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  1. Well if you say he's the best in terms of class then it's down to opinion, if you think he's the best in terms of form then I'd disagree because he's in the weakest league of any other striker we have.
  2. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2559/rumour...-striker-daniel Hull City's Daniel Cousin has been linked with a move to Larissa. AEL are an aging team and although Cousin is 32 he's still really athletic and I think this could be a great move for AEL. Mods, can u please change the title of the topic to "Larissa's Transfer News" or something so it's clear which team this applies to?
  3. Gekas scored today in Hertha's 0-3 away win at Hannover. If I'm not mistaken it was his debut and Hertha's first win away from home. Let's hope it continues :tup: :gr:
  4. Scored in Celtic's 1-1 draw at home to bottom of the league Falkirk. I heard that he didn't have a very good game (nobody did) but that's 7 goals in 8 games now for Samaras
  5. Horrible news. Thanks to the kid for helping us getting there with that amazing performance in the Ukraine. Let's hope he gets another chance in his career to shine on the world stage
  6. Aris have signed for U.S. internationals, Eddie Johnson (from Fulham), Freddy Adu (from Benfica on loan for 18 months). Eddie Johnson is really fast, Adu is tricky and was considered a wonder kid for years. He's still only 20 and turned down Hull City to sign for Aris. Both have signed in a bid to impress the U.S. National Team Coach in the hope of making the World Cup. Let's hope they succeed.
  7. Euro2004


    AOK have completed the signings of Smolarek (Bolton), Sosin (Anorthosis) and Craig Moore (Brisbane Roar - is a former Newcastle Utd player and Aussie international). Kavala remind me of Bolton under Alladyce (not in the way the play but in their approach to building a team), they've signed numerous players that played for bigger clubs but haven't been doing well lately. They've given these players a chance to revitalise their careers. Smolarek was a central figure at Racing Santander only 2 years ago and was one of their better players. He was also Poland's star player in the qualifiers for Euro 2008. He's had a torrid time at Bolton though and they've just given him a chance. If he's hungry that's a huge signing. Sosin has a tremendous goal scoring record in Cyprus and proved for Anorthosis that he can perform against the best in the CL. Towards the end of last year his form start to dip dramatically and with Mantzios signing he was allowed to leave. Nonetheless, despite being 32 years old he's a good goal scorer and could be a key player for AOK. Dobrasinovic also came from Anorthosis. He's a solid midfield with sound technique and very good in the air. He's also a natural leader. He's also 32 and starting to slow down a little but he's experienced and has helped AOK. They signed Kalac who was Dida's understudy at Milan and the Liverpool number 2 Itanje as the goalkeepers. Wilson Oruma is a former Marseille midfielder who was at Guingamp last year (they made the French Cup final). Fredric Mendy was at St Etienne. Ducrocq (former PSG), former Dynamo Kiev player Diogo Rincon, Onwuachi (from APOEL) who has been superb for them this year! And they've also got alot of good Greek talent: Leontiou (on loan from PAO), Soultanidis, Lakis, etc. I really like them. They play good football at home and they have a real shot at making a play off spot this year.
  8. We heard the names: Adriano Keirrison Fred Nonda but who has Olympiakos agreed terms with? TRESOR MPUTU! :LOL: Don't you just love the Greek league!
