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  1. I agree. We're the only country in Europe that doesn't utilise it's talented youth. To think that players like Dimoutsos were playing in the 2nd division last season! :tdown: In my opinion K.Papadopoulos is better than Avraam already, the only man that realised that was Ketsbaia (who would have made Olympiakos into a brilliant team in my opinion), everyone else associated with that club loves Avraam so it's time K.Papadopoulos left. Felix Magath is already reported to have said that he'll make the kid "top class" which is great.
  2. Greece's u-21 centre back, Kyriakos Papadopoulos has agreed terms with the Bundesliga runners-up Schalke. The 18 year old will join his fellow Greece u-21 international, Pliatsikas who is already there. Papadopoulos' manager will be the world class, Felix Magath, who is renowned for his defensive know-how and demanding fitness regimes will undoubtedly improve the kid. He hasn't signed yet, but according to all the websites he has agreed terms. http://www.sportdog.gr/v3/article.aspx?id=136300
  3. Don't you just love Frankfurt! They always give our talent chances. Amanatidis, Kyrgiakos, Lyberopoulos, Mantzios and now Gekas. It's great!
  4. Lovely finishes, particularly the third. Let's hope he continues that form into the world cup.
  5. I saw Siena's 1-1 draw at home to Parma last week. Tziolis was arguably man of the match. He played in quite an attacking role in midfield and looked lively. He hit the bar in the first half with a fantastic header and went close with a shot in the 2nd half. His passing was neat too. Dare I say he already looks like an improved player! Maybe he just had a good game but he seemed fitter and sharper
  6. Valverde wouldn't be a good option. He won a poor league last year with the best Olympiakos squad in years, and that was all he did. He failed in the CL and went out of the UEFA Cup to a pub team. He also ruined Mitroglou and refused to use young players. In fact apart from 2 UEFA cup runs with Espanyol he hasn't done anything! He also ruined Villareal this year. He's certainly not the answer. Finding a manager that would def do well is tough. I'd even bet against Mourinho or Fergusen making it at Olympiakos for more than a year because the mentality that surrounds the club is a joke. There are numerous candidates that could do a job though: Mark Hughes (unemployed), Rudi Garcia (Lille), Mazzari (Napoli), Manzano (Mallorca), Miguel Ángel Lotina (Depor), Juande Ramos (unemployed), Caparros (Atheltico Bilbao), Michael Laudrup (unemployed), Hector Cuper (Aris). The question is, how many would be given a fair chance?
  7. Yes! Lovely win and we must be through to the World Cup in Denmark 2011 now :tup:
  8. We'll be under pressure now. s%$#! defending and s%$#! keeping. He did a Tzorvas and parried the ball right in front of him <_< We need to increase our tempo when not on the ball and slow it down with possession football when we're on the ball
  9. I hope so but I think it's more than that because the other day he was on the bench for Olympiakos and came on to score twice. He started saying, in Greek obviously, "I'm a sub? Me, a sub?" in a sarcastic way. I think he's just arrogant
  10. He's not good enough for Olympiakos. This is his first ever game for Greece u21s btw. Mitroglou is starting to look very lazy. He's starting to remind me a little of Samaras or Mantzios in his attitude and it's stunting his development as a result. His arrogance is ruining him
  11. Agrotikos Asteras (they are 11th in the 2nd division) Siovas (Panionios - holding midfield) has been very good today. If he had pace he'd be class too
  12. Dimotsous was very good for OFI and as a unit they were pretty good going forward too. They just had an abysmal defence. The point is though he was what, 19 at the time? Only an idiot would write him off after that. He's technically superb. 0-2! Great run by Koutsia before he was tackled, the ball feel into the path of G.Papadopoulos and he finished neatly. It's not over yet though, they'll resort to the typically English get-bodies-into-the-box-and-launch-it-in-there which might not be pretty but is always testing. We need to stay focussed and ready for a battle.
  13. Guys who is our number 3? He's abysmal
  14. Yeah I know but let's face it he'll never be given a chance. I'm stunned that a superleague manager didn't come in for him as loan option. If I was manager I'd use him as a sub consistently. He's at least on a par with Petropoulos, Lazaro, Rukavina, etc.
