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Kotsolis Re-signs


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Apparently Kotsolis was informed by management that NO OTHER move will take place in signing another goalkeeper, which makes Kotsolis No.2 keeper of PAO...

I think the guy is good, but don't forget that PAO traditionally always had the best keepers with Wantzik and Oikonomopoulo :nw: giving the best advise!!!! :tup:

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i dont really beleive that.....i think this summer we will sign another keeper. he was supposed to be # 2 when the Kota left..... then out of nowhere galinovic.

i would like to see us go after Abaris......

it wasnt out of knowhere, zaec was searching for a keeper straight after he new nikopolidis was leaving. Lots of names were brought up, during that period, and talks about trips to see czech keepers etc.

the signing of galinovic was unexpected, but the signing of a keeper wasnt.

and i dont rate abaris, there are better greek keepers ahead of him.

though drobny would have been good, but hes off to fulham.

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