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  1. Quite frankly, I'm holding a small basket. Not trying to get my hopes up. Unless I see a picture of that fatass is jail or UEFA coming out with a statement barring them from Europe etc, I'm not getting worked up about this.
  2. So how does that punishment work? No involvement in soccer but he owns a team?
  3. Not saying Makarian is the coach of the future. He's 70. It would be foolish to think that. He's a stop gap until EPO pulls their head out of their ass. Karagounis selected him because he trusts him to do his job unlike the clown EPO hand picked in the summer.
  4. A lot of you underrate Makarian. Is he old? Yes. But he is a good coach and his resume shows that. It's laughable that people think Sakis Tsiolis is a good coach and fit to coach the NT when he's never held a stable job, never coached a team that actually had to contend for a championship,and neverb had European experience.
  5. Sloukas is a goof player. Would be a great signing but I dont he's not coming to PAO.
  6. Sort of a threat? As in a threat to muff every ball that came to him? The guy hasn't been the same since his knee injury. He's damaged goods at this point.
  7. Spot on. This is EXACTLY how I feel as well. This team has no identity and no leadership.
  8. So Karagounis is the reason this team can't function properly??? Aren't these the players everyone has been clamoring to see start for over a few years now? Kone, Fetfatzidis, Samaris, etc etc? You honestly believe that Holebas, who lied twice about being injured to play with Roma and skip out on the NT, was the reason they lost today? Keep telling yourself that.Also, I have no idea why you think Bielsa would ever come coach Greece when he has a nice cushy job at Marseille.
  9. How exactly does that fix the issue? Is Bielsa going to magically find midfielders with high work rates who can actually do something or a striker who can, you know, strike? Is he going to teach Fetfatzidis how to shoot or Mitroglou how to control a pass or Kone how to run?The coach isn't the real issue. The majority of thr blame falls on this current crop of players and the failure of EPO and the infrastructure to produce quality players from the youth level. You could hire Mourinho and he'd be an abject failure with this team too. Santos knew what he was doing by sticking to his guns and playing the players he knew could get results in his system. Personally, I think they need to decide on an identity and how they want to play because right now, they have none. If that means go back to the stout, hard nosed defensive style then so be it. At least they will know what they are because whatever they think they are now is an abject failure. And you build the team from that foundation and you choose the players that complement that best. Because right now, this team doesn't excel at any one thing and doesn't know what to do on the field. The defense is subpar, the midfield is nonexistant, and the forwards are a word that means nonexistant but to a degree of infinity. Everyone was sooooo keen to get rid of the older players and play with the "new" generation. Well, we're on coach #2 with this current crop and they still look like s%$#!.
  10. Mitroglou is one of the worst players I have ever seen. Absolutely ZERO touch.
  11. I wish Katsouranis was playing. At least he would bitch at someone to amuse me. No heart from these guys.
  12. Karelis might be the only player who might actually be able to do anything for this team.
  13. Whoever was suppoesed to be marking the eventual goal scorer was obscenely late in getting back. It might have been Kone but I didn't get a chance to see a reply on it.
  14. Ninis in for Lazaros. No idea about Kone. I don't think that guy ever runs.
  15. This generation of players have no backbone. Gone are the days where the team had legitimate leaders like Kargounis, Zagorakis, Basinas, etc. This team plays scared.
  16. Traki should be banned from anything PAO. Period.
  17. I doubt it. The PR machine is running full throttle over in Pireaus right now. Robinho, Berbatov, Pato, etc etc. They will go out and sign some washed up big name players to make a "Bam" signing. They don't even have a coach right now.
  18. I was leaning towards Kerkyra.
  19. Can we start taking bets as to what team Gianniotas will be loaned out to yet? Or is it too early?
  20. PAOK deserved what they got. Savidis has no idea how to run a team. Wasted millions on coaches, players, etc. He may say that he wants to battle the corruption etc but he hasn't done anything about it when given the opportunity to do something about it.
  21. Meaningless game, nothing performance. It's nice to see PAOK and their wasted millions finish last (suck one Savidis). Time for PAO players to get some rest and recharge because before you know it, the road to CL begins!
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