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  1. In case you missed this latest interview article by agonasport.com on papastathopoulos it is worth a read. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/sokratis-it-is-a-blessing-to-be-born-greek It talks about how the players feel, how they have become a team again, and the Greek spirit. I look forward to the draw, and of course the playoffs. "come and get them"
  2. I think the Swiss would be toughest. Italy would be interesting. But when you get to this point, it just comes down to who wants it more and of course a little help from lady luck doesn't hurt. I think that the morale of the Ethniki is in a good place. I believe that anything is possible. It appears the squad is healthy. Defensively we match up extremely well. Our Midfield picture has become clearer. A healthy Mitroglou even not 100%fit, is a blessing. So far so good. As for the Swiss, they are going to have regain composure after their loss to Portugal. The Swiss are a quality side,
  3. Looking forward to the playoffs, I think looking back to both Belgium matches, if they fight like those matches....then Greece can battle with any of the higher seeded teams. When was the last time Greece got any favours, I won't say it never happens....but usually we get the difficult path. Some of the negative people in the forums, and in the Kafenia complain about the players, squad, formation, tactics, coaching, results. But we should all keep in mind that other teams are facing their own problems. For example, Italy as others mention. What about the Swiss, they had a reality che
  4. Greek Nat. Soccer Team, Blogs FOR GREECE, IT’S ALREADY MISSION ACCOMPLISHED by George Tsitsonis After a whirlwind weekend, Greece is on the cusp of clinching 2nd place in Group H, needing only a victory on Tuesday against Gibraltar at home to ensure they are in the October 17th draw for the World Cup Playoffs along with seven other European nations. WATCH Greece's World qualifier against Gibraltar LIVE from AGONAsport on Tuesday, October 10th. Details here!
  5. tantra what were the positive times for the Greek National team since the last world cup? Please enlighten us. Begin with the Ranieri Euro qualification. Touch on the Greek National Federation Scandals, including the spying on the NT training facilities. As well expand on the infighting amongst the players. So please tell us of all the good times.
  6. Always aways an interesting show.... love him or hate him, Georgiou often makes some great points. Molon Lave, South American qualifying in my opinion is much harder. Messi gets no respect, tally up the goals Ronaldo scores against the minnows vs the goals that Messi has had to get against south american sides. The point is that If Argentina is on the brink. The Whiners a.k.a. fair-weather Greek fans must understand that so many factors to make it to the world cup. Look how Portugal struggled to beat Andorra.
  7. This is article captures what I have been saying in my posts regarding the Greek National Team. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/2017109 All the negative, complaining, whining so-called fans should read the article above. If you rewind to the end of the last world cup...To where the National team is right at this moment, someone with a functioning brain would understand that things are as they should be. Be grateful, the future of Greek football shows promise. The delusional so-called fans that whine about the team, the coach etc...must understand that the team
  8. This is article captures what I have been saying in my posts regarding the Greek National Team. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/2017109 All the negative, complaining, whining so-called fans should read the article above. If you rewind to the end of the last world cup...To where the National team is right at this moment, someone with a functioning brain would understand that things are as they should be. Be grateful, the future of Greek football shows promise. The delusional so-called fans that whine about the team, the coach etc...must understand that the team
  9. Torontoblue, you are just the kind of Psefto-Greekster I would NOT want to be watching a game with. Yes "the guy" who knows very little about soccer, and does not understand the complexity of qualification for the world cup. Look back to the dark era of Ranieri, and the divide amongst the national team. See a transformation of a team that has begun a process of being a family again, which is was first importance to Papastathopoulos. Whine all you want, but we are in second...and we control our destiny. Don't point fingers, don't ask questions, just accept that the bo
  10. Greece vs Gibraltar, To all my Greeksters enjoy this game on Tuesday. To all those unwavering fans that understand Greek soccer, I stand by you. To all of those negative Greek fans that have been hitting the argile, or drinking "bomba" drinks at a very sketchy skiladiko and aren't making sense.......relax. Everyone must understand we are not the coaches, or the players. We are simply the fans. In the end, do your stavrouli, Make a Fredo cappuccino, wear your brightest fanella, and eat a delicious spanakopita as a tasty snack. Remember SO MANY OTHER TEAMS WOULD KI
  11. Bravo J1078, For you I break out the Metaxa 5 star, and your positivity deserves a Loux portokalada
  12. Rockafellar Skank, you tell it like it is. unless Zues is hiding some amazing prospects under his beard.....the reality is that this is what we got. I go back to my fifa PS4 example. All the complaining, questioning, insulting, negative chatter about coach Skibbe and his selections comes to this model example. A 1000 greek fans, have varying tweaks or insights on the Greek squad. formation, personnel, strategy etc. But if you give the power to each of these negative nancy's and they add there fetfatzidis, nines, and other players not chosen etc.....You then have them look at th
  13. tantra129, tell us something that most of us already don't know. It is what it is, what are you going to do about it? Accept it. Greece's soccer federation is a disaster and a pissing match between the handful of big clubs. Soccer is a gong show in Greece. Corruption is a rife as Greek politics. What are you really expecting? Transparency, fairness, honesty, and good faith. Hell, they even were wire tapping and video taping the Greek players a their facility. If we all really, really, really want to be extremely honest about Greek soccer. Please give me odds what it would be f
  14. Ela re Torontoblue, I hear what you are saying.....But we don't have the talent that the big boys of Europe have the luxury of. Are you trying to imply that since Euro 2004 Greece have had comparable stud players littered through our lineup and we have just s%$#! the bed at a casual pace...then I don't follow you. today is a new day, the Greek National team controls what they can. We have Gibraltar tomorrow. What would you be saying if we had Belgium away instead as our last game tomorrow. Don't trim your pinkie nail, polish up up your oversize Stavrouli, drink
  15. I Like what J1078 said in his last post. Relax for a moment fickle fans. Woulda, shouda, couda don't matter now, too many times I see negative posts on the "Ethniki". HERE WE ARE. We have a match at home vs Gibraltar, and it would just be a treat to see some goals. Had we been asked before a single game was played if we would be ok with Greece having the 2nd spot behind Belgium....I think that most of us would be alright with this. Belgium is Belgium. Yes we did nearly beat them away, and we unfortunately lost a good battle at home. All Greece can do is play the game tuesday. Fo
  16. Greece need only give us two solid performances. We cannot control the other groups or other games. As well it will be interesting to see who will step up. This has been a up and down ride, but now is the time for the leaders of this team to lead. Whatever knowledge, planning, and strategy Skibbe has offered must be carried out. I would like to see who is going to step up, and lead Greece onto battle.
