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We have a game tomorrow at home against Panionios. It will be a very tough game with a new coach that doesn't know the team well yet, and also because of the players that we are missing. Lazaros, Patito, and Galo are all out suspended. Lescott, Vargas, and Simoes are all out injured; there's also a chance that Johanson does not play because he's suffering from the flu. All of these factors considered we are going to need big performances from Mantalos and Almeida if we want to win. Morais, because of all the injuries, had to try out this lineup in training:


Bakakis Chygrinski Kolovetsios Didac


Mantalos                              Bakasetas

Platellas          Almeida          Aravidis 


I can already tell that Morais is a more serious coach than Ketsbaia because he'd rather player a true midfielder than Lambropoulos when Johnson and Simoes can't play. I look forward to seeing how Galanopoulos does. Also, many reports have said that Morais likes to play an attacking game, which is the complete opposite of Ketsbaia. It will be interesting to see how much he lets the team attack with so few practices in charge and so many injuries to key players. 

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Not a good game at all from us, really lacking creativity going forward today. I rarely saw an attack that didn't come from a hopeful high ball into the box (most of which ended in the hand of Panionios' keeper...). Might've been a bit better if we had Patito in but like AEK365's headline said, if you wanna win the league you have to win these games... 

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I missed the last 35, doesn't look like I missed much, Chygrinskiy should have given us the lead with that header, up until I watched Panionios did nothing all game, we should have beaten them, we lack so much going forward, it was the Iraklis game all over again, Patito and Vargas are so crucial to us creativity wise as is Simoes as he allows Mantalos to go back to CAM.

Aravidis just doesn't cut it for me, I love his passion but he is just so average.

Disappointed with the draw but again a lot of key players were missing, at least its not a loss but again to reiterate what Aek365, these are the games that win u championships. All we can do is hope Oly Pao and Paok drop points.

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We have a long way to go if we want to talk about protathlima. You cannot loose points to Iraklis and Panionios at home and still believe that you have a chance.  As much I hate PAOK they have a better and faster team from us! We need allot of work and some better players.

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