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  1. I quite agree. Lack of successful players and crappy midfielders especially the defensive ones.
  2. Its not only the AEK/PAOK players. Footballers who ply their trade in holiday leagues like Saudi league (Tziolis) or play for unglamorous Turkish teams like Tzavellas were not much help too (I mean the Skibbe era now). Kourbelis Mantalos Bakasetas Oikonomou (!) Koulouris Barkas and other disasters. As for the Anastasiadis period, the first team versus Finland was quite good. The reserves were much worse against Estonia, especially Bakakis (an AEK player). Those who play for Panionios or Atromitos are not better than AEK players. I just mean ALL of these guys who play for lesser clubs in the "Super" League. Without some international experience, they cant offer much for the NT I guess.
  3. This is a rant of course. Anastasiadis will call up these guys like Mantalos, Bakakis etc.
  4. Wotjesoy? When did Oly embarrass us in Europe? And since when have I become an Olympiacos fan? Olympiacos got results this year in Europe (Milan win, Betis draw, Dudelange wins, qualification games) while all other teams embarrassed us. Bouchalakis is not good enough yet, but he could get some experience versus European teams. I am not a fan of Lazaros, but at the moment he is one of our best potential wingers. This is not his merit, this shows the quality of our attacking players. Fetfatzidis is a problematic case. His production for Olympiacos hasnt been that great so far. But I think he should have a place in the squad. AEK and PAOK players are in most of the cases wholly useless for the NT. Lampropoulos Bakakis Mantalos Bakasetas Barkas and the rest. Theyre like Ninis, Tzavellas or Sifakis, who were among the better performers sometimes (against a strong opposition, never) but usually were just there and liabilities. Lets hope Limnios will sign for a better club abroad and will develop.
  5. I guess Koulouris will be called up as long as he is in such a fine form. If only he could be more effective for the NT than Athanasiadis was. I think it is useless to whine though. Anastasiadis will call up Koulouris Kourbelis Masouras and the others. He clearly doesnt think Lazaros is as asset for Ethniki. I can only hope Stafylidis, Samaris and Petsos will play regularly in the next season, and Retsos and Lykogiannis will get well soon.
  6. I agree. Still, if Christodoulopoulos will be healthy again, Fetfatzidis can easily warm the bench.
  7. After the disastrous results of some Greek teams in their respective Champions League and Europa League groups (AEK PAOK) and some other Greek teams in the qualification stages of Europa League (Atromitos Asteras) I think we should see that the players of these sides are really bad at international level. If we want a successful Ethniki we should rely on those footballers who have been successful at international level. Of all our teams, only Olympiacos got some results in European Cups this year. The 3-1 win against Milan is the greatest success of Greek football since a long time (at least 2-3 years). Koutris Fortounis Torosidis Fetfatzidis should be called up for the NT. I hope Bouchalakis (who played only a couple of minutes against Milan) will experience similar successes with Olympiacos. It is important that national team players be successful on the European stage. If you won against European top clubs, you will not be afraid of big name players and powerhouses in the national team. Think of the 2002 Panathinaikos or 1999 Olympiacos, or indeed any of our top clubs (Oly Pana AEK) between 2000 and 2005. They got great results against teams like Barcelona (Panathinaikos Barcelona 1-0 with Basinas penalty in 2002) and Real Madrid (AEKs two draws in the group stage, Panathinaikos draw in second group stage in 2002). Basinas Fyssas Katsouranis (then an AEK player) Karagounis Goumas Nikopolidis Seitaridis Giannakopoulos Zagorakis Tsiartas played against world class footballers in the CL, no wonder they won against Spain Portugal France and the likes. Super League teams are now pathetically weak at international level. We dont have such a great pool of Greek footballers who play at home. As I said, basically we have some Olympiacos players, and our best footballers who play for Italian, German and English sides (Manolas Papastathopoulos Mitroglou - they are the best; then Vlachodimos Lykogiannis Siovas Retsos). Those guys who play frequently for Belgian/Austrian/Dutch sides should be called up IMO, as these leagues are stronger now than the "Super" League, according to UEFA rank list. That said, Vellios (who plays regularly for his Belgian team) or Avlonitis (a solid centre back who plays in Austria) offer not much help. Marinos and Lamprou should be considered, perhaps Fountas too. Still, we seem to have a very limited pool of players who are ripe for the NT right now. Perhaps we should consider all soccer players who ply their trade in at least half decent leagues (after all Zeca plays in Denmark and he is our best defensive midfielder) Id suggest the best squad would consist of Vlachodimos Karnezis - Torosidis Manolas Papastathopoulos Koutris Siovas Retsos Lykogiannis Tsimikas - Zeca Fortounis Bouchalakis - Fetfatzidis Christodoulopoulos Donis Mitroglou. You see that we practically have only crap midfielders. I think Karagounis could squeeze out many of the current tits even at the age of 41. It is crazy that we dont have better defensive midfielders, Samaris almost never featuring for Benfica, Petsos being not even in the squad of Werder Bremen (I hope he can find a good team, even an Austrian team would be quite okay), Tachtsidis being in a similar position in the Championship, Kourbelis playing for an internationally marginal side and Siopis being who he is. Obviously as long as Taxi and the likes dont play at all, Kourbelis will get the call up, and Bouchalakis is not a jot better himself than Kourbelis.
