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Not sure what your really showing me there....  ball is on his thigh......


Anyway, I dont know why Lucescu is so upset... his team played like a tiny team at home... i think they had  35% posession.... 


If you play like that.. you deserve to lose....  



Gotzo you didn't tell us that Mitroglou did not score yesterday ....

Ela reeeeee




Re panw ston Casillas epese!!!! Min leme oti theloume twra.... 


Auti ti stigmi einai o pio "HOT" striker stin Portogalia

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Lucescu has done quite well with a limited budget Xanthi... brought them the largest success in their entire history and when they ACTUALLY PLAY... they are one of the more attractive sides of the league


Today, I have no idea what LUcescu was doing/thinking.... they played like they were playing Manchester City or Barcelona away... deserved the result they got


If they had played the gavro with some balls... they would have easily come away with a result

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but I wouldn't swap lewandowski for mellissis or souza,mellisis cost what 3 million ,souza another 3 million bravo re andoniou best technical director ever,in all honesty if rocha and gmoch were listened to we could of had a strike force of falcao and lewndowski.

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There's also no guarantee that he would become nearly the same player he went on to be at Dortmund, he'd probably light it up in Greece because there are some things that come natural to a striker like that but the level of training and competition in Greece would have stunted his growth I think. Idk, that's just my opinion anyways, no one would really ever know for sure.

P.S. Falcao and Levandowski almost at Panathinaikos, Angel Di Maria almost at AEK a year before he signed for Benfica, man kati paixtarades that could have played in this league... Would have been really interesting.

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The argument offcourse being toure and oly...


Lewandowski has an eye for goal, can play with his back to goal and has a good touch, so i'm pretty confident he would've panned out. Obviously the germans improved him, but he was great in poland.


Wasn't all that bad because we got cisse even though with lewandowski you double your money..


Anyway the guy showed how he can turn on his quality in a flash - from dragging his feet against oly, to embarrassing the wolfsburg defense. I think it is also worth mentioning though that wolfsburg now have dante at the back. Seriously this guy is a disaster of a defender. Once bayern realized their mistake they sent his arse packing.

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Simera milise i kardia tou Fortouni


As i've previously mentioned, he is ahead of the current domestic generation, a flawed generation but nonetheless. Needs to improve a hell of a lot to earn respect.


Meanwhile They leave dourmaz out of their UCL roster, they could've used him against bayern as he seems to be on song at the moment.

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Levadowski was close to coming to PAO but PAO preferred Rukavina 



At the end of the day, I don't think Levandowski would have had the same maturity and development if he came to Greece.... he was definately a good player but in Greece we are way too demanding of results


Only when a player has a big name and some sort of reputation, do we become patient....  If levandowski had the same start Cisse had... the kid would have been stapled to the bench


I think it was Cisse's 6th game till he started consistently finding the net.... before then he was a bystander and even then received a lot of criticism


In Germany (a real footballing country) they have patience with their youngsters and superior coaching/staff and better mentality....


He was slowly introduced into Dortmund... got his confidence built up... worked on his fundamentals and eventually flourished....  the development he made at Dortmund when compared to Lech Pozan was GIGANTIC


Rukavina was almost in the same boat as Levandowski and we saw how he turned out.... had a few bright games... and then sidelined.. and his career has been buried since....

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Rukavina is definitely a lost talent. Once upon a time he was ahead of his croatian class including mandzukic.


He had pace and ability on the ball so he could create for himself and open up desired angles on goal. Was injury prone but his biggest issue was confidence. The guy needed a mentor and around the clock care. Also as soon as he got cashed up, he seemed to stop working.

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You know your beginning to make a fool of yourself....  


You bash Fortouni for playing in the German league... a by FAR superior league at a younger age... (and yet getting persistent playing time) and bash what he's been able to do in the SL....


Yet you praise Kaltsa who spent most of his career in the 2nd division and had one good break out year in the SAME LEAGUE that you are bashing!!!  AND is unable to earn a place on this PAO side!!



Am I going crazy here??



Dude just face it.... you will lose the bet... it's OK...  the money will go to the erasitexni or panathinaiki symmaxia.... its all good

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Anyway... does anyone know anything about this Spyro Theodoropoulo? Supposedly, he's looking to buy into the team?? Accor any word?

He's been behind the increased budget this past summer:


He's also a sponsor (back of our kit)


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