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  1. sportdog has claimed that Bayern Munich will no longer be pursuing their interest in Torosidis, at least not during this transfer window. Olympiakos want to keep him and he doesn't mind staying which is why he's staying for now. On attaining players the latest rumours are Zigic on loan with the option to buy (who Kovacevic has claimed he could convince to sign tomorrow if Olympiakos want him), and Man City's Elano on loan with the option to buy. Zigic I'm not sure about, he's big and strong but a little immobile. Elano is inconsistent but certainly a top player on his day so he'd be a good signing for you
  2. On Thursday Ketsbaia met with Kokkalis to discuss transfers and the manager said he wants a left winger and a striker asap. Kokkalis said he can have one player, all outlets indicate that will be a left winger (probably Mark Gonzalez of Betis). Last week Jaap Stam saw K.Papadopoulos in a friendly and he couldn't believe the kid was only 17, claiming that he can become one of Europe's great players. Maybe we'll see alot more of him under Ketsbaia
  3. Gekas also scored an injury-time winner in his last game, bringing his tally to 3 goals in 2 games since returning to Leverkusen if i'm not mistaken. Does anyone know what's going on with him, any clubs rumoured to be interested?
  4. Djordjevic is a big loss too. With him they didn't just lose a top class player, they also lost a leader. As for Patsa I heard that Ledesma may be returning, has anyone heard anything about that? Novasports also reported that Valverde wants to take Torosidis too.
  5. No one is doubting his pedigree or natural ability. The man was world class, no doubt about it. But in my opinion the injuries have taken their toll.Nikosvazelas the unknown team is rumoured to be a premierhip team. interesting
  6. When was the last time he performed at a level to suggest he's good enough for Man Utd, or indeed anyone that wants to make an impression in the CL? Remember when Robbie Fowler went to Liverpool in 2006 after being told he wasn't need at Blackburn? Owen will flop in exactly the same way.Newcastle faced some of their biggest games in their history last season as they tried to avoid relegation, and in the crucial games towards the end of the season Owen's old pal Shearer wasn't even sticking him in the starting XI. Owen is finished. The injuries have taken their toll and for the money he demands he would've been a flop at Olympiakos... There's a reason Man Utd are offering him a contract of
  7. If the rumours are true Sheva would be a great transfer. He could end up being the worthy replacement for Kovacevic. However I find it very difficult to believe. Dynamo Kiev have wanted him since last year and it's logical that at this stage in his career he'd want to move back to where he's a hero. If he chooses money over Kiev I'm sure he'll move to the MLS. He's been offered big money there and his wife is American so it isn't beyond the realms of possibility. I really doubt he'll move to Greece. Where's Crazy disappeared to? I'm missing the guy's input in this forum
  8. The Daily Mail, Novasports and Goal.com are reporting that Olympiakos are preparing an offer for Michael Owen. This would be catastrophic in my opinion. He's always injured and has a horrible attitude, not to mention that he's finished. He was on the bench last year at a team that got relegated and his general play was poor. He simply isn't good enough for a team hoping to make strides in Europe.
  9. I was on Sportdog.gr which has links to the front pages of the national sports newspapers and "H ORA TON SPOR" claims that AEK is close to agreeing a deal that will see AEK play at the Elliniko stadium next year. If I'm not mistaken that's only a 10k stadium and one that E8nikos plays at. Personally I think that could be a shrewd move because it will be filled with Gate 21 fans, making it small and intimidating (like Leoforo was). This could provide you with an important home ground advantage. Is there any truth in this report though?
  10. Okkas has fallen out with Lemonis (this problem has been bubbling since Olympiakos when Okkas was denied a move to the Premiership by Lemonis in January, only to leave him on the bench and release him in the summer). So Okkas is leaving the club according to the rumours, and Iraklis are in talks with him.
  11. Mellberg's an amazing signing. PAO are also rumoured to be interested in Kallstrom. I don't like him though. He's clearly talented and has a great left foot but he's way too slow to play on the left and that's where both Oly and PAO would want to play him
  12. Apparently the move for Leto has broken down. Olympiakos is now looking at Rotthen whose contract expires at PSG this year. A very good player but totally different to Leto. The Argentine is big, athletic and explosive. Rotthen is small and technical. Derbyshire is close to making his move permanent, while Dragutinovic is the likely replacement for Antzas (the guy is an old man, but who cares, he's cheap right? :rolleyes: )
  13. I agree. They've also signed Vitolo was a key loss though and although Nafti is good player he has alot of work to do to fill the void.
  14. Some really impressive signings for Omonoia so far. You still desperately need a left-back though
  15. I am not an Olympiakos fan, I support PAO.Bobo is not good enough for Olympiakos. He may be a good signing for a team like PAOK or Aris, but he's never scored more than 11 goals in any year. With all due respect, when you can barely enter double figures in the Turkish and Brazilian league then you're hardly a worthwhile replacement for Kovacevic. Don't get me wrong i'm not complaining that Olympiakos are making these sorts of transfers :tup: it will only enable us to close the gap more.
  16. Tziolis has been linked with a permanent move to Weder and Sampdoria
  17. According to reports around Europe Katsouranis is wanted by Hamburg, but PAO are keen to steal him from under their noses
  18. Gekas has been released by Pompey so he is now on holiday. He still belongs to Leverkusen though and will be searching for a new club over the summer.
  19. Olympiakos have signed Anorthosis manager Temuri Ketsbaia as manager on a 3 year deal. Upon signing him Kokkalis said: "Mr Ketsbaia is a young and ambitious person who will achieve the club's objectives. He has the qualifications and we will support him with all the resources possible. He is someone that knows Greek football very well and in our view we should all give him the support he needs in order for him to achieve success... We wanted a person who will work very hard for Olympiacos and I believe we'll have that with him" What do you all think? He did a magnificent job with Ano but this is a whole different kettle of fish. He's also a former AEK player so many won't accept him regardless of his achievements. I can't see this appointment lasting long. Particularly after Olympiakos have another shocking European campaign and PAO win the league next season! B) http://www.uefa.com/footballeurope/news/ki...sid=833252.html
  20. Greece were very unlucky from what I've heard, hitting the woodwork twice
  21. According to the Turkish newspaper Sabah Besiktas want around 10m euros for Bobo :LOL: Bear in mind we're talking about a bench player whose best ever goalscoring season was a tally of 11, he's not even worth 2m euros! Is this the latest "BAM"? :LOL:
  22. The latest name to be linked with Olympiakos is Lucas Neill from West Ham (according to the British press). He's class and available on a free transfer at the end of the season, but his
  23. Thanks. He's a brilliant player and for Aris he could prove to be one of the signings of the season. I still think Aris needs a right winger and a big target man though
  24. Apparently Olympiakos are very close to signing Besiktas' striker Bobo. Has Kokkali lost the plot? Bobo is a sub striker for Besiktas. He's scored 9 goals this season and his best ever goal scoring season was 2 years ago when he scored 11. In his career he has a grand total of 38 goals in 118 games in the Turkish and Brazilian leagues. I'm not complaining of course but this is hardly a target Olympiakos should be aiming for. Particularly when you consider that Kokkalis said one of the reasons valverde was ditched was because he wanted players like De La Pena and Ezquerro :whistle:
  25. Hi gents. Hope you're all well. I'd heard that Aris are very close to signing Smolarek from Racing Santander (on loan at Bolton). Then I'd heard it was off, and now i've heard it's back on, etc. Can someone shed any light on what's going on? Thanks
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