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  1. i went to the carlton v collingwood game with a bunch of my carlton mates. i almost felt sorry for them, almost.
  2. the parallels between PAOK and Newcastle are uncanny. President who has cleared the debt........ check Failure to make any signings during the summer transfer period or even longer......... check Panic scattergun buying during the winter transfer period....... check The only difference is that most of the other superleague clubs are even more poorly managed and we get away with it, it's toughter in the premier league and Newcastle were at serious risk. Between PAOK, Newcastle and Collingwood it's been a s%$#! year to watch football.
  3. yep, and imagine how he feels going from scoring at the nou camp to driving past the katsikia on the way to playing against xanthi or PAS
  4. Can't see us winning this in the form we are in. 1-1 hoping for a draw
  5. Anyone else here play Football Manager? Maybe if we email the club screenshots of the squad we can assemble for PAOK in game then we can win the TD job, we couldn't do a worse job than Vryzas.
  6. I'm guessing there's noone suitable in Greece and we can't afford anyone from Russia.
  7. It's so that people like me can squeeze in a game at the start of my holidays in Greece and still get some warm weather. https://flic.kr/p/82tSs7
  8. positive stuff so far, with no real cutting edge. looking surprisingly solid at the back
  9. sport category/lemon has a stream http://www.sportcategory.com/c-1.html
  10. I can't understand why a club who clearly shouldn't be paying exorbitant wages to guys with either attitude or injury issues doesn't try and mine leagues whose players would jump at the chance to play in Europe. Looking close to home there are probably at least half a dozen Australian players who would make the team and at least bust their hump for the club. It's not like we don't have history with Australian players .
  11. i can't find anything either although the live youtube commentary is hilarious
  12. at last a game at decent hour that i can watch it. hopefully I can find a stream somewhere.
  13. Hello all. I only lurked on the other forum because noone would approve my registration application. Glad I can come on here and post about PAOK now.
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