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  1. Giannoulis is horrible... Why not Zaradoukas then? We have a decent starting XI and some five of six players thats all. The rest is garbage.
  2. You will need an anti-virus software: http://www.alantvcanli.com/live-stream-direct/football/uefa-nations-league/greece-vs-estonia/20181118/1/
  3. It wasnt even Tziolis (at least seems so now). Maybe its a blasphemy but Tzavellas could also have scored an auto goal like Lampropoulos and couldve otherwise do nothing.
  4. We dont have reserves. Just some guys are sitting there on the bench (we must nominate 23 players). There is Siovas, and perhaps there are Samaris and Karelis. Hopefully Anastasiadis will see this too. (Ofc Retsos, Donis could contribute if they wouldnt be injured.)
  5. I did not see that goal... my stream was late, and they missed then the 44th minute... Can anything be more hilarious than this... I just see suddenly that it is like this: GRE 0-1 EST... If only these bastards could score an equalizer... Finland was incredibly lucky with Skibbe.
  6. I tried to figure out yesterday which teams will be in Pot 2. Island Bosnia Austria Czech Republic/Slovakia, Ukraine will be there too. These teams are strong but not powerhouses. If Germany will be placed eventually in Pot 2, that will be more dangerous. Pot Three will contain the relegated League B teams (Northern Ireland, Turkey and the likes) and the group winners (Finland Serbia? etc.) from League C. Its not impossible though it may be difficult.
  7. No, no, it is not that scary. There are six pots. San Marino and the likes (Position 51-55) are in the last pot. Pot 5 contains League D teams (but only runner-ups and third-place teams). The group winners of League D and the shittier teams in League C are placed in Pot 4. Ill copy the principles from the Agonasport website: Pot 1: Teams ranked 1–10 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The 10 best League A teams) Pot 2: Teams ranked 11–20 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The two remaining ranked League A teams; The eight best ranked League B teams) Pot 3: Teams ranked 21–30 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The four remaining ranked League B teams; The six best ranked League C Teams (group winners in League C and the two best runner-ups - LM) Pot 4: Teams ranked 31–40 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The nine remaining League C teams (the rest of League C - LM; The top ranked League D team) Pot 5: Teams ranked 41–50 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The League D teams ranked 2nd-11th) Pot 6: Teams ranked 51–55 in UEFA Nations League overall rankings (The remaining League D teams) The runner-ups are a special case. In Group 1 there are only three teams (Israel Scotland Albania). That means results against fourth-placed teams in the other three groups do not count. We have 6 points from four games against Hungry and Finland (this cannot change). Israel and Scotland have 6-6 points, and they will play against one another. In Group C, Slovenia is the fourth-placed team. Both Norway and Bulgaria have 10 points. If Norway will be second, they will lose four points (because of the Slovenia games); Bulgaria has already seven points from the games against Norway and Cyprus. That means if they will be runner-up they would be stronger than us (7 points versus 6). In Group 4, Lithuania is the last. Romania has now 9 points, Montenegro 7. If Romania beats Montenegro, they will be second (in all probability) with 12 points - 6 points (Lithuania games) = 6 points. If it will be a draw, Romania will have only 10 points, if Montenegro will win, theyll be second team with ten points. In both of the latter cases, the runner-up of Group 4 will be weaker than Greece. The problem is that Norway/Bulgaria and Israel/Scotland can easily scoop the two top runner-up places.
  8. Where will he play next time? For a Maltese club? Or in the Montenegrin First League? The bar is already pretty low, will he knock it down again?
  9. LOL what a sucker, he was the most overhyped player of the world I guess.
  10. I am afraid this will be Pot 4. We have 6 points from Finland and Hungary games (being the last team Estonia does not count). Bulgaria has already 7 points from their Norway and Cyprus games while Norway has 6 points but they will play against Cyprus on the last matchday (Slovenia is the last in their group). If Bulgaria will be second theyll be in front of us in the rank list. Group D looks better though. In all probability, Romania or Montenegro will be second (Lithuania is already relegated). If Romania wins, our chances will be slim. But if they draw against Montenegro, or if Montenegro beats them, the runner-up of Group D will be worse than Greece. Israel and Scotland have already six points. If they draw, the runner-up of Group A will be better than us; if not, their goal difference will be probably better than our difference (our goal difference against Hungary and Finland is 3-4). Ceterum censeo: Skibbe F***ed up practically everything (including our chances for being included in the two best runner-up teams) in that Finland game.
  11. Good points, though I think now Tziolis wasnt that bad as (almost) everybody said. His second half performance vs Hungary was acceptable. Same goes for his first half against Finland. After the injury of Papastathopoulos he became invisible, but in that second half several players were abysmal. I dont say he should be capped, Im just saying he tried to do his best, well, he was average but wasnt worse than Bakasetas (who played out of position, but he has been so incredibly lazy, slow, and thoughtless when playing for the NT). You are right about Mantalos. Ive always said since 2014 "this guy is overhyped and shouldnt be in the squad". He is essentially a Ninis 2.0: he has now won 30+ cap although he has been almost always mediocre and on several occasions our worst player on the pitch. Tziolis, Tzavellas kicked out, Vlachodimos and Koutris added - these are indeed positive changes. And yes, probably we would have won the group with Anastasiadis.
  12. Bakasetas is a poster boy haha. I guess EPO wants more women in the stadiums. You would remember how some of the players looked like in the Golden Age (Charisteas or Avraam for example). Especially Karagounis at times looked like nothing on earth.
  13. I have a good feeling about this game. We can manage it, perhaps even score a second.
  14. This is hopeless, teams in this group are too strong for AEK. AEK is clearly as weak as they seemed to be against Vidi, Celtic and the likes. A Jimenez type coach could perhaps do something, but as long as Ouzounidis is their coach I guess they wont win a single game in the Champions League.
  15. On second thought I also think Anastasiadis will be better than Skibbe was. He is a strict and demanding coach and will want to see a disciplined team. He wont tolerate lazy guys on the pitch. Probably what the Ethniki needs now is a coach of the Anastasiadis type. Rehhagel and Santos were also no-nonsense men. Otto was a control freak and under Santos players were more disciplined than since 2014 theyve EVER been. Nice guys like Skibbe Iordanescu Ranieri are not for the Greek NT I guess.
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