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    Very very disappointed with AEK, we missed a great chance to sign a good player that can make the difference. If that is true we were 10K short off we are stupid. Apparently his wages will be 500K which is reasonable, I dont understand why we don't spend any money. We will never catch up to Oly if we continue like this. Pao actually spend money, essien is get 1m per year, Pao went out and bought boumale and spend over 1m in transfer period before the season started and they aint richer than us. Seems like our board are just saving the money for themselves. We are actually doing very well for a team that spends nothing and dosn't offer expensive contracts. Apparently simoes and johanson both get like 200K, that is a joke, the deserve at least 400K contracts. And in the previous transfer period we were 100K short for lafferty, so we are a cheap club and we wont sign anyone. Poyet might also want to leave if he realises his club doesn't have a transfer budget and I dont blame him if he wants to leave.
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    Only a pro like you can take it dry.... You know the Greek saying "Me salia kai ipomoni...." ???
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    China, the Middle East and Australia is a grave yard for decent quality players like Mitroglou. He is right to pass on any move. When he's in his early 30s he should consider it. If a player like Bruno Fornaroli can be considered the best player to play in the A-League after being a total failure in Greece, then Mitro would score about 30 goals in Australia.
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    Panathinaikos was founded on February 3, 1908... in 10 days it marks 108 years of existance...
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    Greece's GDP in 2000 was $130 billion. In 2004 it was $240 billion. In 2008 it reached $354 billion. In 2012 it went down to $245 billion. As soon as we entered the Eurozone with it's golden ticket, the euro, our GDP grew 272% in 8 years. In the same time, Belgium's GDP grew 218%. Ireland's grew 276%. Lithuania's grew 427%. Spain's grew 268%. How is this possible? Add in the factors of a stronger unified currency, the actual performance of the economy, and inlfux of cheap debt maybe? Taxes are a problem, no one pays taxes! In 2000: 22% of government revenues where from income tax, profits and capital gains compared to 17% for Germany. 28% of revenue was from taxes on goods and services compared to Germany's 20%. Taxes on international trade are non-existant for Greece or Germany. 4.34% of revenue was from other revenues, Germany's was 0%. Greece has 29% of revenue as social contributions compared to Germany's 58%. Tax revenue as a percentage of GDP, Greece's was 22% while Germany's was 11%. Total revenue as a percentage of GDP was 40% for Greece and 30% for Germany. In 2000: Germany's expenses on employee's was 5% of total expenses compared to Greece's 21%. 7% of expenses for Germany where on interest payments compared to 16% for Greece. 80% was for subsidies and other transfers compared to Greece's 38%. Germany spent 3.7% on goods and services compared to Greece's 13%. It is clear we had and still have a bloated public sector and lots of interest payments but, why does no one want to explain why Greece's gross external debt went from 181 billion euro in 2003 to 317 billion euro currently, when we where given 240 billion euro's in loans? From the first tranche of bailout money "we" received, most of it went to foreign banks. The troika didn't even ask for systemic changes in the way the government does business. They didn't force government efficiency. They didn't offer adequate debt relief. They asked for cuts in military spending (one of the highest by % of GDP, in EU) and the government cut soldier's wages instead of procurement of armaments. Along with the billions spent on dud submarines from the Germans the rest of the equipment is mostly useless since maintenance costs where also cut. We have twice as many tanks as the U.K. They asked for cuts in government expenses on social services, firesale of government assets and a haircut on deposits. I don't understand how any of you can see from these facts that Greeks don't pay their fair share of taxes. Shipping companies which are a large portion of our GDP provide near 0% taxes through various exemptions. The movement of wealthy people's funds in offshore accounts is what exactly? The corporate tax rate dropped from 40% in 2000 to 20% in 2010. The lowest VAT is 6.5% on newspapers and magazines. There's 20 billion euro in offshore funds held by Greeks. Around 15,000 individuals and companies owe the taxman 37 billion euros, according to Venizelos. What happened to the Lagarde List? Oh that's right, Voula the hairdresser had the journalist, who published the names, arrested for breach of privacy. It's all Voula the hairdressers fault and her 15,000 friends. No other country on earth has people who cheat the tax system. I said it before, Syriza had meetings with wealthy and powerful people, agreed to take the brunt of hate and not change laws that affect the wealthy in exchange for being kept in power. The same thing will happen to N.D, PASOK, KKE, Bernie Sanders or anyone else wanting to lead the country. No way, no how, the country will be lead by idealists with proper reform. The poor will always take the brunt. The British and Danes did the same when a list of tax evaders was given to their authorities. In November 2012 the UK tax authority declined to prosecute those named on the list. This s%$#! happens all over the world, how can any of you believe what is presented in the media when the facts speak for themselves?
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    ^ stop reading "redsagainstthemachine" nonsense thank you very much.
