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SL1-PO-R7: PAS Giannina - PAOK (08-05-22, 18:00 EEST)


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PAS.png.a2d790292726c6658f757dc2768df7ba.png  VS   PAOK.jpg.ca07001feadb6df87300740aa75bc8c1.jpg

MATCHUP:            PAS Giannina - P.A.O.K. Thessaloniki
COMPETITION:     Superleague 1 – Playoff - Round 7

DATE:                     08-May-2022
TIME:                     18:00 EET  (15:00 UTC, 10:00 CDT, 01:00 AEDT next day)
CITY / STADIUM:  Giannina - Zosimades Stadium (Capacity:  7,675)
TELEVISION:        Novasports (Greece & Cyprus), Net TV Plus (worldwide except Greece & Cyprus)

PAS Giannina – PAOK History:  


2021-2022:  0:4 (Kurtic 2, Augusto, Akpom) - Attendance: 1,684
2020-2021:  0:2 (Zivkovic A., Schwab) - Attendance: nf
2019-2020:  PAS Giannina played in Superleague 2
2018-2019:  0:2 (Akpom, Shakhov) - Attendance: 2,802
2017-2018:  1:3 (Prijovic 2, Pelkas) - Attendance: 3,858

2016-2017:  0:1 (Leovac) - Attendance: 3,117
2015-2016:  3:1 (Vitor) - Attendance: 3,273
2014-2015:  3:0 - Attendance: 3,075
2013-2014:  0:2 (Lucas-p, Lazar) - Attendance: 2,899
2012-2013:  1:2 (Katsouranis, Schildenfeld) - Attendance: 3,381 (PLAYOFFS)
2012-2013:  1:3 (Salpiggidis 2, Athanasiadis) - Attendance: 3,241
2011-2012:  2:2 (Athanasiadis, Lazar) - Attendance: 3,446
2009-2010:   0:1 (Fotakis) - Attendance: 4,191

Alpha Ethniki (Professional)

2002-2003:  3:2 Georgiadis, Theodoridis)  - Attendance:  1,387
2000-2001:  1:3 (Abonsah, Okkas, Tetradze)  - Attendance: 2,238
1990-1991:  0:2 (Anastasiadis 2) - Attendance: ?
1986-1987:  3:0 (Game not played due to strike. PAOK forfeit and 3 point deduction.)
1985-1986:  1:1 (Kostikos) - Attendance: 8,000
1983-1984:  1:0 - Attendance: 7,560
1982-1983:  0:0 - Attendance: 4,737
1981-1982:  0:0 - Attendance: 8,000
1980-1981:  2:1 (Koudas) - Attendance: 5,637
1979-1980:  3:0 - Attendance: 9,956

Alpha Ethniki (Amateur/Semi-Professional)

1978-1979:  1:1 (Kostikos) - Attendance: 5,725
1977-1978:  1:1 (Damanakis) - Attendance: 6,718
1976-1977:  4:5 (Guerino 2, Kermanidis, Damanakis, Sarafis) - Attendance: ?
1975-1976:  2:0 - Attendance: ?
1974-1975:  2:1 (Guerino) - Attendance: ?

GAMES:  26    WINS:  11    TIES:  6    LOSSES:  9


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  • Blackhawk changed the title to SL1-PO-R7: PAS Giannina - PAOK (08-05-22, 18:00 EEST)
  • 2 weeks later...

We are on 8 game winless streak and with 6 points ahead of 3rd place. Needless to say we need to win this one and get close wrapping up the second spot. 

The ideal situation would be to win our next two games (PAS, Aris) and use the last two playoff games as tune up for the cup final. In the last playoff game against Panathinaikos I would start second stringers as not to risk any red cards and injuries to main players.

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Lineup for this game:

Πασχαλάκη, Σίντκλεϊ, Μιχάι, Βαρέλ, Σάστρε, Τσιγγάρας, Κούρτιτς, Μιτρίτσα, Τέιλορ, Μουργκ και Ολιβέιρα.

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Ζ. Ζίβκοβιτς, Ταλιχμανίδης, Κουλιεράκης, Τσαούσης, Σβαμπ, Σοάρες, Άκπομ, Τσόλακ και Κούτσιας.


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And once again in the dying seconds our first yellow. Schwab the one to receive it. 

How on earth will we reverse the momentum for the final? If we play like this we will be the laughing stock. 

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Missed the game as we were having a delightful lunch on a farm outside London. Ended up meeting a couple who were from NYC, with the guy being exactly like The Dude from The Big Lebowski. After seeing the result, I now won't be surprised if we lose 2nd place.

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I wrote it before that the play-offs are crap if you want to become champion but that it is nice for #2 and #3 as the others all want to qualify for Europe and therefore need to slaughter eachother.

Pana and AEK drew 0-0. This means we now need just 5 more points to collect or the others to drop.

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Thankfully I missed watching the game as I was driving from Pittsburgh to Chicago. Listened to it on the radio. What a frustrating experience. At least we did not lose that much ground with the AEK - PAO tie and the loss of Olympiakos "B" team to Olympiakos second stringers at Harilaou. With some luck we will manage to get a European spot before this thing is over.

With two weeks left in the season the main goal is to get the 8 starters that we were missing in today's game healthy enough to be able to play in the cup final.

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