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AEK - HRAKLIS........


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If he sticks by this decision (Bajevic) then we should be considering a new coach in the days to come.

He should not walk out in the middle of the game though. He just added another chapter of totally unnecessary bad decision making in crucial moments in his turbulant career.

I hope though, that despite me also never wanting him back and wanting him out even since his return, that AEK will try and exclude those "bad" fans whose reactions against Bajevic made me feel Ashamed I am an AEK fan.

by the way..

Its 2-0 now

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u know what if i was Bajevic i would screw Aek to!!! i mean football is football but to get family involve n to call his wife a slut <<<----- to my understanding then i would screw Aek coz family is more important!!!!

my opinion he did well!!! who do they think they r saying that about his wife, i know if it was me i would find out atleast the name of one of thoes fans who were saying s%$#! n ill go n break his legs n teach him respect!!! ;)

i agree he should leave AEK but the fans cant scooop that low!! ;)

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