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  1. Its a sad state of affairs where there is very little excitement during the summer transfer season. In saying that, Dabizas is the best hope we have of securing a hidden gem of a signing. Kolovos is a good example of giving raw talent a shot at redemption, these are the signings we can aspire to now. Also securing young talent such as Nunes and the Greek talent signed last year will give us an opportunity to hit the jackpot if they develop and earn a few million in transfer fees. That is right now the most chance we will have of financial rescue. Otherwise a washed up veteran will only cost money and give us minimal upside.
  2. Mods, can we please urgently delete all posts not related to the topic. We should not be reading personal matters between posters.
  3. The souvlakia were tastier in the referee dressing room at half time versus the souvlakia in the corporate suites. A man of his size needs good food in order to maintain his frame, he is perfectly entitled to chase the perfect meal.
  4. Latest rumours going around are that he failed a roadside drink drive test. True or not, looks like this saga will have a Conceisao type ending.
  5. Den mas paratas me ton Fortouni. Mas eheis priksi ta paparia me ton kolo gayro.
  6. ^^^^ apart from Gilberto Silva, you are right: - Anderson - Paolo Souza - Cleyton - Gabriel - Bovio ? a few that come to mind.....
  7. Lod was more of a box to box midfielder based on the scouting reports. He does have the ability to score but was not seen as a 10ari.
  8. Apart from the result, the way we played was just as terrible. Based on that performance we are no chance of winning the league. This is not a blessing in disguise. Furthermore the environment at the club will now be dark, new players will be questioning why they came. Sanchez was attacked by a fan after the match. He will struggle to adjust quickly. Nano attacked too. The recipe for further disappointment is well and truly there.
  9. The fans have been supportive until now. The reaction during the game shows that support is now being questioned.
  10. The fans will not let this go. They will demand answers, they will demand changes. PAO is nothing without its fans.
  11. That's it. Any claim to European pedigree is well and truly gone. We are worse than Atromitos. Kalloni would have fared better. Disgrace.
  12. No matter what happens in the league, Anastasiou is forever tainted now. His days are numbered.
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