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  1. I get people being upset but the entire blow up the team in August mantra needs to stop. Essien hasn't played yet. Abeid hasn't played yet. Sanchez has played like 2 games. Those are basically the 3 big signings from this summer. This team will look different in a few weeks. It's disappointing that we will not be playing Europe this year and more importantly to the club, losing out on that guaranteed cash. But at this point, the team and players probably need out support more than ever. I think they know they need to turn it around. All i know is they NEED a win on Sunday. Then they have 2 weeks to regroup and get key people back.
  2. Gotta love the over the top reactions. Coach is trash. Team is trash. Managers trash. Alafouzos is trash. Fire everyone. Sell everyone. Relax.
  3. Everyone here is all about Anastasiou blah blah blah. Is anyone even mentioning this teams penchant for not being able to finish? That's not a coaching thing, that's a player thing. How many chances are they going to squander? Creating quality chances wasn't a problem. Finishing them certainly was. As for firing Anastasiou, firing any coach in August basically before the season starts is stupid. Yes bad early results. But should PAO somehow win the title at the end of the season with Anastasiou would this year be considered a failure because we bombed out of Europe?
  4. The obvious. Have you seen Man U's roster?
  5. s%$#! happens man. It was a bad goal/clumsy play. I don't think that play defines him as a player.
  6. Over/Under: times Freezer's predictions actually come true this season. +/-15. Take the under. Lol
  7. The xasapi and the cripple. Eleos. You were, without a doubt, one of the people calling Cisse a sapaki one month into his first season. No doubt about that. It's August. Relax. Eisai toso ypervolikos merikes fores. Sanchez has played like 45 mins in a PAO jersey. I'm not saying he's an all world CB but he isn't s%$#!. Everyone wants the team to start the season rolling on all cylinders. It doesn't really happen like that, especially when you have so many new faces. As for Abeid, I think last year showed how big of a loss he was to the midfield. He's young, he's performed in this system and with the majority of these players, and he plays in a position of desperate need. He's a big pickup for PAO and we should be thankful he will be wearing the jersey until 2018.
  8. Well, that's encouraging. PAO needs this guy healthy and playing soon.
  9. Well, now it is official. Welcome back Mehdi. We desperately need you in the midfield.
  10. Its still early in the season but they need to figure out a lineup that can get results. I know not having Essien and Abeid probably throws a monkey wrench in Anastasiou's plans but can someone explain to me why Ninis at least didn't get a run? I get playing it safe in an away match but this team should have beaten Kabala. Also, we can't finish for s%$#!. We had chances to score. That's on the players.
  11. Who's he gonna pass it to? One of the 3 defensive players in the midifeld?
  12. Can somebody explain to me what system we are playing? I don't get it.
  13. I think it's Anastasiou's love of rotations. He probably picked that up from HTC.
  14. I don't think they move Zeca to RB Val. They wouldn't have spent money to bring in Wemmer then. I think Zeca goes to the midfield and does what he does best: run, mark, close down spaces, lead. I think he will help Essien as well. As for Pranjic, I agree he might have a claim to the LB spot along with Nanos and Chouchoumis. There's a nice competition brewing there. Abeid from what I remember tore it up when he played directly behind Berg the year he was hear so Ninis could be the odd guy out.
  15. With the Abeid signing, we finally have a midfielder who can step into the box and score. ----------Steele------ --Wemmer-Tavla-Sanchez-Nano-- -----------Essien-------- -----Zeca----------Abeid-- -----------Ninis-------- -------Karelis--Berg----
  16. Until he plays bad defense and is responsible for a goal of the other team. See how quick the tide turns on him then lol.
  17. I think you are on crack if you truly believe PAO will ever win the CL.
  18. #Ellinaras. Always wanting to cut corners and to skip right to the front.Sometimes it takes time. We are still in a rut economically. You can't go from a borderline bankrupt club trying to stay afloat to competing for championship/euro success overnight. Losing to Brugge sucks but s%$#! happens. It's still August. A lot can happen until next summer.
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