  9. Oh ok, yeah then Greek teams simply can't compete because the wages are astronomical in the Prem.Doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to compete on the field though. Our clubs also have something they don't a 12th man in the stands ;)
  10. He actually played more in previous seasons. He was on the bench until recently this year. The real question is why can't he maintain form? As those stats i've posted above show, he's only scored in consecutive games twice. That is very unusual. If it was a confidence issue he'd be going through spells of scoring in consecutive games when on form, and when low on confidence not playing well. That doesn't seem to be the case though
  11. :blink: Not even Arsenal's transfer budget is that big!This year Fulham signed Bjorn Helge Riise for approx
  12. Interesting: "Samaras' fits and spurts Georgios Samaras is something of a difficult beast to understand. At the moment he is in an extremely rich vein of form, scoring four goals in his last three outings in the SPL. Whilst it is not unusual for strikers to hit goalscoring form briefly before returning to normal, what is strange about Samaras is that in the last two seasons, he has only twice scored in consecutive outings in the Scottish top flight, as the table below shows: Georgios Samaras in SPL Period Games Played Goals Goals per Game 1st Feb 2008 - 22nd Aug 2008 18 5 0.28 23rd Aug 2008 - 26th Sep 2008 4 7 1.75 27th Sep 2008 - 27th Nov 2009 35 10 0.29 28th Nov 2009 - Present 3 4 1.33 Overall 60 26 0.43 Celtic fans who are hoping that the Greece international has finally become used to life at Parkhead should be reminded that early last season Samaras fired in seven goals in four SPL appearances, but then failed to score in back-to-back league games until two weeks ago with his brace against Aberdeen. His opener against Motherwell last Saturday extended this run to three matches, and though a rate of 0.43 goals per game in the SPL is not bad by a long shot, Tony Mowbray should not put all his eggs in one basket by hoping that the tall hitman will remain as prolific all season." http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,117...5774990,00.html
  13. His problem is that he's too much of an individual. He's a renegade, both on and off the pitch. On the pitch he's greedy and doesn't understand the concept of "a team". He'll pick the ball up, go past 1, 2, 3 players, then what? He runs into trouble. He wants to do it all on his own and he's one dimensional.Off the pitch he ruins a team's spirit with his attitude and unprofessional behaviour (clubbing, etc). For 8 million he's a major risk. I do think Belluschi was a very good player for Olympiakos but alot of what he did wasn't obvious. He's a Deco type player, Olympiakos fans expected a Rivaldo type. But Belluschi's value is now evident because he's so much better than Maresca for them.
  14. True, but he's clearly improving as a player. I heard he also missed 2 sitters today, in a game that Celtic won 2-1. Things like this give ammo to the critics.Personally I can see some major improvements in his game and I hope he keeps it up. Last year he was even hotter before fizzling out. The key must be consistency. He should aim to finish top scorer and aim for at least 3 goals at World Cup. That should be his personal aim for the season
  15. Samaras scored again today in Celtic's 2-1 loss at Hearts. I think he has 5 goals in 6 games now :tup: :gr:
  16. It's in all the sports papers too. In fact it was the French media that first reported it.Ben Arfa isn't that good though. He's got a lot of talent but he's so greedy and a little one dimensional too.
  17. Great talent but is very greedy and has a very bad attitude. He could be a new Castillo in that respect, or he might just think he's too good and end up like Zahovic
  18. He had it all in Greece and I was shocked when he decided not to represent the Greece NT. It all seemed down hill from there. He was loved in Greece by the Olympiakos fans and the media. But by leaving the Greek league and chosing Mexico he severed all ties with Greek football.As a result I honestly can't see a way back for him in Greek football now. His poor state/condition rules him out of Olymp and PAO, I think I can also remember him falling out with Bajevic, so AEK is a no go. PAOK and Aris may be possible destinations if he wants to go, but I have a feeling we'll never se him in Greek football again until he hits 32, loses his pace and signs for Panthrakikos.
  19. Samaras scored the opening goal in Celtic's 2-0 win over Hapoel Tel Aviv. Celtic are out though, as Hamburg and Hapoel are through
  20. Scored his first goal in a while in yesterday's 3-1 Celtic win against St Mirren
  21. Big Sam talks about everything... the Ethniki, Man City, Celtic, Greek football, the interested clubs, his childhood, OFI, why he would only marry a Greek woman, etc. It's the most thorough interview i've ever seen involving a Greek player and it conveys a lot: A tremendous self-belief, some arrogance, loyalty, strength in character, and more. I recommend it to everyone. P.S. It's so obvious that the female journalist fancies the pants off him! :LOL: http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/World/WorldCup...ece/255888.html
  22. http://www.goal.com/en/news/1863/world-cup...to-face-ukraine Let's hope it's on all their minds! :gr:
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