rights to games owned by Cosmote. International rights for Cosmote are on Antenna Satellite/Pacific Sport Plus.
  3. Surprised that Vieirinha and Nasberg are starting. I am also worried about our defensive lapses.
  4. There is an appeal next week. Things can change.
  5. Speaking of cards, UEFA still has not ruled on the Meite and Trapp punishments for their red cards. They both erased one game ban yesterday, but it's still possible that they will eventually get 3-game bans.
  6. We sure had luck on our side today. That was an important win.
  7. The way we started the 2nd half it's not surprising we are losing.
  8. 0:0 halftime. It will be a shame if we don't beat this weak team. In the other game Eintracht is destroying Helsinki 4:0.
  9. With a win tomorrow we pretty much secure at least 2nd place and then we can focus on stealing the 1st place from Eintracht.
  10. No games should be allowed to be played on such awful pitch. As for PAOK 'B', the team is very bad. Hopefully we will can avoid relegation.
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