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    Guys, don't forget the sale on the e-shop! The jerseys can be picked up for 35 euro and there's also some nice team wear on the site. http://store.paokfc.gr/greek/
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    Same Sport second or third! Was it any different with him on the helm?
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    They may or may not back up Alafouzos, not even close to the 80% you are mentioning, but of whatever the percentage only a MINUSCULE want any part to do with the family JUST LIKE Pana97 states. You are impressive man That's a fact and case closed!!
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    Hope Arsenal don't win it in all honesty lol but if they do they'll win it by default since other teams are in turmoil. Interesting few weeks coming up!!
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    Muscular discomfort probably won't keep him out long. I think he is adjusting his game. Much like Rooney, who would literally run into sliding tackles had to learn to adjust his game. Kpaps has to take the long-term approach, which will be difficult for him because part of what makes him a great player is his aggression. He has to channel it to safer technique. Dude plays like an American Football player, there's a reason why they retire so early + a lot of them have F***ed up ligaments / head trauma etc.
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    Mitroglou will have to be huge for us to do some damage for World Cup. I'm confident this campaign, he's got the goods. His refusal to China is a sign of ambition. The good thing about Mitro as a striker is that his skills are less eroded by age. Pace is most affected with age, which Mitro never really excelled at. Strength / Technique however grows up to 35. Which Mitro has in spades. Sexy heel goal.
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    At the end of the day the Northern European states like Germany, Sweden etc are the ones to blame for this mess in the first place. These are the states that all the migrants dream of going to and their leaders opened the floodgates with their whole 'refugees welcome' nonsense. Greece (along with Italy) happen to be in the unfortunate position of the gateway to Europe. Having said all that, Greece has just let all these migrants stroll through freely. Greece is doing other European countries and itself a disservice by not taking a stand against this invasion. Before getting elected Syriza said one of their policies was to do more to help refugees. It wasn't such a relevant issue at the time, but now its clear these pacifists and xenophiles are not suited to deal with this crisis. The Eurocrats in Northern Europe are criticising Greece for being too soft on immigration (and rightly so). Greece should just use its relatively large military to actually enforce its border.
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    I'd say Oly has been leading in picking up players from Panionios with the transfers of Maniatis, Samaris, Siovas and Kolovos. I don't know how good Bakasetas and Hatziisaias are but if they are just half as good as the mentioned ones I hope we can cop them.
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    I think PAOK has had a pretty decent crop the past few years...but I hear you. The price you pay in Greece for not being a top 3 team, is everyone sticks their hand in your cookie jar...
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    We are a couple of signings away from having a great team and I dont understand why our board are not willing spend any money so our team can compete to qualify for the cl in the play offs and to win the cup this season.. I actually do think milovanovic should be given a lot of praise, for the amount of money he is allowed to spend and the small contracts he can offer to players, he has signed players like johanson and simoes who have been out best players of the season. I know he signed chrisantus but apart from him his signings have been good. Maybe we don't what's going in our board, maybe in a couple of years time, our board will spend money after we enter europe and get money, oly spend a lot of money, but marinakis is not the one who spends the money its the clubs money from playing cl and winning titles. Maybe our board want to have a couple of seasons were we make profit first and then we start spending some money. If we were to spend more than what we make and we dont do good we would have already started to make a loss which isn't what we want. Lets not forget we pay a lot of money to use oaka and to use spata so maybe we are going to be careful with money for the next seasons. We might just have to patient for the next for seasons.
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    ^nice goal indeed , seems in the same match he could have scored another but i read here that jonas stole the goal. but they later made peace. https://translate.google.nl/translate?hl=nl&sl=pt&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.abola.pt%2Fclubes%2Fver.aspx%3Ft%3D3%26id%3D594299 he also refused a great offer from china to play there , saying its to early to play in such a league. https://translate.google.nl/translate?hl=nl&sl=pt&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dn.pt%2Fdesporto%2Fbenfica%2Finterior%2Fgrego-mitroglou-recusou-milhoes-para-rumar-a-china-4998762.html
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    I thought you like them on their knees. I stand corrected.
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    Not sure if they'll pay 100% of his wages Pash. I would be happy with Chatzisaias, we need CB's, he's at good age, has GSL experience. Our options are that thin back there, if he doesn't perform to a first XI standard than he'd still be handy as a backup. A good, necessary move I hope it goes through.
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    Happy Birthday to Tavlaridis who is only 36! ????????????
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    Its a small club mentality, he was prob used to ut at Sunderland trying to hold onto leads against better teams, this is AEK, we should be going for the next killer goal inatead of trying to hold on to one. Especially at home. PAOK were nothing special, I would have lost my s%$#! had we conceded at the end. Anyway, proxorame...
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    You have to get them on the field first to beat them georgelaz lol

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