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Superleague/Football League/Greek Cup TV Coverage

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Here is my projected television coverage. The team split is basically the same as last season, except for the new teams that were promoted from Football League, and PAOK who is left out.




AEL Kalloni

AEP Iraklis

Asteras Tripoli



Skoda Xanthi











PAS Giannina







PAOK has declined to sign the deal between Superleague and Forthnet and is kept out from the package. Remains to be seen if they negotiate a deal on their own. If Superleague let's PAOK back in the collective agreement, they will go to the Sport Plus package. 


Teams in bold are confirmed.

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Only problem with Ella's TV is that its 3 times as expensive to the ipTV service cocksta and I are using

75/3 months

A couple of years ago they were offering the sports channels alone for $30/mth, but they no longer offer this package. 


My only concern is that if you don't have NBN, you might have some issues with the picture freezing, etc. We have crap internet here in Australia.  


And as HellasHab said above, turned on the TV this morning and the PAO game was showing. Luckily I put it to tape so I can watch it tonight. 

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and this was the only place with information I found online talking about Superleague coverage outside Greece. I reside in the U.S. and currently have Time Warner Cable. I do get Ant1 Satellite but I don't get Sports Plus as it's Dish exclusive. I was pleased to watch AEK's game on ANT1 this past weekend, and was wondering if it'll be consistent. A list in this thread indicates Xanthi is covered by Sports Plus which worries me, since I'd have liked to catch the game this Saturday as well. Does anyone know if ANT1 might show it as well? I assume there's no concrete info but I like to hope. I wish there was a way to access Sportsplus without having to subscribe to Dish because their internet is not that good. 

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@Bananas, I don't know how much money is involved, but PAOK did not sign because they wanted an investigation done by Superleague on past deals involving Superleague coverage outside of Greece. As it is Superleague and Forthnet (Nova Sports) is not happy with PAOK because they did not sign the TV contract extension until 2019.


@Dennis, I am afraid that Xanthi  home games are exclusive to Sport Plus. Antenna will  not show it, but they will have AEK's home games.

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Absolutely criminal that in 2015 we are having issues like this. The most unorganized people in the world.. They know that there is a big demand for the league abroad and instead of capitalizing on that, they let us scramble. I personally have Sport Plus and Antenna but I still feel we will miss some games this year because of all this BS.

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With Sport Plus and Antenna Sat we have all the games covered her in the US, except for PAOK home games. The only games we will miss are the games that fall on the same time and belong to the same channel. In that case the one game will be on tape, and if they decide not to show the second game it will not be a big loss, since the channel will decide to show the game with the more popular team.


The schedule for this weekend:




19:15 - Levadeiakos - Olympiakos  (Antenna Sat/Pc)

21:30 - Skoda Xanthi - AEK  (Sport Plus)


Panthrakikos  - Veroia will not be televised




19:15 - AEP Iraklis - Panionios  (Sport Plus)

19:15 - Panathinaikos - Kalloni  (Antenna Sat/Pac)

21:30 - PAS Giannina - PAOK  (Antenna Sat/Pac)

21:30 - Asteras - Panaitolikos  (Sport Plus) - TAPE DELAY




21:30 - Platanias - Atromitos  (Antenna Sat/Pac)


All times are Greek time.

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It's a 115 dollar investment ( box and 1 month fee) Only $40 a month after that

Don't think it's out of this world vs looking for links and hoping it will show randomly on a channel

If you were just getting the box what Greek channels would you get on it? I've had people here tell they paid 150 for a box and have one and nova channels, never mentioned anything about a monthly fee.

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TAF Sports holds international rights for OPAP Superleague games. Under an exclusive agreement TAF Sports has sublicensed the Superleague games to Antenna Group (Antenna Satellite / Antenna Pacific) and Sport Plus. Antenna controls the home games of 9 Superleague teams, while Sport Plus to the remaining 9 teams.

This deal does not include the European market. The most likely explanation for this is that Forthnet (NOVA) requested this clause in order to take advantage of the ?gray market? subscriptions to their NOVA platform.

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The above post is a copy and paste of one of mine posts in the past either here or at the old GS and is no longer accurate.


TAF Spots no longer owns the international rights to SL games. Forthnet TV that actually runs NOVA for the Greek market now controls the rights. Apparently they kept the same arrangement that TAF Sports had last season, which was divide the the teams equally between Sport Plus and Antenna Group. The only exception is the home games of PAOK, which has not approved the SL deal with Forthnet, since they wanted first to investigate previous deals between SL and TAF Sports for irregularities. 

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