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    I agree 100%. We need players in their correct position also. So if we have Fetfatzidis and Lazaros for right wing and Donis and Gianniotas for left than we are looking good. Pelkas, Mantalos and Fortounis hold the CAM position. I hope Gianniotas plays well with AEK because he should be in our team. I also don't mind Torosidis being our back up to Bakakis. I still think he deserves to be on the team. He is our captain!
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    Bakakis over Torosidis any way. Pelkas is a player that should be in this team Fetfa should be in this team We need to play around with these guys a bit but some good potential there
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    Another win, another shut out. I believe today's opponent was much better than the previous two.
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    2:0 Good result. Not a perfect performance, but was enough to take 3 pts. Great efficiency so far. Actually not many chances we have missed week in and week out. In last 20 years, I don't remember this efficient attack (although, yes, I know season is long) ever since maybe Charisteas season with the help of Nagoli, Kizeridis (2001-02) I guess. And also in 2003 I am sure when Demba was prolific and Aris in the first half of the season almost caught Olympiakos on top, but the second part of the season wasn't as good. After that, nahhh Koke-Javito, even Bobadilla-Koke-Castillo ...nothing special when it comes to find perfect positions to score without missing much.
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    At 32 minutes into this video you can see the goal of the year from Mady Camara.
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    I sometimes find our stopper Velez prone to errors. Hope all is good with our defense too, which is not bad TBH
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    not even strongest point is defense. our strongest point is cb. our fullbacks aren't that great... staf and bakakis I guess but I don't think there's ever been a game where they started. Holebas is our best fullback and is not even in the picture.
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    we were unlucky against hungary. it's not like our defence was horrible overall, these moments always happen. we should have won at least 0-2, the home team didn't get past midfield in the second half and had 7 shots on target, 5 of which came the in this memorable second goal. i believe we'll beat them at home as we'll do with estonia and finland in athens. key game will be against finland away, if we win this i say we top the group with 5 wins.
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    We are not a team made for more offensive football even tho i would love to see it.. Lets think about this logically, when we were a defence first team we were averaging roughly a goal a game and not conceding, We try to be more offensive and we are STILL averiging a goal agame but now we are conceding more then before... I hate the boring defensive minded football but i feel that's the only way this team is going to get the wins.. By defending and then scorning a goal and sitting back.. I hate to say it but that is the reality of this team.. Think about it, we have 1 striker that is slow, we have a below average midfield and our strongest position is defence...

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