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After a terribly disappointing 2003-04 season, Galatasaray entered the 2004-05 season with some blurity and adversley enough, with high hopes. After the resignation of Fatih Terim in the early 2004, Gheorghe Hagi took the role of the caretaking coach but after some promising performances in the last season's few games, he was given a full-time contract. As soon as the coach problem was solved, it was time for transfers... It was a come and go stuff in the summer with players such as Erdogan Omer, Erdogan Murat, Joao Batista, Cesar Luiz Prates and Florin Bratu all going to respective teams in Europe and Turkey. After the foreign-players were sold, the team decided on signing experienced but skilled foreigners to stengthen the team's crumbling defence. Rigobert Bahanag Song from Lens, Stjepan Tomas from Vicenza and Flavio Conceicao from Real Madrid were signed to bolster up the squad in the defensive matters. Despite the fact that Hagi did not want to have Alioum Saidou on his roster, the Board signed him for free from Istanbulspor. The season started pretty well for Galatasaray as a 3-1 win over Konyaspor. After a 1-0 loss at G. Antepspor which was unfair looking at the game progression, Galatasaray hosted Caykur Rizespor and it was a 2-1 win despite a shaky display at times. It was looking pretty well for the team after a good run saw them up to second behind Fenerbahce in the remaining games. The team's most emphatic victories were the 5-1 trashing of Kayserispor, the 1-0 away win over Trabzonspor and the 1-0 dominant win over Fenerbahce... "The look-ahead is promising." as Rigobert Song says, "But we have to be much more concentrated, especially in away games."... Here are the marks for Galatasaray players at the halfway line...

1 MONDRAGON: 8 - grand at times and sometimes faultless, superb vs Trabzon... :tup:

12 AYKUT: ? - played only one official game and looked calm between the sticks...

19 CIHAN: 8 - became a right-back somehow and is impressive so far...

57 UNSAL HAKAN: 6.5 - started the campaign well but after Trabzon game he was lost!

5 AK ORHAN: 7.5 - replaced Unsal as games went by and was alright...

4 SONG: 8.5 - best defensive pair with Tomas Turkey saw since Pope-Bulent! :nw:

2 TOMAS: 9 - best defensive pair with Rigo Turkey saw since Pope-Bulent! :nw:

3 BULENT: ? - looked OK when given his time but as we all know, he's ageing!

7 SAIDOU: 6.5 - impressed whilst playing but never got what he deserved...

8 FLAVIO: 7 - lifted off to a torrid campaign but after 12-13 games he rectified! :)

18 AKMAN: 7 - done duties to good effect but he's slow sometimes...

20 VOLKAN: 6 - needs rapiditiy, he's as slow as a tortoise!!!

67 PENBE: 6 - did something with his experience but dropped from first-11...

55 SABRI: 7.5 - can be the new Nihat with some more training...

14 BALJIC: 6.5 - inconsistency was his biggest enemy and he's going now :(

11 SAS: 6.5 - off to a great start but as weeks progressed he led it drop from him!

15 CAFERCAN: ? - new Belozoglu for some but needs to break into the team more...

9 SUKUR: 7.5 - the typical Sukur, makes hard work, misses chances still scores!

25 NECATI: 9.5 - the fan's new favourite... great goals vs Fener, Kayseri...

10 KARAN UMIT: 7.5 - scored a perfect two goals compared to his total playing time of 84 mins...

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Monsieur CANAYDIN drives me crazy! He went to Monte Carlo to meet his counterpart and co-operate Haim Fresco and the result is as expected! He returned to Istanbul and in a press conference stated that he could not get the €60M loan from his co-operate's bank. This is horrendoulsy bad news for Galatasaray as the club's debt is about €3.2M to its players since the beginning of this year! Galatasaray wants to sell some players such as Baljic, Saidou, Usta Suat to gain some money and make transfers but it's absolutely s-h-i-t in place of money at the moment! As already reported in the media, Galatasaray is trying to sign the Romanian starlet Mihaita Plesan from Universitatea of Romania but his price tag of €1.4M is a problem for our club having no money to even puff at!!!

We the fans have a BIG HEART

Most of the players have a BIG HEART

But we need bigger BRAINS and WALLETS than CANAYDIN!!!

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The Wages of Galatasaray Players

1 Mondragon: €900k

2 Tomas: €450k

3 Korkmaz: €250k

4 Song: €800k

5 Ak: €150k

6 Arif: €500k

7 Saidou: €300k

8 Flavio Conceiaco: €1.5M

9 Sukur: €1.2M

10 Karan: €700k

11 Hasan Sas: €1.1M

12 Ercetin: €100k

14 Baljic: €350k

15 Cafercan: €20k

18 Akman: €450k

19 Cihan: €250k

20 Volkan: €300k

23 Usta Suat: €200k

24 Petre: €150k

25 Ates Necati: €600k

55 Sarioglu Sabri: €40k

57 Unsal Hakan: €850k

67 Penbe: €1M

So here is some talking... The Board is trying to get rid of players numbered 7, 14, 23 and possibly 24 who do not have gross contracts. In fact, all four contracts make a total of €1M. Those players' ages are respectively 26, 29, 23, 22 and except #14, all have bright things to do. However, we see that many of the elder guys occupy useless and bulky contracts. #67 plays for €1M a season and nearly does a washed-up #57, as well. Those players' ages are respectively 34 and 31. Having already found a replacement for #57, I think it's high time we got rid of him. #67 can stay but with a lessened contract in negotiation-times. Hagi wants to sell #10 because of his indisciplined actions, but one can also see that he's occupying a substantial contract ending in 1,5 years. #11 has played very little for the last 1,5 season and is earning €1.1M per season! Now, think of this! Our starter striker earns €100k lower than our debated back-up!!! Someone needs to rectify the situation and it's not me!!!

