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  1. Tragic news. He was making some great music. Ginetai is was one of my favourite Greeks songs.
  2. Well I don't have a TV, but back in the day this was easily my favourite show: I'm still upset the BBC cancelled the show. I couldn't care if Clarkson punched someone, it was still one of the most successful British TV shows. I'll miss the old bigoted banter on Top Gear and how much it used to piss off the PC brigade. I don't know what to expect for their new show, but I'm not paying for any Amazon prime, hopefully I can illegally stream it. And I don't have high hopes for the BBC's relaunched Top Gear having seen the new presenters, but I'll still watch it.
  3. A lot of my favourite songs are British indie rock stuff. The clubs up here play them loads. Here's a couple of bangers.
  4. The 70s-80s-90s Music thread has been quite popular, but there has been music made since then you know. Since I'm one of the younger posters, most of the music I listen to is post 2000. Don't bother posting hip-hop/rap songs, since there is already a separate threat for that. I'll get the ball rolling:
  5. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.
  6. Unconvincing 82-79 against Darussfaka at OAKA tonight. I was preparing to totally write off PAO's chances of making the playoffs if they lost this one. I know there were injuries, but Darussafaka were 0-4 before the game, average side. At least they got the win and we're still in contention. Raduljica did well, 17pts/8rebs and for once he actually played some good defence by forcing some turnovers. He often struggles against the smaller, faster centres, which there seems to be a ton of in this league. But Erden was just trying to post him up, bad idea against a big lad like Miroslav. I still prefer Gist at centre because he is a top defender and alright on offence. Although Radulijca is a better scorer, unless he's scoring then he might as well not be on the floor since he hurts our defence. Apparently PAO are going to sign Marquez Hayens and bring Mike Bramos back. I don't know much about Haynes, but we need more help in the guard positions. 3D and Boxoridis are injured and Pappas doesn't look anywhere near 100%. But I'm happy to hear PAO are looking at Bramos, always a player I liked.
  7. True it would be hard for Greece to totally stop the flow, without more deaths/drowning. Although it would be an effective deterrent, in 2016 it seems unthinkable that a European nation would be able to get away with such a policy. Apparently Bulgarian border police have been using physical force and dogs to push migrants back into Turkey, and now many of them avoid Bulgaria: https://www.hrw.org/news/2016/01/20/bulgaria-pushbacks-abuse-borders Of course the difference for Greece is that if you push them back into the sea, they probably drown. You are right to mention Turkey grkjet. Turkey is not the only nation within reaching distance to Europe, but it is by far the most popular route now. At the start of this crisis most of the migrants were coming from Libya, because it was a failed state that could not police its borders. But you have to look at states like Morocco and Tunisia, which are even closer to Europe, yet have few migrants coming from there. The EU pays these North African states to stop the boats in the first place, they used to do the same with Libya, before it was destroyed. If states like Morocco can stop the flow, then Turkey has no excuse, especially after the EU just handed Turkey 3 billion euros. Erdogan clearly doesn't want to play ball.
  8. At the end of the day the Northern European states like Germany, Sweden etc are the ones to blame for this mess in the first place. These are the states that all the migrants dream of going to and their leaders opened the floodgates with their whole 'refugees welcome' nonsense. Greece (along with Italy) happen to be in the unfortunate position of the gateway to Europe. Having said all that, Greece has just let all these migrants stroll through freely. Greece is doing other European countries and itself a disservice by not taking a stand against this invasion. Before getting elected Syriza said one of their policies was to do more to help refugees. It wasn't such a relevant issue at the time, but now its clear these pacifists and xenophiles are not suited to deal with this crisis. The Eurocrats in Northern Europe are criticising Greece for being too soft on immigration (and rightly so). Greece should just use its relatively large military to actually enforce its border.
  9. What he's only just turned 30? I've been thinking he was in his 30s for a while. To be fair he looks pretty old and his pace has been declining over the past few years.
  10. An Islamic revolution is the most likely kind of revolution to occur in the future Europe.
  11. Of course Greece cannot just build a fence like Hungary thanks to its geography. But the Greek government is doing very little to slow the flow and is often actually helping the migrants who arrive, to go on to Germany or wherever. The flow of thousands onto small Greek islands every day would not happen if they didn't expect to get processed into mainland Europe.
  12. Obviously not Sheriff. Syriza's immigration policies are awful and I believe Greece should pull its own weight by trying to stop the flow, like nations such as Hungary have done. Syriza's mentality largely stems from their lack of national pride and they too are self loathing, in a similar way to people like Jeremy Corbyn and Peter Sutherland over here. Happy now?
  13. Lets not forget that the political elites in the UN and EU have always wanted to use immigration to "undermine national homogeneity". Now the current migrant crisis gives these self loathing toffs the perfect opportunity to destroy sovereignty and nationalism in Europe, by moving onto the next stage of their multicultural experiment. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-18519395 Its shocking how out of touch the political class are with common people and reality today, and their naivety towards immigration is changing parts of Europe for ever.
  14. Thank the lord for James Feldine! Great clutch 3 to beat Malaga 68-66. PAO had to win this match too. I can take a loss away to Fener, but if you cannot beat Malaga in OAKA, then you might as well not bother. Great match from the captain tonight. 17pts on 100% shooting and 7 assists, all at the age of 35. If Kobe Byrant can play till he's 37 after his injury problems, then Diamantidis should at least play for another season. But I'm still worried about whether Pappas will get fit and back to the same level he was last season. Fortunately Feldine has done well, but we still need Pappas to go far. Doesn't help that Boxoridis is still injured either.
  15. Ok, I don't live in the USA, so probably don't understand the situation as well as some of you guys. But the black community in USA seems to be more segregated from the whites than here in the UK. Crime is more of a problem, with more guns, drugs, gangs etc. Also part of me thinks some of them are just looking for an excuse to start complaining. When young blacks today who even come from rich families and go to privileged universities, go on protests to show that 'black lives matter' or for their 'safe space'. They are a distraction from the real issues in society and will achieve nothing. This whole idea, if I can even call it an idea, that black Africans helped create Ancient Greek civilisation is insulting to the Greek people. Total misinformation created by people who wanted to make up history for African-Americans to be proud of. There is no evidence to support this. Its even worse than how they claimed Tutenkamun and Cleopatra were black. The powerful ancient civilisations in the Mediterranean were not black, even the North Africans would look similar to modern Berbers, not sub-saharan Afrikans.
  16. Guys just let the people debate, there are some good points being made. Personally I do consider most rap as music. But some of it, such as songs like "Ma nigga", is not worthy of being called music. Like I said I like SOME rap, but not all and I don't approve of the culture associated with it.
  17. aek's been around forever. He was a veteran of the Persian wars.
  18. Hell, its safe to say I fell in love with Rey too...don't know how anyone couldn't to be fair.
  19. I don't claim to be an expert but if I had to guess the top 4 teams to go through: 1 - Fener 2 - Kraznodar 3 - Anadolu 4 - PAO I know the top 2 are strong, I'm not sure about Anadolu. I only put them 3rd because they were good last season. PAO should be aiming for 3rd imo, this is a relatively easy group. Malaga could also be decent. Other group looks far stronger with Real, Barca, Oly, Khimki and of course CSKA.
  20. Yeah your right, girls play a part. I can't say whether that style helps with the ladies or not, given that I've never tried it. Can't understand why girls would like that style either, but they usually grow out of it as they mature and settle with a more responsible man with a normal job. The ones that don't grow out of it are often left as a single mum after Mr. Gangsta pops off as soon as a baby comes along.
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