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  1. As I feared, PAO was nonexistent offensively. They need to get some changes in there. Pranjic needs to come out and maybe push Zeca into the midfield and bring in Kaltsas. As for the goal, the ball appeared to take a funny bounce and it jumped on Steele and he misjudged it and did a bad job of blocking it. It was a bad goal to give up but Steele has bailed out this team so many times and the rest of the team right now is leaving him out to dry.
  2. Team looks like it got kicked in the stomach after that goal. They seem frazzled right now. Also, the Abeid/Petric/Lagos/Pranjic midifeld combo isn't really working right now.
  3. ^^^ Too little space. Panionios employing the 9-1-0 formation right now.
  4. I love it when you can watch a game with zero commentators (on arenasport 2 for EllasTV users). Pure bliss.
  5. Anyone watch the LC-AV game? The last 20 mins of that game were just awesome to watch. Great pace and action (and goals!).
  6. ^^^Probably because he refused to play superstars like Diamantakos and Bouchalakis.
  7. Afragkouzos. Vale lefta sthn omada re alliws fyge!
  8. Well for one, 2 years ago he gave a PAO a 7 million personal "loan." And if my memory serves me right, he's given amounts when PAO needed to meet deadlines before several times .
  9. Are you serious with that example? It's more like you had a bad day and your boss was pissed at you at the office and you decide to go out and have a few drinks after. Does that make me unprofessional? Or should I go home and brood by myself and eat a tub of ice cream to show how depressed I am? Players are not robots. Just because they are paid to play soccer it does not mean they cannot enjoy the same things normal people do. A lot of these guys are new to the country. I would think it would be normal for them to explore the city etc. Yeah it sucks that this team got knocked out of Europe and that some of the transfers have been injured and not able to contribute. It doesn't mean these guys aren't trying or training hard. I think they know they messed up and underperformed.
  10. Alafouzos had given close to 14 million euro to PAO over the past 3-4 years. He'll most likely cover this too.
  11. I'd rather they hire Alefantos that these guys. Alefantos will be way cheaper and he will also provide some comedic one liners to make us laugh. (sigh)
  12. Ask Google! lol. It'll convert the EUR into USD.
  13. Have we all accepted the fact that Klonaridis is and will continue to be eternally injured?
  14. I've never seen Petsos so I can't really comment on him as to what type of player he is. He might be. He might be not.
  15. http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/article/798770/kalyptei-tis-apoleies-me-amk
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