  8. Speaking of Fetfa, there is some bad news: http://www.sportime.gr/parafootball/222946/olympiakos-psachnetai-o-fetfatzidis/ I hope it wont be MLS though. The article says he does not want to leave Europe.
  9. Greek soccer is becoming worse and worse. Five games, five losses. Ouzo is an idiot.
  10. We (that is Skibbe) never considered Petratos at all. He was the sole Greek player who participated at the World Cup (even if he didnt play a single minute). I bet he would have been good enough for the Ethniki.
  11. Guys I dont want to be rude but Costa Rica was incredibly fortunate not to concede a single goal in 120 minutes, especially during extra time. I mean the Dutch hit the bar two times and they had a lot of chances. We lost on penalties to Costa Rica in the second round and they lost on penalty shootout against Netherlands but it doesnt necessarily mean that we and the Dutch were equally strong. Netherlands beat Brazil 3-0; does that imply that we (and Costa Rica) are much stronger than Brazil? (I mean the 2014 sides of course.)
  12. Our "B team" should be forgotten. Skibbe lost to Belarus with his B team. What is called Greek B team now is a group of useless tits, we dont have 23 decent players. Kolovetsios Risvanis Bouchalakis Lampropoulos Giannoulis Bakasetas Mantalos these guys mustnt play!
  13. Sorry for all this bullshit. Did anyone else thought of our home loss to Finland under Tsanas in 2015? We started well but after half an hour, Finland became stronger. Eventually they scored and won that game.
  14. "It is important that these minnows could show improvement and be proud of their achievements", said Angelos Anastasiadis, head coach of the Greek NT after the League of Nations home loss against Estonia (0-1). "We cannot be killjoys, this is not the proper spirit", said Greek international Anastasios Bakasetas. (source: agonasports.com)
  15. Nowadays these shitty teams like to play against us I guess. Some of our players looked like if they wouldnt have wanted to make that Estonian keeper sad by scoring a goal. Faroe Islands played twice against us, and they were happy. We gave Luxembourg a sense of achievement. Finland beats first the Tsanas team in 2015, then Skibbes "team". We lost Belarus at home with Tziolis as team captain. Could you imagine how infinitely sad these Estonian guys would have been if we would have scored an equalizer in the dying minutes of the game? Perhaps you can understand now why our players did not score. This bunch of pathetic jokes should be called The Empathetic Team.
  16. Bring back Aravidis and Avraam. Malezas could also play as a CB, couldnt do much more harm than Lampropoulos. This team is a disaster. There are players in the STANDARD starting XI I dont mind but these reserves are a joke. They mustnt play, just sit there on the bench! If somebody is injured, sub in Retsos or Siovas. Just no Mantalos and no Bakasetas.
  17. At least they tried... This was the most embarrassing game after the game versus Finland under Skibbe, but today we put up a decent fight. The Fortounis free kick almost went in. That said, we dont have a team as many of you observed. We cannot afford to play our reserves against Estonia, Luxembourg and the likes. Why did he choose Lampropoulos over Siovas thats beyond me. Vlachodimos - Torosidis Manolas Papastathopoulos Koutris - Zeca Fortounis (Kourbelis? - a joke but somebody must play) - (no idea) Mitroglou Donis(?). Thats all we have, and Karnezis Siovas Retsos Lykogiannis Karelis(?) on the bench.
  18. Another good post. Our midfielders are the crappiest crap Ive ever seen (except Fortounis). At a point I said during the game Come back Samaras.
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