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  1. That's BS. Especially if you go in the summer for a friendly. The area is relatively safe imo, at least around the stadium. I lived there for a few months when I had an internship in al Athens a few years ago. My apartment was like a 2 min walk to the stadium. I never had any issues. Tell your parents you're going for a kafe or something. They can't deprive you of experiencing a game in Leoforos.
  2. Do you consider wingers as mids? Because I doubt Mavrias is staying. If he leaves that's another spot to fill out as it leaves only only Klonaridis as a "real" winger. Also, not sure if we ever really filled that empty spot left by Bajrami.
  3. I wouldn't write off Ajagun just yet. People seem to forget that he was really really good leading up to his injury. The I'd field next year is going to be a legit dog fight. Essien, Zeca, Lod, Lagos, Ninis, Ajagun, Donis to name a few. And that's assuming PAO doesn't sign someone like Abeid as well. There will be healthy competition for playing time.
  4. Vapori ap'thn Persia translates to the Ship from Persia. PAO was poking fun of Marinakis and his likely involvement with the ship that was seized with 2 tons of heroin that came from Dubai.
  5. Hats off to Alafouzo for this one: To vapori ap'thn Persia! Xaxaxa https://youtu.be/4Ga-SB31nW0
  6. Ever since that hip injury, Ajagun hasn't been the same. He was an automatic starter for the first half of thr year. He's fallen off a cliff since that injury.
  7. No where near offside. That wiped out an amazing goal by Berg.
  8. 2-0 HT. Total domination. Hope we score another 2 in the next half so Savvidis pulls out all his hair with his loser team.
  9. That would have been a very pretty play between Mavrias and Ninis.
  10. Any streams? Ellas tv decided to not show anything greek games today
  11. Guys keep up the good updates. busy at work today so this is how I'm keeping up with the game.
  12. So 9 high ranking members of FIFA were just rounded up by Swiss authorities at the bequest of the FBI who conducted a large scale investigation into corruption and bribery of many North American and South American officials. Just goes to show you how corrupt the sport is.
  13. This was Ninis' first good game in like 12 months.
  14. Next up: the bougatses aka Berg's favorite team. A win vs them and the playoffs are pretty much in the bag.
  15. How's is that a foul on Bourbo???
  16. The issue is his consistency. He plays like this once every blue moon even though he has the talent/ability.
  17. How the hell do they call that offside?
  18. Fans already started with the PAOK chants.
  19. I love Berg. 2-0. Nice assist by Mavrias as well.
  20. I hate Ninis but even I have to admit that was pretty sweet!
  21. The longer thr game stays at zero, the more I'm convinced Atromitos steals it.
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