  17. In the end we must keep in mind that as fans we don't know all the reasons the Greek Federation and or coach choose the lineup. We all know that Olympiakos (Not Olympiacos, as the spelling somehow got changed 10 years or so ago), Panathinaikos, AEK, and PAOK all like to see their stars parade on the national team. Even more bizarre for me was the hidden cameras, and microphones at the Greek football Federation training center. That is weird, kooky, creepy stuff. http://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2017/04/10/spying-devices-found-in-greek-football-federation-epo-and-training-center/
  18. Gentlemen, It's time. Bring Lazaros back from the dead, as he deserves to be in the squad. I have reserved comment on him up until this point. Primarily as in my opinion, he made a very selfish decision in the Brazil world cup. Prior to the PK's....Greece had an odd man rush and rather than make a simple pass.....he was selfish and s%$#! the bed. That type of play for me is unacceptable. I realize that we all make mistakes, and much time has past. I feel that as he has worked extremely hard resurrecting himself, that he deserves another chance. Say what you wil
  19. "The Grbavica Stadium has a capacity of 13,785 and its field dimensions are 105x66m. This makes the stadium smaller in both capacity and pitch size than the Bilino Polje Stadium. Surely, the small dimensions of the pitch and intimate atmosphere of a smaller stadium played a massive role in selecting this stadium for the match against a quality side like Belgium." http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/stadium-switch-in-crucial-bosnia-belgium-qualifier
  20. Among the players on the "wish list" to bring back into the Greek squad, Fetfatzidis is among the highest talked about player. However that said I will recognize that he is gifted, but if he is AS good as people are saying.......why is he not playing on a big club somewhere. Or even in Europe. He plays in Saudi Arabia? I saw a super skills video of him scoring and passing...it looked great but It's a Saudi league. As well it seemed there were 14 people in the stands in each highlight. Again, I think he is good. But all the armchair managers are trying to select their squad. her
  21. Post game comments from agonasport.com (p.s I watched the Greece game online in HD off their site for $7.95. well worth it. better deal via monthly.) “WE DESERVED BETTER” - SKIBBE Greece coach Michael Skibbe believes Greece did not deserve to lose 2-1 to Belgium in Sunday’s crucial World Cup qualifier and is optimistic that his players can still make it to the 2018 finals in Russia. WATCH Greek Sports and much more from any device with LIVE GREEK TV from AGONAsport! Details and purchase here... Greece lost out narrowly to group favorites Belgium in a tightly-contested Gr
  22. Forgive me, but I have not followed Kone's recent play. I know he resigned with Aek. I am not at all implying he is call up worthy based on I have no clue his fitness and recent form. What I will say I did like the spark, and style of play he displayed in the past. But we all know the past is the past. Has his form been good? Or is he winding down?
  23. would some of you "squad selection" experts be so quick to criticize the performance of individuals today had the go ahead goal (which was a truly unfortunate lapse in concentration) be questioning all the selections. As a team, I am proud of how everyone played in this big game. like Rockafella said 2 games vs Belgium the combined scoreline was 3-2 Belgium. In my opinion, in Belgium the team deserved a win for that performance based on the make up of the squad. This game could have ended 1-1. With a little luck finally our way, would it not have been amazing for a 2-1 win. We had a
  24. Despite not having a star-studded line-up, the Greek team won the championship, conceding no goals in the knockout stage. Rehhagel adopted a defensive approach in playing his Greek side, using energetic midfielders to wear down the opponents and the policy of defending in numbers to numb the opposition's attacks. When charged with boring play, he said, "No one should forget that a coach adapts the tactics to the characteristics of the available players." His time at Werder Bremen, in contrast, saw play described as flashy and spectacular attacking football.[cit
  25. Perhaps this player over that player....a lot of forum members talk about this... But we lack depth. Here's the best example. Play FIFA against a team like Belgium. Put in on computer vs computer. Hardest level, etc. Take out all the injured players. Use all the glorious depth Greece has on it's roster, and see what the result will be. Who are these head and shoulder superstars that Greece has that many pine over, that were not included in line ups. Oh, I see the FIFA example I mentioned.....take out the 72 rated player and use the 74 rated player. Then that 69 rated player take him
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