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  1. The Armenia and Liechtenstein results wouldnt matter if that old blighter Anastasiadis wouldnt have regarded the Estonia game as a friendly match! Literally a draw would mean we would be in the playoffs. A Greek NT coach is worse than anything, an equivalent to Ranieri.
  2. Guys Im glad we won but this will be hard... I am not sure Schip will be able to steer us to the haven of World Cup 2022. His team played really well but against minnows and average sides. Yes, Finland and Bosnia are average teams. Do you think this attractive team can hold the fort against Germany, Belgium and the likes? If we wont qualify, the next tournament will be in 2024. Schip will got the sack long before that... His successor will be maybe worse than Skibbe, Anastasiadis, Ranieri (rock bottom) and the likes... Our talent pool is limited. Koutris was not included in Olympiacos Champions League squad while Avraam was. Think of that, a 34-year-old Avraam is better according to Martins (who is probably a better coach than Van Schip) than Koutris, a really talented NT player... A bunch of talents like Androutsos, Manthatis and Durmishaj have been loaned out they are not even in the squad at Oly! Vrousai, Vasiliadis Pavlidis are promising but I am not sure whether they will be able to dominate the game like they did now if they will play against Spain or Netherlands. Galanopoulos was really good, I am quite surprised. I cannot see where Zeca will play or whether he will play at all in the future. Kourbelis, Bouchalakis, Bakakis (especially the latter) are not young any more. Possibly they wont develop really. Torosidis is finished. He said he wanted to retire after this season. Stafylidis as a centre back is error prone. And this was only Pukki now. What will he do if he will manmark/defend against Zaniolo, for example? I really hope Manolas and the likes will have some role in the future. TL;DR: 1. Our young players have not been put to a real test yet. 2. Quite possibly we wont participate at a tournament until 2024. That would mean another five years without any real success!
  3. That crazy shitbag Anastasiadis and his crony Lambropoulos did us in against Estonia. If we would have drawn on that occasion our position in the NL playoff would be guaranteed now. We lost the second place to Hungary because of the idiotic experimenting (in an official game) of the old bozo.
  4. A great win. Masouras still cannot finish, but never mind. Ethniki had much more chances than the Armenians. Again: a single point against Estonia at home would see us now through (as for the playoff). Anastasiadis and those who appointed him are to blame.
  5. If EPO would have had a little more patience with Skibbe... Who did ever thought of this last autumn? Even after a disastrous campaign, we were so damn close! Position #31 would mean we could compete in the League B playoff. A single extra point would have helped us through. F*** Anastasiadis and the mentally afflicted leaders of EPO. (I wasnt better or more clever: I was glad when Skibbe got the sack.)
  6. I guess even Skibbe could have squeezed out a draw against Estonia. He wasnt particularly keen on experimenting and he would have started our best players like Manolas, Papastathopoulos, Mitroglou.
  7. So it seems Anastasiadis F***ed up our chances against Estonia with his idiotic experimental team with Barkas Lampropoulos etc. (see last paragraph): https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/greece-have-very-slim-shot-at-euro-2020-qualifying-playoffs (As it happened, I considered the same question on this morning and reached the same conclusions. To be fair I see literally zero chance for us now. Even a draw against the Estonians would have been more than enough to secure a position in the Nations League playoff.)
  8. Paschalakis has been a bench warmer nowadays... Im sure he shouldnt be called up until he cannot get his place back.
  9. He plays only in Portugal while Barkas plays for a Super League team! Im sure that counts.
  10. Anastasiadis, Skibbe and Schip clearly ought to be certified.
  11. He has played ten league games so far in this season.
  12. Apparently Kiomourtzoglou could get a call up next time along with Vrousai Pavlidis Hatzidiakos. https://www.fcupdate.nl/voetbalnieuws/358185/van-t-schip-volgt-met-kiomourtzoglou-volgende-eredivisie-speler/
  13. Schip also deserves praise, the mentality of the guys and the pace of the team was excellent!
  14. That was quite a lively performance. Lots of chances, a ton of shots and eventually an own goal from Kovacevic saw us through. Good performances from several Ethniki players, everybody wanted to win, obviously they were motivated! Even Bakasetas was kind of good. We hit the woodwork two times (Masouras Stafylidis) so I think we deserved to win! Congratulations to the players!! Paschalakis 0 - Bakakis 5.5, Hatzidiakos 5.5, Stafylidis 7, Giannoulis 6, Galanopoulos 6, Kourbelis 6.5, Limnios 6 (Fetfatzidis 0, 80th), Pavlidis 7.5 (Koulouris 5, 70th), Bakasetas 6, Mantalos 6 (Masouras 7.5, 60th). Bakakis was laughable several times, Hatzidiakos fault did almost cost us two points, Staf looked really well, Pavlidis and Masouras were very dangerous and active, Koulouris looked again very average, Mantalos gave an assist and F***ed up a great chance, and even Bakasetas looked more confident than ever while playing for the Ethniki.
  15. A head coach should be able to see that Hatzidiakos is not NT material. Why does Schip need a game to recognize this? Same goes for Bakakis, Bakasetas, Giannoulis, Mantalos. One cannot build a successful team of players like those mentioned above. Rehhagel or Santos wouldve never called up some of these players Schip is for the moment experimenting with.
  16. LOL Bakasetas with a shot that wasnt half bad... Whats this, this is a crazy game!!
  17. The Comeback of a Famous Player On October 13, Kone debuted for Western United in a 1-0 league win against Wellington Phoenix in Wellington, New Zealand. He played 90 minutes. (Alessandro Diamanti, Scott McDonald and Besart Berisha also play for Western Utd.) The last time he played for a club was on April 22, 2018 when he played for AEK Athens against Levadiakos in the Supa League. https://www.forebet.com/gr/προβλέψεις/match-center/wellington-phoenix-western-united-1016931
  18. I guess I will be unpopular with my opinion now but I think we are kinda wasting our time with Schip. I admit I am pessimistic just for the moment.
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