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  1. I assumed the posts got deleted because we got invaded by a bunch of Turkish trolls. Good to know I didn't miss any of the lols. What a farken game.
  2. ok, how about fellow future contractor of covid-19
  3. so it's a fire sale/clearout the squad is not looking great
  4. what I would pay to see Tom Rogic come to PAOK instead of some s%$#! house Qatari club
  5. Agreed. Also add to the fact that Tsimikas is going to the EPL and we are looking to sell to Italy.
  6. the PAOK FC tweet about this game is a s%$#! show of turkish propaganda. do these guys keep a massive folder of kemal pictures on hand or something? i especially like the tweets from some of them teasing us about them beating oly 4-1. they really don't understand greek football
  7. yep, we are seeing that here at home.
  8. He is British. Some club will take a gamble on him given his age and the fact he is a forward. They hope they get one good season out of him and then sell him to a promoted championship team newly flush with cash and get stupid EPL money for him.
  9. there are some serious moves that could be made this off season for players discarded by their clubs by the coronavirus peculiarities there are many reports of players sitting on their arses because clubs wouldn't re sign them. now is the time for a smart operator to build a solid squad
  10. if we continue our form from the playoffs then it doesn't matter who we play, we lose.
  11. having said that. if mario balotelli is thinking of going to Serie C to play with Como, surely we are in with a shot. At 29 he still has good years left.
  12. you can buy as many strikers as you want but if you cannot boss the midfield you wont score
  13. i wish we would make this choice more often
  14. Most teams appear to be coasting post lockdown tbh
  15. Ok, I think I understand. You're saying you're a welsher just like the incompetents that run the PAOK BC and can't be trusted. It takes a certain amount of self awareness to admit it, congratulations.
  16. so you pay your debts like a turkish football club pays its transfer fees. good to know
  17. Like you didn't know what you were doing Pashali
  18. everywhere else on here is a ghost town
  19. I prefer the games against Fenerbahce
  20. I have been made redundant twice in a week.......so not so great at the moment. We are fine for now as my work has always been susceptible to market shifts. It is however quite deflating.
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