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  1. Never knew you lived in Spain Reaper, sounds better over there mate. I might listen to some hip hop and grime, but the image or style associated with that culture has never appealed to me. As Skepta would say "Nah, That's not me". I'm a white lad from the west-country, not a gangsta from London. Having said that I know people from West and North England, from different backgrounds, white, black, Asian whatever who talk (and dress) like their some 'roadman' from London. I'm assuming these people choose to talk in such a way for social reasons, or maybe they learnt it off friends and siblings, because I'm sure their parents didn't talk like that. Just be yourself and don't worry about putting on an accent or look to seem cool. Having said that, I often switch between my west country accent and generic well spoken southerner accent, depending on who I'm around. But I only talk in accents from another part of the country to take the piss.
  2. Haha Tzatziki, that's not hip hop, that's Grime! Now that I've mentioned it, feel like I have to post this lol: I like some of the 90s and 2000s hip hop like Tupac, Dre, Jay-Z, Nas, but not so into contemporary hip hop (apart from Kendrick Lamar maybe).
  3. I saw it today and enjoyed it. I liked how the film seemed to sick more to its roots in the original trilogy, than the prequels did, even if the whole blowing up a space station thing is getting a bit repetitive now. Most of the new characters seem interesting and there is a lot of nostalgia for someone like me whose seem the old films too many times. But there are a few things that weren't really explained properly. I was never totally sure whether the Stormtroopers were clones or not, well now I know their not (apart from the first Stormtroopers). They don't really say how the 'New Order' came about and what they are, there is a big time gap between Return of the Jedi and this film. I also found it funny how Rey was basically able to learn the ways of the force in one day with no training. Luke was taught by Obi Wan, then had to go train in a swamp with Yoda in Degobar and even then he was too weak to fight Vader. Obviously Vader seems stronger, but still.
  4. 36 and over is quite a broad age range, just saying. Always found it a bit weird how there are rarely people under 18. Its as if people only discover this site in their late teens at the earliest. I think I started on the old greek soccer forums when I was 17 or 18.
  5. Konstantopoulos is having a great season with Middlesborough, who are top of the Championship and have the best defensive record in the league. Even at his old age, Dimi still has a chance of making it to the EPL next year. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/middlesbrough-goalkeeper-dimi-konstantopoulos-scrooge-7039503
  6. PAO's top 16 group looks like this: Fenerbache Locomotiv Kraznodar Anadolu Istanbul Panathinaikos Unicaja Malaga Crvena Zvezda Darussafaka Istanbul Cedevida Zagreb I think this group is not too bad. Good thing PAO won last night and finished 3rd, because the other group looks stronger. Fenerbache are a good team, Kraznodar had the best of PAO in the regular season and Anadolu are usually decent. 3 Turkish teams in one group too, should be interesting. PAO has to qualify from this group, and come higher than 4th, because we know what happened in the playoffs over the last few seasons after PAO came 4th.
  7. Not surprised. Abramovic didn't want to sack Mourinho, but Chelsea have been so bad he had no choice now.
  8. https://www.rt.com/news/326118-calais-graffiti-fee-charged/ Now some migrants are charging people to see Banksy's graffiti of Steve Jobs in Calais. These guys are just taking the biscuit, they clearly not Syrians too.
  9. Nice video by the bundesliga youtube channel listing the 10 ten Greek players there. Guess who's at no.1 ;)
  10. I remember that park in London where there are wild parrots, because somebody released loads of them a while back. Very strange if you ever see them.
  11. Yes, definitely our best performance of the Euroleague season so far! Radilijca set a new personal record of 25pts. Diamantidis was amazing, scoring 20pts against a team like Barca. No way he should retire at the end of the season. Calathes was also good and nice to see Pappas back on the floor. Pappas should be very important for us this season, if he gets back to the level he was playing at before he got injured. A back court of Calathes, Pappas, 3D and Feldine looks very strong. On to the top 16 now.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34954575 Russia is apparently going to place economic sanctions on Turkey in response to the shooting. Not the most aggressive move, but still could have consequences. At first I thought this would be good for Greece, since Russia would have to do more trading with other nations. But then I remembered Greece's trade with Russia is already restricted by the bloody EU's economic sanctions on Russia. I'm surprised Putin would be willing to do this to one of their biggest trading partners, considering that their trade with the EU is already limited by a different set of sanctions.
  13. PAOK fans the other night at their basket match vs Zenit:
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-34925229 The Russian pilot who survived said they got no warning from the Turks. Obviously the Russians and Turk's accounts of events are very different. Unsurprisingly there were protests outside the Turkish embassy in Moscow today, but nothing major.
  15. Greece got any good medal hopes? Surely that girl who won bronze in the WC pole vault has a chance. And maybe Tsakonas can do well in the 200m too. It is very important that the Greek basketball team qualifies, but I think they will need to keep Bourousis out of retirement to stand a chance. I'm not big on water polo, but have Greece qualified for that? I hope team GB can come close to how well they did in 2012, but that is unlikely considering they were at home that year. But the main talking points around these games will be whether Bolt can defend his title(s) and the doping scandal involving Russian athletes.
  16. Turkey seems to be able to get away with anything atm. First they allow ISIS to thrive in Syria, they kill the Kurds who are fighting ISIS and now they are killing the Russians too. Yet USA and the rest of NATO continue to turn a blind eye. I'm just hoping (but not really expecting) a reaction from Russia. Maybe now is a good time Tsipras decides to finally do something leftist and remove Greece from NATO. Hopefully Greece's tourism industry will benefit from worsening Russo-Turkish relations, as many Russians will have to look for places elsewhere from Turkey to lounge around on the beach and get smashed off vodka.
  17. Just to correct you Hollande is not far left, he is a centre left socialist. Less extreme than the likes of Tsipras. But considering you think ND are left wing Reaper, then I guess that would make Hollonde far left in your eyes.
  18. Well Sokratis starts every match, but Subotic is injured atm. But I'd expect him to keep his place even when Subotic gets back, considering Dortmund are in good form the coach probably won't want to re shuffle the defence and I think Sokratis is the better player anyway.
  19. Stated in Dortmund's 3-2 win over Shalke in the Rhur derby today. Dortmund only 5 points behind Bayern now, having a good season so far.
  20. Its no coincidence that Roma's defence stops leaking goals when Toro starts.
  21. eh? I really don't get this Pato link. I mean he is a good player who seems to be on his way back after some poor seasons in Europe and injury troubles. But how is he supposed to fit into the team if Benteke and Sturridge are both fit? I suppose Ings is out for the season which is a big(ish) miss, Origi is shite and Sturridge would be lucky to play 10 games max this season given that he's made of glass. I still think that Liverpool could do with a winger atm, Ibe is the only proper winger they have right now.
  22. I'm not so much of a Bond fanatic as you guys, but I thought Spectre was good. I'd put it up there with Skyfall and Casino Royale, but royale is still (and probably always will be) my favourite Bond film. Batista was good playing Mr. Hinx, and I found out on my way back from the cinema that he is half Greek/half Philippino, funnily enough I was with my Philippino friend at the time too. I found most of the action scenes enjoyable, apart from that bit at the end when he managed to shoot down the helicopter with a little pistol. Not so much because its improbable, just because it seemed anti-climatic. But I don't think Oberhauser died in the end, so I'm guessing they wanted an ending where he is still alive, incase he might reappear in a later film.
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