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  1. Oh dear! Kone is DEFINITELY not good enough <_<
  2. Valverde didn't deny that Diogo is leaving, he simply said that Diogo is part of the squad and considers him as a result when picking the team. To be fair Diogo is 23, he's still young. Instead of Nemeth you should have signed 2 top class strikers and then have Mitroglou and Diogo on the bench. But with the way you're going i have to agree with Niko.. GLENTIAAAAAAAAA :P
  3. So the only striker you'll have is Mitroglou?
  4. And here are both Amanatidis' and Tzavellas' goals. I've put this link here rather than the Amanatidis page because it's Tzavellas' debut goal and what a goal it was! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYMxRKMSfpg...player_embedded :gr: :gr:
  5. I'm watching Inverness vs Celtic and Samaras has started. it's 63 mins into the game and he's having a poor game. He could have had an assist having put Maloney through on goal and could have scored having had a header cleared off the line but he's done very little else right. He's giving the ball away, committing unecessary fouls and is looking lazy again. It's so frustrating to see him like this against a team on a par with Kerkyra! This is what i mean when i say it's difficult for a manager to give him a run in the team. If he doesn't score today he'd have had one goal in 20 competitive games for Celtic! How long does a manager persist with a player that clearly doesn't care?
  6. no you didn't say that directly but are insinuating that its perfectly fine to boo him as he's ineffective and frustrating in your opinion. these morons booed him while he collected an award, its hardly gonna help his game when they vent thier frustration at him after he's been the best player on the park. my own opinion is their frustration stems from having a second rate team with a shaby defence thats finished 2nd to rangers 2 years in succession. 'to be fair to the fans.' how bout being fair to the player ? a player whose goal return you've questioned but fail to mention that he played half the season at left midfield. I think it is acceptable to boo a player under 2 circumstances. Firstly if he is an immoral individual, such Joey Barton. The other time it is acceptable is if he has a poor attitude. Samaras is and has been lazy for a long time. You're the one that posted the link to the Celtic fans boards and none question his ability, they all question his attitude though. This happens everywhere! Olympiakos fans have started to turn on Diogo, Arsenal fans turned on Adebayor, etc. In terms of ability I firmly believe that Samaras is easily the best forward in their league. So why does he go through such baren spells? He has NEVER played left midfield for them. He has been rotated between being up front, behind the front man and as a left-forward in a 4-3-3. That's where David Villa played for Spain at the World Cup, where Arshavin plays for Arsenal, where Ronaldo played many games for Man Utd, etc. They all get goals. Yes they may be better players but they also play against stronger opposition. Samaras' lack of goals and assists is down to his lack of a work rate, British fans hate that. That's also the reason Man Utd fans have turned on Berbatov. Berba has all the talent in the world, yet he's not as effective as someone like Bobby Zamora. That's inexcusable for the Bulgarian. Samaras scored 10 last year, 14 the season before, and in the half a season before that he got 3. For many of those games he was playing centrally, so it's a cheap excuse to say he's out of position. His Rangers counter-part Kris Boyd scored 21 last year and 25 the year before. BIG contrast. So there's a reason they don't keep him up as a central striker and rely on him for the goals. And before you rant on about Mowberry, bare in mind that Strachan and Pearce LOVED him. They rated him VERY highly, and even they went on to drop him. Why? Did you see the game against Arsenal at the Emirates last week? Ok, he missed a penalty, but everything else he did was amazing. They couldn't contain him. Everything he did turned to gold. He worked hard, won tackles up front, put in superb deliveries and went on exciting runs. How can that happen against Arsenal, and then he'll go on a run of 10 games playing teams like St Mirren, Motherwell and Falkirk and he can't put a foot right? It's his attitude! So while I obviously condemn the booing I am fully aware of how frustrating it can be for the fans when a player isn't pulling his weight and one good performance won't change that. Personally i think they are dumb because he's one of their best players, and he's worked hard this season so far, but if they've decided they don't want him it will take an awful lot to win them over again. You and another few posters rate him very highly. DUDE hated him completely. I think both camps are in the extreme. My stance remains the same. He's one of the most talented players in the SPL but his poor attitude hinders him. Let me also say though that i have great belief in him and because i'm hoping he continues this fine form i've placed a
  7. did i say that? now you're just being silly.