  15. Guys Dimoutsos is a lovely footballer. What nice technique. He's a great build too. I really am confused as to why he's playing in the second division. He'd walk into a mid-table team and would offer alot to a team like Kavala too GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  16. How the hell is Dimoutsos not in the Superleague? He's a quality youngster
  17. Koutsi looks lively, hopefully he can find some space. He'll be vital if we're going to get anything from this game. Mitroglou needs to get a bit livelier because he's just strolling at the moment. To beat England you always have to be ready to work hard
  18. We're already missing Ninis, not much creativity in the team. We're getting on the ball and looking long most of the time.
  19. Thanks Cyber. I hope Papasta marks Rose who is tricky and K.Papa on Sturridge who is big and strong. Other than that we need to be ready for a battle in midfield. We need big games from our big players.
  20. Greece play a huge game away at England tomorrow (8pm kick off Greek time). We're 2 points ahead of them with a game in hand. A win would put us in a great position, a loss and we can forget the World Cup. I can't find any links to who has been called up to the squad though. Does anyone have a link?
  21. Yes and when Samaras got stick from his own fans when being subbed in the last game Rasmussen was the man that replaced him and he scored. Also an anti-Samaras man would argue that 10 points may be the difference after tonights game but that damage was done while Samaras was the main man. Alot of Celtic fans I've spoken to say that he's scored 8 in 9 but has missed alot of big chances and should have had 20 in 9. I can't have a view because I haven't seen all those games.But hey, call me spiteful, but I loved the fact that Samaras got dropped and the result was Celtic not scoring! :LOL:
  22. Samaras is an enigma at Celtic. Some fans like him others can't stand him, but his unpopularity appears to be growing. Last week there was cheers when he was taken off and groans when the ball wen near him. Yesterday Celtic were active in the transfer market bringing in the forward Robbie Keane and Diomansy Kamara on loan. Keane arrived at midnight so he's barely had time to settle but Keane, Kamara and Fortune start tonight and Samaras drops to the bench. He's had the odd burst of form while at Celtic (and was in one up until a couple of games ago before 2 poor showings) but with these signings they may have just lost their patience with him. :(
  23. Euro2004


    Greek Side Kavala Appoint Aad De Mos As New Head Coach De Mos has been named as the new man in charge at Kavala... By Stefan Coerts Jan 29, 2010 4:39:00 PM Kavala have made the decision to appoint Dutch coach Aad de Mos as the new man in charge at the Greek league's 10th-placed side. De Mos has signed a contract until the end of the season at his new club. "I have signed a six-month contract at Kavala. However, we both have the intention to continue our collaboration after this season," said De Mos to Voetbal International. "I will start the job on Friday and make my debut in the match against Iraklis Salonica on Saturday. We could make a move on the transfer market after Saturday, but we have yet to discuss that. "There are plenty of possibilities to do something on the transfer market. Kavala are a very ambitious club and especially the president. He wants to win the Greek league within four years, and is willing to go far to achieve his goal. Kavala returned to Greece's top tier last summer and have several big names in their current squad with players such as Zeljko Kalac, Craig Moore and Ebi Smolarek. http://www.rs.goal.com/en/news/117/greece/...-new-head-coach Psomiadis really is ambitious! Winning the league within 4 years is unlikely but they could become a play-off team no problem! They've given yet another big name the opportunity to resurrect his career, signing the immensely talented former Brazilian international Denilson. Personally I'm not getting to excited about it, he's just been playing in Vietnam. He has no hunger and I expect him to be another Amoroso type signing. He'll be gone in the sumemr
  24. Scored another great goal in Celtic's 1-4 win away at St Johnstone today. He scored to give Celtic a 1-2 lead so it was an important goal too. That's 8 in 9! :tup: :gr:
  25. Fair enough, i was just wondering whether you meant form or class. Hopefully he actually maintains his goalscoring form and takes it into the world cup, we'll see
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