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What to do with they playoffs?  

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  1. 1. What to do with they playoffs?

    • Keep them
    • Get rid of them
    • I'm not sure

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Keep them! They're great. They're so exciting and they add some extra spice to our monotonous league. Plus, the winner gets to go into the Champions League, and bear in mind that the Champions League is a cup competition. So we want teams that are strong in those types of "knock out" scenarios to be in the CL.
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Get rid of playoffs. They are an artificial way to inject marginal interest in a non-competitive league. If we want to make the league interesting reduce the teams down to 12.

Greece is a small country with no infrastructure in soccer. The talent pool is small and it gets diluted among too many teams. Less teams = more talent in each = better quality.

Most of the games over the season are just yawners with derbies played every once in a while. Less teams = more games among competitive clubs = better quality.

If they do want to keep the playoffs, change them to decide the champion as well. Playing for second place is a consolation price. Sure the CL is a big bonus, but it's hard to get fans celebrating.

Maybe even change the whole league to be more like the NFL where regional groups compete to reach the playoffs, then they play knockout games until a champions is decided.

The way the playoffs are set now, a team busts their behind to place second only to have their fate decided in a couple of games (and maybe a couple of erroneous ref decisions). Last year AEK won the title and found themselves in third place because Panathinaikos had a second chance by playing a couple extra games and Olympiakos got an extra chance through the courts. Only in Greece this is conceived as normal.

Consider that this year Larissa who are 12 points behind second place will enter the playoffs with zero points while PAO, PAOK, AEK will enter with 2. Conceivably, the team that ended the season 22 points behind first place has an excellent shot at being the second CL representative next season. Some might think it makes the games exciting, I think it's suicidal for Greek football.

Also, the playoffs are punishing for teams like Panathinaikos who have played a brutal season with games in SL, CL, Cup (47 games in all + 6 playoffs = 53 official games + NT play for 2/3 of the players).

It is also a horrible way to create more uneven conditions for the next season. While the first place team's players are basking in the sun in a tropical beach and allow time for their body to recover, the rest are taxing themselves in competitive games, resting only for a tiny amount of time before preseason starts. In certain cases some idiotic tournament (like "Ethniki neon") will cause talent like Ninis to miss preseason again :nono:

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I love the play offs! Not only are they exciting but I disagree with Cyberfish, the rewards are def something to be celebrated. I know you weren't complaining when PAO got the CL spot last year. Also, as DUDE says we want teams that are capable of winning "cup tie" games, or "finals" in the CL so it's a good test. Now I'm all for having the top team in the mix too as is the case in Cyprus, but we're would that leave the team that finishes 5th? We have more European spots than Cyprus so what would the final Uefa cup spot-team do? As for only having twelve teams, will that really strengthen our league or will it actually weaken it? Theoretically the talent would be spread among fewer teams, but in reality the "talent" from lower teams would probably just leave Greece. For instance, if Levadiakos went down, would a team like Panthrakikos really have the money to buy Leonardo? He'd just end up going abroad and Levadiakos and the others to go down would get poorer. So the financial gap between the Superleague teams and those in lower divisions would widen (as is the case in Scotland) and we'd end up having the same teams in the top division forever.

I say keep the play-offs as they are for a few years.

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Playoffs in Greece = waste of time. :tdown:

Let the boys go on holiday! After 30 games, enough is enough! :angry:

I've got to say I'm shocked that so many here don't like the play-offs. Aren't you excited at the prospect of playing in the CL?

PAO = Anything other than CL football will be a failure.

Possible consequences: Another crack at the CL which will mean PAO has more chance of holding on to its big play. If PAO doesn't make the CL I wouldn't be suprised to see HTC and Simao leave, and the prospect of signing any "big" players as has been promised will evaporate.

AEK = AEK is the most in form team in the league as we approach the play-offs.

Possible consequences: If the club makes the CL AEK's financial situation will improve drastically which will benefit the club hugely in both the short and long term.

PAOK = Making the CL would cap a wonderful come back for one of Greece's biggest clubs.

Possible consequences: Making it could turn the fortunes of this club and subsequently the superleague forever! If they don't make it though then PAOK's big chance might disappear, look at the way Aris and Panionios have fallen away in the space of 1 year.

The play offs are exciting, I can't wait :tup:

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