  8. :LOL: Now I really can't wait
  9. i'm not a huge fan of Kone but hopefully they bring the best out of him. The Italians clearly still remember this! :LOL:
  10. mate i love Samaras and think he's hugely talents but he is lazy and very inconsistent. this isn't an opinion, it's fact. if you look at hom many k/m her covers in a game on average as well as his goal-scoring patterns you'll see that this is true. he doesn't cover as much ground as the other forwards and he'll go through spells when he's hot, followed by very dry spells. that's inexcusable for a striker of his talent and playing in such a weak league. you can't just blame mowberry. samaras has had the exact same problems under 5 different coaches: pearce, erikssen, strachan, mowberry and rehaggel.
  11. I hope you get Valverde, that way when we win the league there will be no excuses. In the long term it will also be beneficial for you guys because your obsession with Valverde will end and then you might keep a manager for longer than 3 weeks
  12. To be fair i know why fans are so frustrated with him. In terms of talent he's probably the best forward in their league, but in terms of effectiveness? He only got 10 goals last season! He's frustrating.
  13. on sportdog some guy made a point that i hadn't actually noticed. when olympiakos hire the new guy it would have been 5 managers in 1 year! (ketsbaia, zico, bandovic, linen, and the new guy!) :LOL:
  14. Well for them to go for him in a loan move i'm sure he'll get some playing time, let's hope he develops
  15. Tzavellas played 90 mins in today's 2-1 Frankfurt win over Chelsea today. Amanatidis also played for the first 65 mins and Gekas played for last 25 mins. So the Greeks helped defeat Chelsea :D
  16. Samaras blazed a penalty over the bar as Celtic lost 3-2 at Arsenal in the a pre-season friendly. Despite missing the penalty Samaras was one of the best player on the pitch, causing endless problems with his movement and delivery. He was a 2nd half sub which continues to add weight to the argument that he is at his best when used as a sub! He was superb though, long may this form continue! Celtic weren't even in the game before Samaras came on but he inspired them they nearly fought back from 3-0 down! :gr:
  17. that would be a good move for him. of course he's also been consistently linked with Olympiakos.
  18. penalties don't really count. i mean it's important to be a good penalty taker, but it's not an indespensible talent because the taker is usually favourite to score. He needs to start scoring consistently in open play. Personally i'd like to see him move to La Liga with Hercules
  19. what's going on with this?? the transfer was expected to be announced 4 days ago! why the delay? not only is there a delay there have been no updates in the media
  20. Yes, he seemed to suggest in an interview that the move was imminent. Great news :gr:
  21. I'm with Drakos on this, i've never really rated him. He has the tools to succeed because his physical attributes are superb. His tall, athletic, quick and strong. He's technique needs improving but with the right training he could become a good player. He's almost English in his style so Italy could be the right move for him because he'll be forced to work on his limitations. He's known for being a bit of a fool though, clubbing every night, having a bad attitude in training, etc. So I wouldn't be surprised to see him end up like Choutos. The flip side of the coin is that he kinda reminds me of a young Frank Lampard: athletic, finds space well between the opposition midfield and defends and shoots at every single opportunity. If he works really, really hard he could end up becoming that sort of player. Let's keep our fingers crossed because like Akritis says, we need players like that. First thing's first though, he needs to dump his party-animal-model-girlfriend
  22. Yeah let's hope so. Although the Greek media seemed to have been suggesting he was on his way to Zenit. Let's hope Benitez snaps him up instead
  23. http://www.goal.com/en-gb/news/2932/spl/20...-samaras-report Samaras has been linked with a move to Athletico Madrid. The Celtic fans all seem pleased on their forums because he's so inconsistent. Hopefully in a stronger league he'd find a rhythm and maintain a high level consistently. Hopefully he'll also develop his passing and footballing brain there because he seems to have developed a tendency to try and run with the ball whenever he gets possession of it. They might manage to teach him a more "pass and move" approach
  24. I totally agree and i'd go even further as to say that Dimoutsos has the ability to become a full Greece international one day in my opinion. In many games for the u-21 he has been our best player, better than Ninis and he's completely over-looked. The kids agent needs to get his act together and earn the kid a trial or two abroad. K.Papadopoulos was clearly heading the same way because as i said he is quite evidently better than Avraam and still doesn't get a game. In fact, Ketsbaia used him as a holding midfielder against Tottenham in pre-season and he was Olympiakos' best player. In a team that quite clearly lacked a holding midfielder this season why not give the kid 15 mins in that position to see if he can adapt? Instead they opted to use Didier Domi, a left back, in centre mid away at Aris. These are clearly signs that K.Papadopoulos wasn't respected at the club and he's done the right thing. He's now at one of Germany's biggest clubs being managed by a world class manager who specialises in defending.
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