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  1. They just stole a goal from PAO. bullshit. Aretopoulos strikes.
  2. Paraligo Atzagun. Nice save by their goalie.
  3. Atromitos in full 11 men behind the midfield line mode.
  4. He chose them over PAO. Can't do much about that. They gave him way more money than we could afford at the time.
  5. Thats what happen when you go to the gavros.
  6. I was watching the Sporting KC-NE Revolution game and who scores 2 goals? Kristzan Nemeth. Yes, that one that played on AEK.
  7. I think his point was with a possible europa/cl campaign they can get way more for him. See any transfer the Gavros has made the last couple of years.
  8. Karelis has been pretty legit down the stretch. With Berg out and no real midfield behind him, he's had an awesome second half of the season.
  9. I really don't think it's that accurate. 3D is good no doubt bur VSpan ain't really that far behind. The guy makeS big shots. But I agree with Freezer on his other points. Trakis is the worst thing to ever happen to any PAO team. The guy is a clown And is responsible for one of the worst pao teams a long time. To think people actually wanted this guy buy the soccer team. He's a catastrophe and an embarrassment And is running the BC into the ground. That team will be nothing once 3D retires.
  10. #theyhateuscausetheyaintus I think it's ludicrous to think they will suspend Brady for 6-8 games when you consider the punishments for people like Rice, Hardy, etc for their crimes over the past year. 2 games. Max. And that is a lot.
  11. I've been saying for a few years now. Dude was holding this team back.Tough series. Sucks to get swept by CLE but the C's took a major step forward this year. On the C's offseason to do list: get someone who can create their own shot and score and a center who can rebound/defend. They can't go into next season with IT4 as the only pera on on the team who can create their own shot. Ditto for size issue in the front court. Need some athletic bigs their.
  12. What connection could 2 tons of cocaine, a boat, and a member of Pae Olympiakos have in common? http://www.sdna.gr/gr/politiko-deltio/egklima/arthro/32800/noor-one/
  13. Anyone watch SKAI today? So, what are the chances anything actually comes of this?
  14. We'd be lucky to finish with a tie today. Asteras was by far the better team on the field today.
  15. 1. Hi all. You can't get rid of me. 2. I'm not going to lie. When my brother sent me a picture of the old site closing from out of no where, I thought it was some sort of early April Fool's joke. Not even a heads up? Like wtf? I legit got worried I'd never be able to talk to some of you guys again. 3. Cocksta a mod? Better get those game threads ready buddy!
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