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  1. I cam live withe these. Then again, I am a champion of simplicity. It's got the old school tryfili on it so I can't hate. The 3rd kit is something from the 80s. We should wear against the gavros and just totally mindF*** them.
  2. Isn't Borothrylos still there?
  3. I'm fairly positive Cisse, Berg, Figueroa, Petric all came dinged up and coming off injury prayed years. PAO babies all of them during the preseason. They need them ready for the season, not the preseason.
  4. I hate how they always put the derbies all in a row. Random draw my ass.
  5. I agree on Kaltsas. He seems like he has fit in seamlessly. He seems like a good fit on this team. I don't think his performance at Veroia wad a fluke.
  6. He hasn't really shown much. My take is he's still trying to fit in/assimilate to the team/Greece. I actually have high hopes for him. He seems like the type of player who you take a gamble on. He's young, dominated his former league, and is hungry for the next step in his career. I think he'll be a regular by season's end alongside Zeca. He also has the advantage of being a natural left footed midfielder, something PAO doesn't have outside of Pranjic.
  7. Kind of a tale of 2 halfs again. We don't look ready but we still have a couple of weeks to go until the qualifier. The friendly vs Udinese should be a reality check for our readiness. That's the last big test before the qualifier. Hopefully Sanchez/Essien are up to speed by then.
  8. The Udinese game will be the earliest Essien is available to play in a friendly. Coaching staff wants to ease him in after not playing much last season/injuries. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/770880/me-oyntineze-ntempoytarei-o-esien
  9. That I agree with. He'll be a nice bridge to Thelander.
  10. Thelander is also coming off some sort of foot injury (that he reinjured after coming back initially) that kept him out of Aalborg's last 9 games. He needs to be eased back to ensure he's fully healthy. Next year though, I fully expect to see a Sanchez-Thelander combo. Plus, how can you hate of Tavlaridis? The guy was awesome down the stretch last year.
  11. I agree! We got something useful for the corpse of Wallace!
  12. 30 would have the ball go right between his legs on that 2nd goal.
  13. Not sure how I feel about playing a team we might have to play in the qualifiers. I suppose it is an opprtunity to scout them as well.
  14. Who is 30leafdick? I've never heard of that guy before.
  15. I think you are missing thr point of Hamilton not wanting to play in Boston. Could you argue that they could have gotten more? Sure. But Hamilton made it clear he wasnt going to sign with Boston for whatever reason (coach, big market,etc).
  16. Should be a nice homecoming for Karnezis.
  17. Don't really get the draft pick of Rozier unless someone like Bradley is trade bait. They have about 9 guards on the roster right now. But, Rozier apparently had a draft promise at 20 so I guess the C's really liked him. Time will tell. But I'm pretty pumped they signed Jerebko and Crowder back on relatively good deals. Jerebko and newly signed Amir Johnson basically have one year deals with their nonguaranteed contracts.
  18. He'll always be a good offensive D man. He wont ever be an elite defensive player. He's just too soft.
  19. Hamilton will never make that leap because he is soft like a marshmallow. He didn't want to resign with Boston because he felt Julien was too "tough" on him. The Seguin one hurts. Lucic sucks. Chara is untradeable with that deal. I like the Jimmy Hayes and Beleskey deals.
  20. I always got a kick out of these types of threads on the old site so I figured I'd start one up now as training camp will kick off in about a week. With PAO's summer transfers basically done (minus the CB of course), what do you guys expect the starting 11 to look like? What would you want the starting 11 to look like? Your thoughts below. Here's what I expect to see when the dust settles and we start our CL/Europa qualifiers (assuming everyone is healthy): -------------------Steele---------------- --Wemmer---Tavlaridis---(TBD)---Nano--- -------------------Essien------------------ -------Zeca------------------Prajnic------- -------------------Ninis------------------ ---------Karelis---------------------- ----------------------Berg--------------- I think Prajnic gets the nod early on in games due to familiarty reasons. I'm one of those that believes Robin Lod will be a huge get for this team and at some point will take over that midfield spot. Based off what I've read, he's a left footed box to box type who seems hungry and eager to make the next jump in his career. For whatever reason, I got a good feeling about that guy and his situation reminds me of Zeca slightly (not a big name signing, small team/market, age, etc) who turned out to be one of the best signings this team has made in ages (Thanks Jesualdo!). Also, that TBD guy I heard is a total stud. PAIKTARAS! What do you guys think?
  21. They signed w/OSFP b/c they play in CL and get more exposure. Teams don't really get to choose their sponsors. The sponsors choose the team. PUMA ain't a bad option.
  22. Kind of random but anyone remember Andre Pinto? He's about to go to Fiorentina for 2 million euros. #gaveuponhimtoearly
  23. So 1.5 good years makes him a viable striker option after 10 years of nothing? Lol. We shouldn't be that despetate.
  24. I hate to break it to you all but Mantzios can't score.
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