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    Very happy that this game was a tie!
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    Hold on here guys. This is where I draw the line. This comparison is unfair. Both Sokratis and Lukaku are world class. Lukaku plays in the Premier league and Champions League constantly up against the best CBs alive. He still scores. You cannot stop a world class striker from scoring 100% of the time. Having top class CBs doesn't mean you cannot get scored on. If that was the case Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Barcelona, Bayern, etc would never allow a goal. But they do, and often vs lesser strikers than Lukaku. A world class striker will get the better of world class defenders from time to time, just as world class defenders will get the better of top class strikers. On top of all that, Sokratis is an elite defender surrounded by not-so-elite players and was dealing with constant pressure by Belgium's attack all game long. What more do you want of him? Unjust and unfounded comparison here.
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    That cup is half coke half retsina and you know it
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    lol I saw that and said the same thing.....
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    coca cola & freddo . oh no!!!! bad mix
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    nonsense how many minutes has he played in the last 6 months? players need to deserve their spot, and unfortunately right now ..he does not
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    I hope all the talk about us going for a championship can stop now. It's a little annoying hearing/reading it when the team hasn't played a single decent match all season. Not 1
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    I don't know dude. they had fesja from before so if anything it was Samaris who was supposed to overtake him and he did for a few seasons till fesja grew his favour back again. Let's not forget that Samaris also was a champions league man of the week for a very competitive Benfica team a year and half ago as well. Not saying that Samaris is a MUST start but he's definitely one of our better options and better to have than Tziolis. Having Zeca and Tachtsidis over him is a reasonable argument though.
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    Olympiakos are up a man for a half trailing by a goal and they decide to pretty much sit back? Then they get scored on twice. It's a very tough group with Juve and Barcelona but it looks like they will finish last in the group and miss out on Europa league. This team has won the GSL 8 years straight and they collect 30million every time they qualify for CL but they can't even make it out of the group stage. That's got to change.