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    Looking forward to the playoffs, I think looking back to both Belgium matches, if they fight like those matches....then Greece can battle with any of the higher seeded teams. When was the last time Greece got any favours, I won't say it never happens....but usually we get the difficult path. Some of the negative people in the forums, and in the Kafenia complain about the players, squad, formation, tactics, coaching, results. But we should all keep in mind that other teams are facing their own problems. For example, Italy as others mention. What about the Swiss, they had a reality check versus a fortunate (own goal) Portugal. So let the top seeds pump their tires, let Greece be lowly, underserving Greece. Now we are beginning to be healthy, and it appears that in regards to cards (red/yellows) we are looking in good shape. We finished 2nd in our group, where we rightful belong. Belgium were strongest period. I was pleased to see Messi score 3 today and punch Argentina's ticket to the world cup. ARGENTINA, to all the pessimists who week in week out moaned, and complained, and failed to realize that the ETHNIKI is what it is. This is what we have, this is the team the coach works with. He makes the decisions, and his decisions coinciding with the play of the entire squad have led us to this point. As well the National team is finally a team again. It is nice to see that there are plenty of other Greeksters in the forum who through the good and bad results remained positive. These are the Greekster that I would like to have a few fix beers, and some meze enjoying a match. A special shout out to Rockefeller Skank for your great posts.
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    ^^^Absolutely disgusting. 30 on to 1 congratulations. This should never happen at a national team game. Perhaps there is a case of the guy asking for it sitting in gate 7 but this should not be happening. This sort of thing shows that perhaps national team games should move from Karaiskaki
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    If they play like they did vs Belgium they can beat any of these sides. Denmark is our best option, Italy are not the same but wouldn't want to go against them as they play similar defensive game as we do. Plus I'm sure FIFA would find away to get them in. Switzerland don't scare me and we havs done well vs Croatia.
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    Overall. A good performance from defence midfield and attacking mids. All of them were creative Mantalos Fortounis and Gianniotas. Stafylidis has started to feel the no playtime he has at Augsburg. His crosses used to be gold or at least most of them. In this match he had only 3-4 good and the lucky one with Gianniotas Goal. Lazaros disappointed. The Lazaros meme ended. I still believe he deserves a spot as on his day he can take on better opponents too as he is unpredictable as a player. However, today he just disapointed. Could do nothing and looked out of sync with the team. Hardly helped. I believe the Mantalos-Fortounis-Donis trio behind Mitroglou is our best for starters. Torosidis proved once again how good and how much of a key player he is. People may talk about Bakakis but he is not there yet, and might never be and do the career of Torosidis. Mitroglou disappointed me as well. Hoping this was due to injury and no playtime since June but he really disappointed. He scored 2 goals but missed another 2-3. Same with Cyprus. Scored but lost a ton lot of chances. Gianniotas mixed feelings. I wanna say "he did the work of Bakasetas and Lazaros and even Mantalos who re all preffered over him, in just 14 minutes. He scored." But honestly he just got in when they were all tired as fuq and weren't even following a tiny player like him with their eyes. His pros are that he smells the goal. He knew where to put himself on every occasion. He was the only one that believed in Stafylidis making that cross on the finish line and he freed himself from everyone to put his 4th goal. I believe he should be a 100% last 10-15 minute substitution on every match Greece plays. He is mobile and has workrate. He moves on the pitch. Anyways, so I can't say that he did better job than all the other wingers Skibbe has used on this campaign but he did score a very bizarre goal. Wasn't expecting to form an opinion from this match but I did. a) Karnezis must got really bored b)Torosidis is deserved captain. He knows how to talk post match. He even εξέθεσε the EPO saying that "In Australia we talked with EPO and the Coach and discussed what went wrong in the previous campaign and tried to solve most of our problems.Everyone had fault not just the coach the players too and the EPO as well." Needs balls to be able to say that. c) We re going to the playoffs boiz. d) Mitroglou finding form with Marsseille will upgrade the whole way this team looks. e)Gianniotas must be a sub after 75 especially if we re defending a score. Open opponent defences are the easiest to break. f)Stafylidis future captain in 7-8 years. We ve forgotten Holebas with him but without playtime he will deteriorate. Idk the situation with him. He was supposed to get a move to Roma/Inter/Hamburg but none happened and now he is benched. Maybe "punishment" for wanting a move?Expect a sell during winter but hoping he gets playtime before we play the playoffs. g)PLEASE DRAW DENMARK PLEASE DRAW DENMARK PLEASE DRAW DENMARK Also, I know you lot probably gonna call me inhuman but, what did that retard want in Olympiakos Stadium with the shirt of Panathinaikos?? Literally feel no pity for someone so stupid who went there. He knows the situation in Greece. I ve even been stopped from OFI fans here in Heraklion with a Barcelona shirt and they told me to never wear that again. He just went to his archrival's stadium with his team's shirt.
