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Olympiakos - Arsenal

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The thing that effed it upp for Oly was when Marseille scored 1-2 in extra time at the first half. That killed the morale for dortmund in the locker room. they came out for the second half as losers. I watched both games in the second half....the writing was on the wall at that time :(

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great result, unfortunate not to progress...at least they get the europa spot whih is a positive, the tie was lost in the fact that oly could not have made any of their losses, draws...picking up one or two points on draws makes all the difference in euro competition..

not to bring oly down, but this really was one of the worst arsenal performances i have ever seen...they barely put in a fight...

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Congrats on the victory tonight, Olympiakos played very well and obviously deserved the win and the qualification... but unfortunately Merkel & Sarkozi spoiled it... :blink: :tdown:

I honestly didn't see the other game, not sure what happened there... hard to swallow. But when they lost the first game at home to Marseille and also lost in Germany.. that hurt them.

Now on to the Europa League, see who they play with.

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Firstly, Olympiakos should have beaten Arsenal 7-1, at least. It was a superb performance. Having said that, Olympiakos were extremely wasteful and looking back at the season so far that has been a bit of a common feature for you guys. Created enough to get something from the Emirates and at home to Marseille, as well as to win the Athens derby. Yesterday was the worst of all though. Maybe you guys need to work on finishing.

As for the nitty-gritty of what happened yesterday, i think the whole think stinks! The reason the last group games have to kick off at the same time is so that there's no unfair disadvantage. So let's re-cap what happened. The only way Dortmund could continue in Europe (Europa was always most likely) was for Olympiakos to lose and for them to win. There were 5 mins added on at the end of the firsts half in Pireas because of the injuries, so the half finished approx 4 mins later than in Dortmund, yet the 2nd half in Dortmund began 5 mins later than in Pireas. So what, was their a 20-25 min half time break in Germany? By the time the Olympiakos game finished it was apparent that Dortmund were out, and the next thing we know Marseille score 2 goals in 3 mins to win. It all smells very fishy to me. How can a game continue so long after the other game finished under the circumstances? Perhaps we PAO fans will put it down to karma, either way Olympiakos deserved to go through. If only it wasn't for that wasteful finishing throughout the group stage!

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