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  1. I wonder if you will be singing the same tune when PAO declares for bankruptcy and spends years in Gamma Ethniki.
  2. Better careful what you wish for.
  3. Marinakis and EPO go hand in hand. Girtzikis and Sarris were his guys.
  4. Totally agree with everything you said. EPO and it's puppet master need to go. Hopefully with the suspensions FIFA handed it it might be the beginning of the end.
  5. Should have kept Santos.... Also, good to see Fortounis, who is probably the most in form Greek player, be held out for the game. How convenient.
  6. For all of you complaining about PAO's start so far, read the below article. http://www.contra.gr/Soccer/Hellas/Superleague/panathinaikos/o-kaluteros-panathhnaikos-ths-3etias.3700652.html
  7. Howe exactly does he leave? Would PAO actually buy him out???
  8. On a related note, did you read the article that Racing still owes PAO like 80k for the Nasief Morris deal?http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/809315/ehoyme-kanei-diakanonismo-me-ton-panathinaiko
  9. Won't happen. He's Vaggela's guy.
  10. Anybody else catch the German coach that denied the Greek NT at today's friendly?
  11. Is this the same Gavro that needed a lucky bounce off the opponents ass to win like 2 weeks ago?
  12. Mantzios should start for PAO? Eleos. What is going on today? One person says we should lose on purpose to fire the coach while we are 3 pts from first place. The other says Mantzios should start for PAO. The blood moon thing has to be the reason everyone is acting stupid today. Has to be.
  13. The Bills game was misleading. They dominated that game until they legit stopped caring in the 4th quarter. They are not there yet but the front seven stud coming along nicely on defense.
  14. Loud, Sanchez, and Petric returned to normal practice and will be available for the game this weekend. Essien/Wemmer are still practicing on the side. http://prasinanea.gr/football/article3682293.ece
  15. Let's be serious. Tha ton vgazame ambalo meta apo 2 agwnistikes.
  16. Messi and C. Ronaldo are superhuman. It is insane what they are doing for both Barca and Real Madrid respectively. There stats are gaudy. I mean, FFS, CR7 averages OVER a goal a game at Madrid. INSANE. Easily the 2 best of this generation.
  17. For we really care if he goes to Gavros? If that's where his heart is at, let him go. We saw Sunday his personality. Calling friends/former teammates mounia after the game after several years of playing together. That was probably the biggest win of career. F*** Risvanis. Tavlaridis should have knocked him out.
  18. Eimaste tragikoi. This was most likely Anastasiou's last game with PAO. Something is just not clicking with this team.
  19. Dokari Zeca! It was a huge make to start this guy at RB today. They clearly need him in the midfield.
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