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    No problem. We arranged for the game to be played without fans, so nobody will be leaving Toumba disappointed.
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    i know you are too young to understand but one of my favourite things i learned in management school was that with time, things will adjust and balance themselves to the forces of nature. you can try very hard, but nature will come back out and reality will occur. (example.... play a player out of position) your reappearance under a new pseudonym does not surprise me at all it is Poetry... it is Art it's become a poem that rhymes and repeats itself. join public forum. plant seeds of distrust accuse posters as unpatriotic, if they do not share your views throw flowers to other posters to try and create a divide come out attacking with the megaphones of winning, megaposts of nonsense attacking all SME's with the sole intention to divide cross a line get kicked out, banned go back to your mommy's basement with a tapsi of pastitsio and try to figure out what went wrong then repeat the rhyme how many times have you been sanctioned, banned or kicked out? must be reaching double digits about now will it be different this time or will it still rhyme? the forces of nature tell me that it's only a matter of time and this poem will continue to rhyme repeat.... repeat.... repeat but one day you will understand that another force of nature is at play and all this time, it was the real force behind the scenes like every poem, as well as your underlying tactics.... there is a beginning, a middle and an end. karma, and she's a bitch. welcome back. hope you learned your mathima.
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    italy-nothern ireland; fifa already lost chile, netherlands and the usa. losing italy would be too much so they'll give them the worse team out there which is nothern ireland. just a prediction about the rest. switzerland-greece ireland-denmark croatia-sweden.
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    The Intercontinental Playoffs are set Australia vs. Honduras New Zealand vs. Peru Shocking news today is USA did not qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986.
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    In my opinion, only Italy is the team to avoid for several reasons. A) Not because they are better overall team, but the refs could have an influence to this tie B) FIFA is run by an Italian and he will do anything possible to stop Greece from qualifying. Croatia, Denmark, and Switzerland are better options even though Croatia can be pretty dangerous.
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    Greece to play either Italy, Switzerland, Croatia or Denmark in play offs...the draw takes place on Oct 17... Seeded: Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Denmark. Unseeded: Northern Ireland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Greece
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    he might have not known as it's pretty redicolous that you can't wear a pao shirt at an NT game. This is when we put club ties aside and maybe it was his only jersey. Remember the greek leagues emblem is also the same as the national teams.
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    I agree with RS....we don't want to draw Italy! Denmark will be the best possible match up for us. Croatia and Switzerland are very tough. That being said, we have come a long way, and I believe in this team....WE WILL MAKE IT!
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    greece vs. italy playoff games would be wild but I'd rather any of the other teams. remember this is playoffs. so we HAVE to win at least one of the games. they have a solid defense and our offense is not sharp. they're very similar to us but just a higher level.
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    They beat San Marino u-21 0-5, Games played 4, Wins 4. Vergos, Androutsos, Kolouris, Katranis and Karachalios. Couldnt find highlights yet. First in the group.
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    I honestly love our team as underdogs.. We will advance to the World Cup we will sneak in somehow.. who ever we play we are in.. if we play like we did against Belgium who are stronger then the seeded teams we will be in the show next summer..
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    they look good..take into account that this generation misses retsos and donis who have been called up to the men's nt..pretty talented squad with many players from gsl big-4 there. we just beat moldova away (0-2) and in 3 days we're hosting san marino which should be a big margin victory. we should fight with croatia for the first place.
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    ^^My point is if we go back to 2002 when our legendary team was being formed....I could select at least 5 players from AEK, OLY, PAOK and PAO, that were at a different level when compared to this crop, and lets not forget the players from abroad. At the end of the day we don't have the same quality of players, nor the experience playing in big matches, league and Europe.....Our league has become very weak, and if you go back even Aris had some pretty descent European runs, and good quality players....The SL is where it all begins, and when you look at PAOs, AEKs, and PAOKs European teams of that era, you simply cannot compare to today's teams....All we have is Olympiakos....The current PAOK and Asteras teams in Europe are a joke when we compare the teams of the past....PAOs European representation from the past was far superior to the current Asteras Tripoli and PAOK....This proves how far we have sunk....PAO can't even make Europa, and AEK doesn't even represent.