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  1. soooooooo, I've never heard anyone [too lazy to do an in depth search] talk about torrents for PAOK matches. I used to get them all from tzaba.tv until it was shut down. anyone know where I could get a copy of the game?
  2. Bananas,is that a reference to an AD&D computer game in your signature? I've been trying to work out for days where I know it from?
  3. I know it's pie in the sky stuff, but...... CAMBIASSO he's the kind of model professional that would come and put in for 2-3 seasons. Yes, he is 34 but just played 31 games last year for Leicester in a far more taxing league than ours, would give a great example to the young midfield we are building and you could eaily rotate the younger guys around him. Sell Noboa if he doesn't want to stay and use that cash to bring in a central defender.
  4. I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured this was as good a place as any as it's generally about the club. I've just gotten back to Melbourne after 2 and a bit weeks in Greece[by the way, how fracking cold is it?], a great time was had by all and there were plenty of frappedes and general beach going. We also spent a few days in Thessaloniki [we stayed at Hotel Nikopolis and I can recommend it highly, great pool, service and you regularly see some of the PAOK players there as the team uses it as a base before all games]. On the last day my wife asks if I'm going to go to Toumba an
  5. Adding Medunjanin to Kace and Noboa [he wasn't a lona player was he?] is a good start insofar as getting the kind of possession dominating midfield we need. Next step build the defence, we have been too easy to defeat for too long.
  6. Ok so fingers crossed first leg is at home and I can go to the game, will be in Thessaloniki on the day, a bright ray in a s%$#! end to the season
  7. He was a brilliant player and part of the Boca team along with Juan Roman Riquelme and Martin Palermo that dismantled the Real Madrid galcticos mark I in the Club World Cup.
  8. Lately every time we turn a couple of decent passes into our normal shambles I remember the away match at Tottenham and think 'it can't be that hard to do it against teams like Kalloni can it' and then proceed to throw my mouse across the room.
  9. You could throw Boloni in there too, impressed me from a limited sample.
  10. I didn't know if I should put this in this thread or the transfers thread, but I thought as it encompasses more than just transfer policy it should go in here. Here in Australia, despite being quite an insanely dedicated nation of sports consumers we only have to my knowledge one sports radio station and as such it differs a bit from what you get in Greece and the US, it regularly gets quite serious about issues like team building, general men's health and the science and psychology behind sport. Late last year there was an extensive interview with a former Wallaby [Australian rugby re
  11. i went to the carlton v collingwood game with a bunch of my carlton mates. i almost felt sorry for them, almost.
  12. the parallels between PAOK and Newcastle are uncanny. President who has cleared the debt........ check Failure to make any signings during the summer transfer period or even longer......... check Panic scattergun buying during the winter transfer period....... check The only difference is that most of the other superleague clubs are even more poorly managed and we get away with it, it's toughter in the premier league and Newcastle were at serious risk. Between PAOK, Newcastle and Collingwood it's been a s%$#! year to watch football.
  13. yep, and imagine how he feels going from scoring at the nou camp to driving past the katsikia on the way to playing against xanthi or PAS
  14. Can't see us winning this in the form we are in. 1-1 hoping for a draw
  15. Anyone else here play Football Manager? Maybe if we email the club screenshots of the squad we can assemble for PAOK in game then we can win the TD job, we couldn't do a worse job than Vryzas.
  16. I'm guessing there's noone suitable in Greece and we can't afford anyone from Russia.
  17. It's so that people like me can squeeze in a game at the start of my holidays in Greece and still get some warm weather. https://flic.kr/p/82tSs7
  18. positive stuff so far, with no real cutting edge. looking surprisingly solid at the back
  19. sport category/lemon has a stream http://www.sportcategory.com/c-1.html
  20. I can't understand why a club who clearly shouldn't be paying exorbitant wages to guys with either attitude or injury issues doesn't try and mine leagues whose players would jump at the chance to play in Europe. Looking close to home there are probably at least half a dozen Australian players who would make the team and at least bust their hump for the club. It's not like we don't have history with Australian players .
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