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we took the first game at SEF and are now in the fourth quarter at OAKA and are leading 70-62 in the last 5 minutes...

obviously i want the league, but am happy with the euroleague...we are better than oly and it has showed these last two games...lets close it up now and finish the job next game...

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Just for the record, PAO won the series 3-1. Great 4th game at OAKA June 5th, and PAO beats gavroi in OT for the 9th consecutive and 32nd championship title.

I think this season was the most successful for PAO. Obviously winning the first euro championship was huge (the first Greek team to do so) but this past season no one believed PAO could do well in Europe and many thought Oly, finally, would break PAO's dominance.

Congrats. This team and the way is run should be an example to be followed by others in Greece.

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great series...luckily i was able to watch every game...

in saying this and in being so happy that we captured both the title and the euroleague, of course there is a sore spot and that is the way our fans reacted last night. all of the fans with the excpetion of some 100 were incredible, but these 100, that stormed the court, delayed the end of the game and sort of ruined what would have been a great celebration, are embarrassing. this needs to end, we dont need to have a black spot in an otherwise great event. it is unneccesary and stupid.

other than that i am ecstatic...what a true champion team with champion players and a champion coach...they show such passion, composure and drive that is a model for any sporting team....

fotsis in particular was a big reason why we took it, hitting 6/6 three pointers and really shining. kalathes stepped up as well and did a great job in the absence of diamantidis. batist, as always, was a beast as well...


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I think the most important person is Zeljko O. He's built this team. Of course, the owners have provided not only the money but also a professional model of a modern & successful sports team. I'm sure that PAO doesn't have the highest budget, but this proves that money isn't the most important element of success.

When I think that this team, from this small country, is arguably the best/most successful Euro team in the last couple decades I have to pinch myself that I'm not dreaming.Wow!

How rare it is to be in a position to say (and feel) that no matter what the team does in the next many years, I won't have any complaints. I loved the reaction of our fans that welcomed the team "home" after it lost the cup to gavroi! What a terrific feeling :)

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Well done to the boys, but this was never in doubt.


A final should not be so lob-sided. A PAO-OLY final would be a far better advert for Greek basketball. The only problem is the fans would likely start a riot again if they were both allowed in the same stadium.


Hopefully this isn't Diamantidis' last trophy.

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