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :nono: :box: :huh: ...

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your paying 1m for PENBE!????????????? i hope thats turkliras you mean! (the old ones at least)

you guys must be crazy.......how can he even start or play with Necati, Sukur, and Karan there.... i dont follow much galatasaray but i thought this guy was never that important.......

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your paying 1m for PENBE!????????????? i hope thats turkliras you mean! (the old ones at least)

you guys must be crazy.......how can he even start or play with Necati, Sukur, and Karan there.... i dont follow much galatasaray but i thought this guy was never that important.......

at times he was instrumental. but his prime is years behind now and he signed a contract on July 2003 for three years (expires in June 2006) and it was €1M for the first two seasons and €500k for the third season...
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Galatasaray-Bursaspor: 1-0

In the Turkish Cup 1/8 round match, Galatasaray beat Second Division side Bursaspor 1-0 after a great leap from Sukur gave Galatasaray the win in the early first-half! In general it was total dominance from Galatasaray and Bursaspor had hardly any chances. However after the 70th minute, Galatasaray fans cheered against Ovidiou Petre an for the away-going Alioum Saidou. It was regarded as a protest against the current Board who couldn't persuade Hagi to get rid of this guy!

btw: yes! I was in the game, cause it was played in Kocaeli...

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Posted Image

# 24 Ovidiu PETRE

mate, I actually like you and sense that you have a good future in football but you are not fancied by this club anymore... I watched guys shouting at you, as a chorus 8,000 people screwed your mother and it was really disgraceful for Galatasaray to see those scenes. We, the real CimBom fans will support you and the whole team and please put off those stupid shouters. They know nothing about anything!!!

WE LOVE YOU, PETRE!!! :smartass:

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Looks like you will get a very good player Hakan Yakin - a turk from switzerland....good siging by gala


damn! and he goes there for nothing! stuttgard released him from his contract. he would have been a great signing for any greek team. he is by far the best swiss player at the moment.

congratulations for a very good signing.

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we've had several candidates before him for that so-called #10 spot... I already remember Marcelo Gallardo, Felipe Loureiro, Evandro Roncatto and our last target before Hakan Yakin was Mihaita Plesan... It's good to fill the void with a Turkish player, not because he's Turkish but we can place a good foreigner to another loose part of the team... Many newspaper reports are suggesting that we are also very close to signing Bayern's out-of-favour winger Ze Roberto... It can be marvellous if we get him as well...


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well, i do not know what we have robbed :D but the thing is actually weird.I mean Hakan Yakin was destined to leave VFB afterall but among the candidates to sign him I never heard Galatasaray's name till the very last moment!!! Then another strange thing happened, our Director of Football Fatih Goksnen flew to Munich yesterday to take Ze from FC Bayern but he returned w/o him and said that the club will land Thomas Locatelli of Bologna FC on Saturday... well, if we could have made these signings, why did we wait till the very end of the transfer period??? I also sense a strong protest against the Board when we take on Gaziantepspor at ASY next week!!!

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A clever defensive performance overall saw Galatasaray overcome a hungry Konyaspor 2-0 at Konya Ataturk Stadium. An early tap-in from experienced forward Hakan Sukur and yet another gorgeous goal from red-hot Ates Necati on 16 and 29 minutes respectively secured an easy-looking win for Galatasaray.

Ratings For The Konyaspor Game...

1 Faryd MONDRAGON: 8 - saved two important opportunities from Biryol Zafer.

57 Unsal HAKAN: 6 - weakest link in defense. needs to put off some weight.

4 RIGO: 8 - never gives up the battle. always on top with sliding tackles.

2 Stjepan TOMAS: 7 - no nonsense from him.a bit angry at times.

33 Ugur UCAR: 7 - first senior game and not bad for a right-back who played as a left-back.

67 Ergun PENBE: 7 - occupied the DMC position much better than Volkan and Ayhan.

8 FLAVIO: 7 - found his form.consistency is his biggest weapon.great passer.

18 Akman AYHAN: 5 - played as a left winger, would you believe that???

19 Haspolatli CIHAN: 6 - battled hard but wasted the chances that came by.

9 SUKUR: 5 - scored but not worked as hard as he very often does.

25 Ates NECATI: 8 - scored a fabulous bike-volley.always threatened Konya backline.


3 BUYUK KAPTAN: 7 - really impressed me thinking that he only played a few games so far.

20 Arslan VOLKAN: 5 - Hagi insists on him at DMC which is clearly NOT his position.

23 SAKAR Zafer: 7 - played for about 10 minutes and had two shots.good for a teen.

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I havent been able to read the news lately but about that wages thing, i have seen many times past the years that thats just rumours;).

Gs Co-Chairman says that they WILL pay their owes to player surely.

This means they cannot pay right now. :)

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It was a wonderful display by Galatasaray but I have to admit that this is the worst Antep team I've seen for years. Especially in the third, fourth and fifth goals their defence and goalie simply sucked!!! I still am amazed that they've beaten Besiktas 4-3 (it was 4-0 with 15 mins to go) and Galatasaray 1-0 in the first half of the season... I'm also very happy for the new signing Hasan, he came on as a sub and scored his first senior goal for Galatasaray...


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